September Meeting Minutes

**URGENT** PAC needs workers and donations of baked goods on Saturday, September 26 for the bake sale. Baked goods can be dropped off in the office on Friday after school (Beth Klarner will bring them to the all purpose room), or at the Elementary School on Saturday am by 9:00. Workers are needed from 8-10, 10-11:30 and 11:30-1:00. Please email Beth Klarner at or call her at 830-9542 if you can help with this event. PAC notes for September 9, 2009

Treasurer’s Report

PAC’s summer expenses totaled $889.08, including storage bins purchased for the art room. Our current balance is $32,222.93. Playground Expenses of $28,326.93 still need to be paid.

Guided Reading Program

We all took a tour of the Guided Reading Program room with Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Braunschweig and Mrs. Braun. They did an awesome job organizing all of the books and explaining in detail how Guided Reading works.

PAC Web Site

PAC has updated the web site. Monthly meeting minutes, upcoming events, meeting agendas are all on the site. See what is going on with our school’s Parents Activity Committee at

2009-2010 committee descriptions

A brief description of each committee was given at the meeting. As of this time our committees include, but are not limited to: Greeting Committee, Sock Hop, Family Fun Night, Fifth Grade Graduation, Spring Turn off the T.V. Event, Brain Bowl, Nature Center, Note Cards, Open House Raffle, Staff Appreciation, Teachers Wish List, AVON, Market Day, and Playground Improvement. If you would like more information about any of the listed committees or are interested in helping with one of the events, please contact Melissa Westemeier at 687-1671.

Open House Raffle

PAC will host a raffle at the Open House on September 17th in the cafeteria. It was decided to have donations brought for the Freedom Food Pantry. For each item brought they would receive a ticket for the raffle or they could purchase tickets at $.50 each. We thank Carol Hennes for organizing the event.

Staff meeting

PAC will attend the October 5th staff meeting to give the teachers and support staff a little background about PAC and to discuss this year’s events. We will serve ice cream and have a drawing for three $10.00 gift certificates from the Learning Shop.

Teacher/Classroom Wish List Book

PAC will update the Teacher/Classroom Wish List Book and introduce it in the Staff Meeting held October 5th. This book gives the parents ideas for gifts for the child’s teacher or classroom. It will be available for the Parent/Teacher Conferences and then will be located in the School office for the remainder of the school year.

New Freedom Elementary Teachers

PAC has historically given each new teacher $100.00 to help with start up costs for their new classrooms. This year we have 7 new classroom teachers. We decided to go ahead and give each new teacher $100.00. Fall Student Appreciation Day A date is being discussed with Mrs. Czech. Information will be available at the next meeting.

Parent/Teacher Conference Meal

The committee has taken the information needed to set up two meals for the teachers during conferences. A sign up sheet to donate an item for the meals will be available at the next PAC meeting.


The fundraiser will run from October 1-15 with the orders available for pick up during Parent/Teacher Conferences. PAC will receive 50% of all orders with the exception of licensed products. We need help with setting up for pick up and distributing product ordered. Thanks to Stephanie Piepenburg for organizing this event.


The new playground equipment was installed on August 31, 2009. Thank you to Kirk Schuh, Swinkles, Mike Klarner, Carew and all the other volunteers who helped with the installation. The children are really enjoying the new equipment. The budget was $30,000 but the actual amount used was $28,326.93. The school district took care of the Pre-K and Kindergarten play area with extended fencing and put $10,000 towards the new equipment.

Market Day

For the months of April and May we made a profit of just under $1,000.00 which went towards the playground equipment. Future profits will be allocated to the Guided Reading Program.

Bake Sale

PAC will hold Bake Sales at the Flag Football games on September 26th and October 17th in the Multi Purpose room from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. If you are interested in donated any baked goods items contact Beth Klarner at 830-9542 or just bring the items that morning.

New Business

PAC agreed to buy the domain name for the website

Our next PAC meeting will be held on Thursday, October 1, 6:30-8:00 in room 15. Free baby sitting by Freedom High School National Honor Society students will be available. Connie Wheeler, PAC Vice President

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