Meeting Minutes for March 3, 2011

Treasurer’s Report:  We currently have $10,200.00 in our account.


Nature Center: Spring classes from the YMCA are April 27th, 28th and May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, rain dates are May 5th and 6th.  Each class lasts approximately 50 minutes with an instructor and costs $1.50 per student.  Each grade will be given a different lesson so the students don’t repeat the same information year after year.


Brain Bowl: We tested about 187 students this year.  The pledge money is still coming in and we will have a total for the April meeting.  The testing day went very well and we thank Mrs. Elrick for all her time organizing this event and the students and parent volunteers who made this event a success.  The money raised will pay for the Artist in Residence coming to our school at the end of this month.


Market Day: Our profit for February was $683.06, including 136 boxes of cookie dough sold.  We earned 30% of the sales!  Way to sell cookies!  Ms. Hannon’s 3rd grade class (second year in a row) won the pizza party, the second place winner was Mrs. Kurkiewicz’s 1st grade class and the third place winner was Mrs. Culotta’s Kindergarten class.  Congratulations!  We received a few teacher requests for Market Day money.  Three customers won $2 off their order for giving a testimonial at January pick up night.  If you have a testimonial that you would like to give, please contact Amy Lahay or Connie Wheeler.


Sock Hop/School Dance:  Another successful event!  Being on a Saturday night made it a little more challenging to get parent volunteers due to basketball tournaments, but we had enough help.  After expenses we had a profit of approximately $500.00.  We thank Heartland Business Systems in Little Chute for donating the bubble wrap again this year.  The bubble wrap is always a big hit with the younger children.


Artist in Residence: Madison artist Sharon Kilfoy will work with classes from March 21st to April 1st.  She will come to town on Sunday night and arriving at school at 7:00 am on Monday.  PAC will provide a breakfast on March 21st at 7:00 in the staff lounge for the teachers to get to know Sharon.  The first week she will work with the K- 3rd grades on their puppet craft items and the second week she will work with the 4-5th grades on murals in the cafeteria.  We received a few suggestions for the murals and will ask Sharon for her opinion to help make a decision on what will be painted on the walls.  The classes will also produce several canvas paintings hung throughout the school.  We still need the following for the projects: twist ties, brown paper bags with handles and plastic bottles (ketchup, water, dish soap).


Family Fun Night: We will host an Improv Comedy Night on Friday, March 25th from 6:30-8:00 pm in the Freedom Elementary Gym.  Advance tickets will be sold in the Elementary School lobby from 2:45-3:15 p.m. for $10 per family or $2.50 per person until Wednesday, March 23rd.  After that date and at the door the tickets will cost $15 per family and $3.50 per person at the door.  There will be no concessions.  Students will make announcements the week before the show with a joke each day to promote the event.  If you can help sell tickets after school or help collect tickets the night of the event, please contact Melanie Thiel.

Winter Book Fair for Staff: Stephanie Piepenberg set up the Book Fair on March 1 for the teachers.  By the end of the day, all the books had found a good home in classrooms.  We estimate a few hundred books went into classrooms.  Thank you, Stephanie, for organizing this for the teachers.


Staff Appreciation Week: The first week of May we’ll show our appreciation to all the staff at Freedom Elementary School.  The PAC will coordinate Muffin Monday, Dippin’ Days for Thursday and desserts for Friday.  If anyone is interested in donating a food item for one of these days, please contact Michelle Wagner.  Mrs. Czech will serve a chicken dinner for Wednesday and the Student Council will take care of Tuesday.


Student Appreciation Day: This will take place on the same day as “Shape up Wisconsin.”  We will hand out popsicles after the walk.

Fifth Grade Celebration: Planned for June 2.  Teachers will survey the fifth grade class about whether to invite to this event and then PAC will plan accordingly.  More details will be given at the April meeting.

Teacher/Classroom Requests: Mrs. Wuellner asked for half of her registration for the annual school nurse conference, a total of $117.50.  Approved

Mrs. Callaway requested bean bags, Smart Board curriculum in math and writing; a total of $130.00.  Approved.

Mr. Fellinger requested an organizer, Smart Board curriculum, science items; a total of $355.00.  Approved.

Mrs. Roberts requested a classroom library divider, soft dice, and a poster set; a total of $100.00.  Approved.

Mrs. DeGroot requested two dozen dry erase markers and ink pads; a total of $48.00.  Approved.

(Market Day money was used to fulfill the above requests.)


Teacher/Classroom Wish List:  Wish List book is located in the office.  If teachers have additional requests that their $100 didn’t cover, they can fill out a form that PAC has designed, and present it to the PAC.


Facebook:  Look us up and join:  Freedom Elementary P.A.C. (Parents Activity Committee).


PAC website: Please go to and enter your email address in the subscribe field and you will receive anything that is posted on the website including the meeting agendas and notes.

Our next meeting will be held Monday, April 4 in Room 22 (Art Room) 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm.  Free babysitting provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society.  Please come join us!

Connie Wheeler, PAC Vice President

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