PAC Meeting Notes March 4, 2010

Treasurer’s Report: We currently have $12,155.00 in our account.

Nature Center: The dates are set for April 26th, 27th and 28th with 35 classes attending Environmental Awareness Day with the YMCA instructors.

Sock Hop: The event was a HUGE success, the DJ did a great job and PAC donated $60 and 8 boxes of food to the Freedom Food Pantry. People liked the “Bubble Wrap Sock Pop” in the MultiPurpose Room and it probably helped concession sales, too.

Brain Bowl: 251 participants raised a little over $8,000 to purchase Teacher/Classroom Wish List items. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped that day!

Market Day: February’s profit of $313.47 will be allocated to the Guided Reading Incentive. If you’d like to submit a Market Day testimonial, please contact either Amy Lahay or Connie Wheeler.

Family Fun Night: The date is set for Friday, April 16th for Bingo Night in the Elementary School Cafeteria from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm. More details will be discussed at our next meeting and the information will be sent home.

Staff Appreciation: Week of May 3rd. Michelle Wagner will bring more information to the next meeting. Last year PAC provided muffins/breakfast, desserts & dips with finger food.

Fifth Grade Celebration: the committee had begun planning this event for June 3rd.

Artist in Residence: We agreed to fund someone to come in for about 2 weeks next school year, costing approximately $5000. Ms. Rudolph will work on finding the artist for our school.

Nurse Registration Fee: PAC agreed to pay $155.00 for Ms. Wuellner to attend the annual school nurses’ conference.

5th grade Play: PAC agreed to pay $185.00 of remaining expenses for the 5th grade play.

Teacher/Classroom Wish List: Stephanie Piepenburg and Melissa Westemeier were given $5,000 to finish purchasing the wish list items for this year. We had a long discussion about the Teacher/Classroom Wish List and the logistics with it. There is concern about teacher’s needs being met, the continued cuts in classroom budgets, miscommunication about classroom requests, and PAC’s desire to be equitable towards teachers. We will discuss our plan for next year at our next meeting and our budget for the Wish List. Ideas for next year include giving each teacher a set amount as we did in years past and continuing the Wish List as is.

School Board Meeting: We discussed the Feb. School Board meeting and a lot of concerns about the district’s budget cuts were brought up by parents, including specific concerns about technology and staff training. Melissa Westemeier suggested that PAC should bring these issues up to the School Board as they did with the playground equipment last year. Mrs. Meller said she’d look into the cost of teacher In-service speakers after some parents asked if PAC could fund one next year.

Library Inventory Help: Mrs. Zabel is looking for volunteers to help take book inventory during the last week of school. If you could spare a few hours please contact Mrs. Zabel. Thank you to Carol Hennes for helping last year.

New Business: Stephanie Piepenburg suggested ideas for two fundraisers: a used book sale and a perennial/bulb sale. We’ll discuss these ideas at the next meeting.

Facebook: Michelle Wagner is setting this up and will administer it. She’ll post upcoming events and if anyone wants to get to know other parents, this could be a good way. Search: Freedom Elementary P.A.C. (Parents Activity Committee).

Tabled until April’s Meeting: Back-To-School Kits, PAC Logo

Our next meeting is Monday, April 12th at 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm in the Art Room #22. Free babysitting is available. If you have questions or concerns, call Melissa Westemeier (687-1671).
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Connie Wheeler, PAC Vice President

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