Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Meeting Agenda

  • Treasurer’s Report (Michelle Graf)
  • Nature Center News
  • Market Day Report (Amy Lahay/Connie Wheeler)
  • Brain Bowl  updates—pledges due Feb. 1, testing will be Feb. 8
  • Sock Hop—last minute updates?  Enough volunteers?   Date:  Sat. Feb. 5th (Carol Hennes, Andrea Schwaller, Lori Garrett, Stephanie Piepenberg)
  • Family Fun Night committee report/planning (Melanie Thiel, Patsy Dennis, Carol Hennes, Andrea Schwaller)
  • P/T Conference meal Feb. 17th (Michelle Wagner, Amy Lahay, Dawn VanWychen, Heather Busse, Wendy Cropsy)
  • Update on Artist in Residence (Michelle Gloudemans will present some info.)
  • Winter Book Fair for Staff updates (Stephanie Piepenberg)
  • Set date for spring Student Appreciation Day (Shannon Haase, Carol Hennes)
  • Fifth Grade Celebration (Brenda Vosters, Patsy Dennis, Lori Garret, Andrea Schwaller)
  • New Business
  • PAC photo for memory book

Facebook:  look us up and join—Freedom Elementary P.A.C.  OR  subscribe to the website for all the latest PAC news—

Babysitting will be available during the meeting.

Next PAC meeting:  Thursday, March 3, 2011.

Please note:  If school is cancelled on the day of a PAC meeting, we will NOT meet.

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