Conscious Discipline

Parents:  Do you feel your children just don’t listen or hear you when you talk to them?

Do you give time-outs or send your child to their room for punishment and get no results?

Do you feel that your children make you yell and then you feel guilty that you did?  Do you wish you handled those situations differently?

Do you say the word “Don’t” (“Don’t touch the TV.”  “Don’t run in the house.”) to your children and then watch them turn around and disobey you anyway?

There is HOPE and HELP out there and I found it and I thank God that I did.  It saved my relationship with my children and made me a happier person.  Just like anyone else, I have stress every day but I can handle it better now than I did five months ago.  I used to yell at my children about 80% of the time for almost anything and now I hardly ever yell.

Conscious Discipline is a program that teaches parents new skills.  It helps parents who feel punishing children for their behaviors does not create change, it just creates a need for more punishment. Conscious Discipline empowers parents with the Seven Powers for Self Control.  These powers allow parents to draw from within themselves to become proactive instead of reactive in conflict moments.

Come listen to my story and learn more about Conscious Discipline from Jane Wisneski, MA on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Freedom Elementary School Library.  This night of introduction is presented at no cost to you and FREE babysitting will be provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society.

Jane will introduce this awesome program.  At the end of the evening, you’ll have a chance to register for a 5 week course ($20 per person/per week) or an 8 month course (which is what I am doing, $100 first member/per month).

Let me ask you this:  Can you really put a price on making your family whole again or  having a better relationship with your children?  I know I can’t.

If you don’t have the registration flyer that went home with your children last week, you can still register by providing your name, phone number and the number and ages of children requiring babysitting to the Freedom Elementary School Office or email me this information at by January 31, 2011.

Looking forward to seeing you there,

Connie Wheeler

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