Meeting Notes – October 4, 2011

October 4, 2011 P.A.C. Meeting Notes

Mrs. Czech Report – Mrs. Czech stated she spoke with Kathy Lorge, who is the Technology Director for the District.  Eight Smart Boards were added to our school recently along with additional computers.  Training took place this summer on the various technologies.  Additional training will be scheduled for those teachers who have been using Smart Boards for some time.  The school recently received approximately $700 back from the “Target for Education” program.  Target offers 1% back to the schools when people use their Target Credit Card.  “Box Tops for Education” program earns money for the school as well and all money received from both programs goes toward student Assemblies.  The amount received from Freedom Food receipts goes toward student days and in the past, food for the volunteers at different events, such as Brain Bowl.  Mrs. Rudolph is working with the 5th graders on painting large canvases that will be framed and put up in a couple areas around the school.

Treasurer’s Report – Wendy Cropsey reported that P.A.C. has a balance of $9,794.51 minus a couple small receipts.  One additional Teacher Classroom Supply request was submitted by Mrs. Anderson for a cart for sorting books.  Request was approved.

Flag Football Bake Sale/Concessions Report – Per conversation with Cindy Taft, less than 15 hotdogs were sold at Flag Football this past Saturday morning.  Discussion occurred re: pricing and the recommendation to price hotdogs at $1 vs. $1.50.  Sales of hot chocolate and baked goods are going well.  In addition, P.A.C. would welcome volunteers to staff the Food Stand and well as volunteers to bake items and bring to the stand for sale.  If interested, please contact Cindy Taft at 850-5394 or simply bring your baked goods to the Food Stand on any Saturday.

“Helpings Hands” List – Shannon Haase has this document prepared and will be e-mailed out to the various Committee organizers.  A sign up sheet was distributed for those individuals who would like copies of the “Helping Hands” list.

October Staff Meeting Report – Connie Wheeler reported that P.A.C. provided 3 different types of ice cream sundaes at the Monday Staff meeting.  She also explained to the Staff the Teacher Wish List and handed out P.A.C. labels and the request for reimbursement process.

Meals for Fall Parent/Teacher Conferences – Michelle Gloudemans passed out the sign up sheets for individuals to volunteer to bring food items for the November 15 and 17th Parent/Teacher Conferences meals.  P.A.C. provides meals to the teachers throughout the evening since teachers generally do not have time to go home and eat supper.   Please contact Michelle Wagner at 920-707-1599 if you have any questions.

Snacks for Fall Student Appreciation Day – Kim Schuller stated the snacks are ready to go for Friday.  P.A.C. is providing Market Day Goldfish Grahams to the students for the Student Appreciation Day on Friday, October 7th.

Sock Hop Dance – Connie Wheeler stated that the tentative date for the Sock Hop is Friday, February 3rd from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. 

Brain Bowl – Mrs. Czech reported that Mrs. Kurkiewicz, 1st grade teacher, will be taking over the Brain Bowl this year.  Brain Bowl occurs in February.  More details to come in January.

Family Fun Night – Melanie Thiel is planning for April.

Nature Center News – In the past meeting, it was decided that an Eagle Scout could take on part of the Nature Center/Boardwalk project.  855 feet of boardwalk need attention.  Per Dawn Van Wychen, she stated the paper work has to be so detailed to the Bay Lakes council that the start of the project could be over a year out.  She stated that P.A.C. needs to decide on the number of phases and how many feet should be included in each phase.  From there, one or more Eagle Scouts could work on the phases.  In May, paperwork has to be submitted to the Bay Lakes Council.  A Scout, Spencer, was in attendance at the meeting.  He will be contacting the High School Agriculture teacher as well as others to discuss moving forward.  The Scouts will act as Project Managers who will assist with fundraising and coordinating completion of the work by various construction individuals.  Connie Wheeler stated that the Butterfly Garden does not have any spring blooming plants and will need to be added.  Currently, the Nature Center/Boardwalk needs a Teacher leader.  Families are welcome and encouraged to use the Nature Center/Boardwalk area.

Artist-in-Residence – Michelle Gloudemans stated that we have several artists (children’s authors/illustrators/paper mache artists) that we are considering for the spring Artist-in-Residence program.  Michelle and Sue Rudolph, Art Instructor, will be checking availability for March and April and pricing and will report back at the next meeting.  Connie Wheeler stated that she is going to be completing a small scrapbook of last year’s Artist-in-Residence program.  She will have the scrapbook completed by the November Parent/Teacher conferences.

Avon Fundraiser Kick-off – Stephanie Piepenburg distributed a sign up sheet to volunteer to help with collecting orders and for verifying orders against monies collected.  Starting Monday, volunteers can pick up the order sheets and assist with the verification process prior to orders being submitted toAvon.  Next year we will identify a specific fundraiser or project for the monies to go towards.  Discussion also occurred regarding possibly adding incentives to students to collect a certain amount of orders.  It was decided not to offer incentives since this Avon Fundraiser is very successful for us.

Book Purchases – Over the years, Stephanie Piepenburg has purchased, on behalf of P.A.C., classroom books at greatly reduced prices.  She has purchased those books remaining on lists from the Teacher Wish Lists.  In February, Stephanie coordinated a book distribution for the teachers.  A motion was approved for $200 to be reimbursed to Stephanie for the costs of books.

Market Day – Amy Lahay reported we had $204.25 as our profit from the September sales.

4th Grade Request – Connie Wheeler reported that after our last year’s May meeting, a request was submitted by Mrs. Erickson, 4th grade teacher, for $150 to serve as a down payment for a play at the Performing Arts Center.  P.A.C. provided the down payment and will be receiving the money back. 

Summer Library PAC donations – Connie Wheeler stated that P.A.C. provides prizes for the Summer School Library Reading program.  P.A.C. donated $250.

Paper Recycling Project – Connie Wheeler reported that we had 8900 pounds of paper recycled.  Our June donation was 6400 pounds.  It required 2 full dumpsters.  Van’s Waste donates the use of the dumpsters.  U.S. Paper Mills pays Van’s to pick up the dumpsters.  We will be receiving $1300 from U.S. Paper Mill for the paper.  The Freedom Pursuit placed a nice article in their newspaper re: the Paper Recycling drive.  P.A.C. will be putting a “Thank You” in the Freedom Pursuit.  Ournext Paper Recycling Drive will take place between Christmas and New Year’s. 

Playground Equipment – Robin Braunschwieg reported that she spoke to the Pre-K teachers re: their wishes.  Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Lonzo spoke re: their interests in a 4 way Bouncer.  Mrs. Czech spoke to the items, such as swings, that cannot be added due to safety issues.  There is also a need for a formalized committee of parent and teacher volunteers to coordinate the improvement of the Playgrounds.  The Building and Grounds Committee will also need to be involved and approve any purchases.  If interested, please contact Mrs. Czech or Connie Wheeler at 920-788-5961.

Website – Connie Wheeler will be getting the names off of the “Helping Hands” list and entering those individuals into the website to receive any updates via e-mail.  If you have not subscribed to the website, please visit to enter your e-mail address. 

New Business – Robin Braunschweig requested recognition to Mrs. Karen Elrich for starting Brain Bowl and to Mrs. Betsy Meller for all her work with theNatureCenter.  Robin will be looking into this further as to not leave out anyone nor set precedence going forward.  

New Business – A discussion occurred regarding changing the P.A.C. meeting times from 6:30 p.m.  An earlier start time will allow more individuals to bring their children along, for the free babysitting that is provided.  A motion was approved to change the meeting time to 6:00 p.m.  The meetings generally are 1.5 hours long.  We will be noting the time change on the sign by the road, the sign inside the school by the office, and in the newsletter.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President

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Our November meeting is set for Wednesday, November 2nd in Room 22 (Art Room), 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.  Please note the time change.  Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society.  Please come join us!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Wheeler, P.A.C. President, at 920-788-5961.

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