Meeting Notes – January 5, 2012

PAC Meeting Notes for Thursday, January 5, 2012

Treasurer’s Report – Current balance is $14,785.58 minus any new reimbursements for Teacher classroom requests.  Brain Bowl profits will be coming in late February. 

Brain Bowl – Mrs. Kurkiewicz and Mrs. Rutton, both 1st grade teachers are taking over this fundraiser this year (from Mrs. Elrick). They stated that on January 17th a letter will go out to the Pre-K through 2nd grade parents with information on the fundraiser.  The prior year was approximately $8,000 profit with this fundraiser.  On February 1st the pledge sheets will be due.  187 students from Pre-K through 2nd grade participated in 2010.  On February 7th and 8th there will be the testing.  We anticipate that February 7th will be the main day with February 8th working with the M/W Pre-k classrooms and any other students that may have missed the day prior.  On February 29th the pledges will be due.  They will be handing out bookmarks to the Pre-K through 2nd grade students who participate.  There will also be lunch at school provided to the parent volunteers on February 7th and 8th.  Costs for the bookmarks and the lunches may be covered by Student Council.  Connie Wheeler will be coordinating the volunteers via the “Helping Hands” list.  Parent volunteers from Mrs. Rutton’s room and STEP volunteers may also be used on February 7th and 8th.  Unfortunately, there was a drop in participation by 70 students in 2010.  They would like to promote a higher participation rate this year.  As an incentive, P.A.C. approved the motion to allocate $50 per classroom for outdoor equipment or games to help get the students excited about participating.

Staff and Technology Updates – Mrs. Czech was absent at this meeting, however she relayed information onto Connie Wheeler.  Connie stated that the District will be hiring someone to work with Kathy Lorge in the Computers/Technology area.  The position is posted externally.  The question initially came up re: P.A.C. purchased Smart Board games and should the games be housed in the Library.  However, it was brought to our attention that there is an online exchange library that teachers can download games from and will and should not need to purchase games.  Connie will be talking to Mrs. Sara Roberts re: her request to P.A.C. to purchase a Jeopardy game for the Smart Board.

Pre-K/Kind Playground Equipment – P.A.C. decided to postpone the purchase of the 4 items that were being considered for the Pre-K/Kindergarten playground as discussed by Mrs. Czech in the November meeting.  The items would total close to $10,000 and the members were not excited about the items presented.  Michelle Gloudemans will be talking with Mrs. Czech re: the parameters for equipment and other schools re: their suppliers.

February 16th Parent Teacher Conferences’ Meal Planning – Michelle Wagner will be distributing the sign up sheet at our February meeting and will also use the “Helping Hands” list. 

Artist in Residence – Connie handed out 2 small digital scrapbooks that she created from last year’s Artist in Residence program.  The scrapbooks will be given to the Art room, Library, as well as Mrs. Czech and Sharon Kilfoy, last year’s Artist.  Sue Rudolph recapped information on Trista Holz, the fused glass artist chosen for this year’s Artist-in-Residence program in March.  Sue Rudolph and Michelle Gloudemans will be meeting on Tuesday, January 10th with Trista Holz.  As discussed in the November meeting, it will cost approximately $5 per student for individual projects that will be taken home, while the cost will be approximately $7 per student for the community project/murals.  They will be discussing the specifics for the Artist in Residence program in terms of which students will be participating and where the large murals could be going. 

Winter Book Fair – Stephanie Piepenburg has in the past coordinated a Book Fair day where P.A.C. purchased books that were made available to the teachers.  Going forward, we would also like to host aBook Drive where parents would be able to donate their gently used, but good condition books.  It was discussed that books could be dropped off in the Library during the February Parent/Teacher conferences.  It was not determined if all of the books will be housed in the library and checked out by teachers or if the teachers will again be able to take as many books as they want and house them in their classroom.  Stephanie will be following up with the Library.

School Sock Hop Dance – Stephanie Piepenburg coordinated the Sock Hop last year.  This year, Andrea Schwaller will be coordinating the event and stated that the Dance will be on Friday, February 3rd from 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.  Cost of the tickets will be $10 per family and $3 per individual.  More information will be sent home with students within the next week.  The DJ will be T.J. the D.J. and cost approximately $150.  Greg Weis, Food Service Director, will handle the snacks.  There will be 8-10 parent volunteers per 1/2 hour session in the hallways/gym/multi-purpose room.  Andrea passed around a volunteer list.  There will also be aFood Drive where people who bring a canned good to the Sock Hop will be given a free ticket for the prize raffles.  Raffle items will be geared to boys, girls and adults.  Local businesses may donate prize baskets.  PAC will be paying for the toy items.

Family Fun Night – Melanie Thiel stated that the event is set for Friday, March 23rd from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m.  This will be a Comedy night.  It will cost approximately $500 plus gas/mileage.  The cost will be $10 per family, $3 per individual, in advance and $15 per family, $5 per individual at the door.  This event will take place in the gym.  They will be selling popcorn, some snacks and water.  There should be snacks left over from the February 3rd Sock Hop event that could be used at the March 23rd Comedy event.

Back to School Kits – Melanie Thiel coordinated the kits last year and will be coordinating this year.  She stated that in speaking with the families who purchased them and teachers who had students who had the kits, they loved them.  Melanie will be obtaining a couple Sample Kits to be set out at the Sock Hop on February 3rd and at the P.A.C. table in the lobby for the Parent/Teacher conferences in February.  Melanie is hoping that families could start ordering Kits in April, May and June.  Melanie stated that the Back to School Kit costs were less than the school supplies purchased at Wal-mart.  Melanie will be creating a flyer that will go home with students.  She is also hoping that the teachers who had the students who had purchased kits will be talking at the Staff Meeting.  If the school sells 50 kits, there will be no shipping and handling costs and the kits will be delivered to the school.  Melanie will follow up next month at the meeting as to the progress.

5th Grade Celebration – Tabled until February meeting.

Paper Recycling Update from December – At the end of December, we filled 4 dumpsters, 6.68 tons, which again was more than last time.  However, the paper pricing has gone down through US Paper Mills.  Connie will be getting the final profit numbers.

Teacher Wish List Book/Requests – P.A.C. received a request from Mr. Menting for a futon frame/mattress for his classroom for a cost of $119.  It is thought that there might be parents who may have an unneeded/good condition futon that may work if necessary.  Connie talked with Mr. Menting and he no longer needs the futon.

Market Day – December – The profit from the December sale was approximately $618 with 102 boxes of cookies sold.  We received 30% of the cookie sales.  Thank you to all the families for your support.

Nature Center On behalf of Mrs. Czech and Robin Braunschweig, Connie Wheeler distributed material from the WI Dept. of Transportation re: the expansion of US Hwy 41 and the effect on the wetland area behind the school.  A drain tile has to be removed from the farmer’s field behind theNatureCenter.  As a result, theNatureCenter may get flooded in the spring time.  It was suggested to postpone the Boardwalk project by 5 years.  However, the Boardwalk is approximately 1 foot above ground and not sure if the flooding will truly be an issue.  Next month, attendees at the PAC meeting should come prepared with any questions.  Connie stated she did not think the flooding would affect the Boardwalk and stated in her opinion we should keep proceeding with the Boardwalk plans. 

YMCA Classes – On April 30th, May, 1st, 3rd, 7th, 8th and 9th, the YMCA will be coming into the school and leading Nature classes for the Kindergarteners – 5th grade.  The cost is $1.50 per student for the 772 students.  P.A.C. has not paid in prior years, however, Mrs. Czech inquired as to if P.A.C. would be interested in paying 1/2 the cost.  P.A.C. is interested in knowing if we do not pay, will the program be canceled.  We will discuss at the February meeting.

New Business – Per Connie Wheeler, there were some concerns that the 1st and 2nd gradeHoliday concert was too crowded and Mrs. Czech will be discussing with Mrs. Seibert, Music Teacher, the option of splitting the concert into 2 separate sessions for next year’s concert.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Wheeler, P.A.C. President, at 920-788-5961.

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