PAC Meeting Notes for November 2, 2009

Treasurer’s Report: We had Avon deposits of $11,238.78 and the Bake Sale deposit of $152.50. Our current balance is $14,672.13.

AVON Fundraiser: The Avon was placed in the Story Room (next to the library) for pick up and worked out great. So far we estimate a $4100 profit but there is still money coming in. Thank You to Stephanie for all your work.

Nature Center: Mr. Witt will have the wood chips delivered and Mrs. Meller will have the help to disperse them out. Thanks again to the Witt Family.

Battle of the Books: Mrs. Braunschweig did a presentation and explained that the 4th and 5th grade students can participate in reading books and then in January they have a competition with other schools. The group is in the 9th year and doing great. Mrs. Braunschweig asked for $150.00 to help buy more books and the motion passed. Thank you Mrs. Braunschweig for sharing with all of us. If there are any other organizations or groups that a staff member would like to share at one of our meetings, please contact Melissa Westemeier.

Bake Sale: This went well but September went better because of the weather. We are thinking that we will do it again next year but earlier in the season and maybe only doing Hot Dogs and Hot Chocolate. Thank you to all who helped make this a success.

Teacher Wish List: The tags were made and put out in the library during the Parent/Teacher Conferences. This worked out to be a great place due to the Avon pick up being there too. The Teacher/Classroom Book will be located in the office. Thank You, Mrs. Zabel for letting us use this space and for all your help.

Market Day: For the month of October, Market Day made $214.20 for the Guided Reading Incentive Program. Thank You for your continued support. For the month of November, there is a Pie Sale incentive. You may donate any pies to the Freedom Food Pantry for the Christmas Meal. December’s special will be Cookie Dough Sales.

Stage Stairs: PAC will be purchasing a set of stairs that will be used to go up and down from the stage in the gym. The cost is $664.00 and the motion was passed to purchase. Thank You, Carol for checking into this.

Meeting Dates Set: The meetings for 2010 were set as the following: Tuesday, January 5th – Wednesday, February 3rd – Thursday, March 4th – Monday, April 12th – Thursday, May 6th. Please mark your calendar. Meeting time is 6:30-8:00 in Room 22 and Free Babysitting is available.

Mrs. Connie Wheeler, PAC Vice-President

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