Freedom Elementary School PAC Meeting Notes May 6, 2010

Treasurer’s Report: We currently have $7,051.92 in our account. We are allocating $5000.00 for next school year towards the Artist in Residence and $1000.00 for extra needs. Michelle made two pie graphs, one showing Net Proceeds for the school year, Brain Bowl was 54%, Avon was 25%, Market Day was 16% and the rest was misc. The other pie graph showed where PAC money was allocated to, Teacher/Classroom needs was 48%, Guided Reading was 14% and Artist in Residence for next year was 26%, and the rest was misc.

Nature Center: Mrs. Meller has received positive feedback from the teachers about this year’s Nature Center week with the YMCA instructors. Each class had 45 minute sessions but could have used more time. Mrs. Meller is looking into maybe splitting the grades/classes into 2 different times of the year, fall and spring, so the sessions can be longer. She will also organize an adult work day in September to redo the trails with bark.

Market Day: April profit was $171.85 and is allocated to the Guided Reading Incentive. May will be our last order for this school year, so stock up for the summer. Next school year, the Market Day profit will be allocated to monthly needs and we’ll discuss it more at the September meeting. Thank you for all of your support this year and we will be back in September.

Student Appreciation Day: Popsicles were handed out to all the children on May 5th. Thank you, Carol Hennes for taking care of this.

Recognitions: PAC will recognize the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Student Council this year for helping with Hall Monitoring the Kindergarten classes and with Market Day. Thank you for all your hard work. Mrs. Meller and members of the PAC will recognize them at the June 3rd awards program.

Fifth Grade Graduation/Celebration: This will be held on Thursday, June 3rd at 1:00 pm in the school cafeteria. Cake, juice and water will be served after the ceremony. Thank you to all who organized this wonderful celebration.

Teacher/Classroom Wish List: After much discussion on how PAC will fund the Teacher Wish List for next school year a motion was made and approved. Each teacher will be given a check for $100 from PAC and in turn they will provide PAC with receipts of their purchases. Before the November Parent/Teacher conferences, the PAC will coordinate with the teachers a list of gift giving ideas under $20 for the holidays. If the teachers have additional requests that their $100 doesn’t cover, they can fill out a form that PAC has designed and present it to the PAC.

PAC Logo: Michelle Graf brought in some digitized, color logo drafts and we discussed what we liked and wanted changed. She will have them done up and may put them on Facebook for other opinions and thoughts. We will revisit this in the September 2010 meeting.

Staffing Concerns: There is much concern from the parents regarding some staff changes and/or cuts which will result in larger class sizes. According to sources, the class sizes for Kindergarten are going from 18 in 2008-2009 (when it was a half-day program) to 21 this year (full-day program) to 26-27 for next year. Some PAC members plan on attending upcoming School Board meetings to express our concerns as parents. Some possible solutions would be to replace the staff members that are being cut or to hire more aides for the Kindergarten classrooms. PAC was told that final staffing decisions will be made by August 1, 2010. If you are able to attend a School Board Meeting, they are May 17th, June 21st, and July 19th at 7:15 pm in the basement level of the District Office located at the FHS.

Back to School Kits: PAC is offering an easy and convenient way to get next year’s school supplies with Back to School Kits that will include all the items your child will need for their classroom. Information will be sent home regarding ordering these school kits. Prices will be on the order form. This is an option for people’s convenience, not a fundraiser. These kits will be delivered to the school and to the classrooms in time for ‘Back to School Night.’ Labels are included in this kit for all the items and can be put on during that night in the classroom.

Back to School Night: August 26th is the old “Open House.” PAC will have a raffle table.

AVON: We will take orders for AVON from September 29th to October 15th with delivery during the November 9th and 10th Parent/ Teacher Conferences. More details to come in September.

Committee Sign up: A packet of all the committees was passed around for members to sign up. If you are interested in being on a committee, please contact Melissa Westemeier. This packet will also be available at the September meeting. There is no obligation for any member to sign up for a committee.

Pre-Kindergarten Orientation: If anyone that is attending that night would like to speak on behalf of PAC, please contact Melissa Westemeier and she will have the information typed up for you to read to the parents.

Facebook: Look us up and join: Freedom Elementary P.A.C. (Parents Activity Committee).

Fall Meeting Dates: Wednesday – September 8th, Thursday – October 7th, Monday – November 1st and December there is no meeting due to the holidays.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Melissa Westemeier at 687-1671.

Connie Wheeler, PAC Vice President

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  1. Could you please give a better explanation of Artist in Residence. Thanks.

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