PAC Meeting Agenda for Thursday, March 4

6:30-8:00 p.m. Room 22

• Treasurer’s Report (Michelle Graf)

• Nature Center News—Environmental Awareness Day is coming up

• Brain Bowl Report (Mrs. Elrick, Connie Wheeler, Michelle Wagner, Cindy Konkle, Jen DeBraal, Michelle Gloudemans, Heather Busse, Amy Lahay)

• Market Day Report (Amy Lahay/Connie Wheeler)

• Sock Hop Report (Carol Hennes, Amy Lahay, Andrea Schwaller)

• Family Fun Night—(Carol Hennes, Andrea Schwaller, Carrie Witt, Jen DeBraal)

• Staff Appreciation—Week of May 3rd (Michelle Wagner, Amy LaHay, Dawn VanWychen, Heather Busse, Wendy Cropsey)

• Spring Student Appreciation Day (Carol Hennes)

• Fifth Grade Celebration June 3rd (Beth Klarner, Carol Hennes, Carrie Witt, Brenda Vosters, Doreen Janssen, Michelle Feucht, Melissa Vircks)

• Discussion & decision of where to invest PAC funds. Currently suggested: Guided Reading, Playground Equipment, Teacher Wish List Items

• Request from Eileen Wuellner, School Nurse, $155 for annual conference

• Back to School Kits

• Teacher Wish List

• New Business: Stephanie Piepenberg

Babysitting will be available during the meeting. Questions? Comments? Call Melissa Westemeier at 687-1671.
Next PAC meeting: Monday, April 12, 2010 Same PAC time, same PAC place!

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