Agenda – October 4, 2011


PAC Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, October 4th  6:30-8:00 p.m.   Room 22


  • Treasurer’s Report – (Wendy Cropsey)
  •  Flag Football Bake Sale/Concessions report – (Cindy Taft)
  •  Yet another opportunity to sign up for a PAC committee
  •  Helping Hands List – (Shannon Haase)
  •  October Staff meeting report – (Connie Wheeler, Michelle Gloudemans)
  • Organize meal for Fall P/T conferences – (Michelle Wagner)
  •  Snacks for Fall Student Appreciation Day – (Kim Schuller, Jon Delany)
  •  Sock Hop Dance, Brain Bowl & Family Fun Night Planning
  •  NatureCenterNews (need to schedule a work day)(Tricia Frank, Robin B, Karen)
  •  Artist-in-Residence Updates – (Sue Rudolph)
  •  Avon Fundraiser kick-off—do we have enough helpers? – (Stephanie P)
  •  Market Day – (Amy Lahay)
  •  4th Grade Request / Summer Library – (Connie Wheeler)
  •  Paper Recycling Project – (Connie Wheeler)
  •  Playground Equipment – PreK/Kind – (Robin B)
  •  Website – entering emails
  •  New Business  – Honoring Members – (Robin B)

 Babysitting will be provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society Students during the meeting.  Questions? Please call Connie Wheeler at 788-5961.  Next Meeting Date:  Wednesday, November 2.


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