Freedom Elementary PAC October Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report: Most of the playground bills were paid out at $28,488.13 and 7 new teachers received $100 each. Deposits from the September bake sale totaled $248.77. The current balance is $3,226.87.

Open House Raffle: PAC gave the Freedom Food Pantry $34.50 and numerous boxes of nonperishable food items. Thanks to all the families who donated items.

Bake Sale: The September 26 Flag Football Bake Sale brought in $248.77 profit to PAC. Thank you, Beth Klarner, for organizing this event. The next Flag Football Bake Sale is October 17 from 8:00 am to 1:00 PM.

Helping Hands List: Shannon Haase completed the list and collected more sheets to add. She will have a completed list at the next meeting. Thanks, Shannon, for all your time on this project!

Teacher/Classroom Wish List: The sheets were handed out at the Staff Meeting on October 5th. Melissa Westemeier handed them out and explained how they are used. We will display the wish list ideas near each classroom during the November Parent/Teacher Conferences. This is great for holiday gift giving.

Staff Meeting: Melissa Westemeier and Connie Wheeler presented PAC to the staff and served them ice cream sundaes. We also invited any of the staff to come to a PAC meeting and present any special programs they want parents to learn more about. Mrs. Braunschweig will present Battle of the Books at the November 2nd meeting. PAC sponsored a drawing for 3 $10 gift certificates from The Learning Shop. The lucky winners were Mrs. Re, Mrs. Rennes and Mrs. Bougie. Congratulations!

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals: Dawn VanWychen and Michelle Wagner are organizing meals for the teachers during the evenings of the conferences. Tuesday night will be soups and Wednesday will be Mexican/Tacos. They will use the Helping Hands List to contact families asking them to donate to the meals.

Fall Student Appreciation: The students received a fruit snack on October 9th. Thank you, Carol Hennes, for organizing this snack.

Market Day: September’s profit of $382.00 was given to the Guided Reading Incentive Program. For the month of October our school can earn an extra 1% of the total sales. This is given to the school as $5.00 gift certificates. There will be a drawing with all the names of the people that ordered in the month of October. The winners will be contacted after the sale is completed. For the month of November, Market Day is promoting pies. Anyone can purchase a pie and donate it to the Freedom Food Pantry for their Christmas Dinners that they hand out. More information will come in the November order sheets.

AVON: The fundraiser began on October 1 and will run through October 15. The orders will be available for pick up during the

Parent/Teacher Conferences on Tuesday, November 10 and Wednesday, November 11 in the Reading Room (located in the library). Thank you to all the families who participated. All the money raised will purchase classroom supplies.

Nature Center: Is in need of wood chips again. The Carrie Witt family has offered to donate the wood chips. A Big Thank You to the Witt family!

New Business: PAC is working on designing a logo for the organization. This would be for all the letters and information that is sent home and help improve “brand recognition” and make PAC participation easier. We talk more about this in the upcoming meetings. Mrs. Meller also brought up a Subway incentive that we will discuss more at the November meeting.

The next meeting will be Monday, November 2, 2009 at 6:30 PM in Room 22 (across from our old room 15). Free Babysitting is available. Mrs. Connie Wheeler, PAC Vice President

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