PAC Meeting Notes – February 6, 2012

Treasurer’s Report – Wendy Cropsey stated the current balance is $12,325.70.  Payments have been distributed to Teachers for supplies.  There will be a deposit of $997 from the Sock Hop, minus food and $320 raffle prize expenses.

 Nature Center updates – Mrs. Cuff was in attendance to discuss the WI Department of Transportation’s Freedom’s mitigation site, which is behind the Nature Center.  Due to the DOT expansion of Hwy 41, wetlands have been lost throughout the area.  The DOT is looking to gain wetlands back behind the school area/Nature Center by purchasing 75 acres behind the school.  This area was wetland before it was tiled/drained and used for agriculture in the 1980’s to present.  Now this area will be going back to wetland status.  The DOT will be starting in the spring time with excavating and removing tiling and pumps.  The Nature Center is in jeopardy of changing.  Mrs. Cuff recommended that we give it time before we do the extensive expansion work to the Boardwalk.  She stated we should see a difference next spring time (2013).  DOT said they will not/cannot impact Duck Creek and will create up to a 7 foot burm to avoid impacting the Creek, which runs through the Nature Center.  The DOT will be moving sludge in, which will create more wetness all the time.  The water may pool up behind the Nature Center.  PAC decided to proceed with any needed repairs and will use the “Helping Hands” list to have the repairs completed before the YMCA classes for our students, in the later spring.  PAC will evaluate the status of the Nature Center after next spring time of 2013 before proceeding with the expansion of the Boardwalk.

Staff & Technology Updates – Mrs. Czech discussed the YMCA classes coming in the springtime to our Nature Center and is interested in seeing if PAC would like to pay for some of the costs.  PAC has not paid for the ($800-$900) costs in prior years.  In the past, the Student Council paid half of the cost while the school paid for the other half.  School will be hosting the YMCA classes regardless if PAC offers to pay or not.  Mrs. Czech will talk to the Student Council re: their ability to pay for any of the costs this year.  Mrs. Czech stated the District is interviewing this week for the newly created Technology position to work with Kathy Lorge.  She thought there were 8-9 applicants. 

Pre-K/Kindergarten Playground Equipment Update – Michelle Gloudemans stated that PAC approved the purchase of 4 new pieces of equipment from Lee Recreation/Playworld Systems.  The items have been ordered.  We saved extensive dollars due to purchasing the equipment prior to the end of the January 31st sale and new catalog.  PAC discussed the past big playground expansion project and discussed the needs/process to have these items assembled/installed.  As a result, PAC approved the $2400 expense to have Lee Recreation do the complete assembly and installation of the pieces.  The items will be delivered, assembled and installed on Monday, June 4th, unless there is an opportunity for the install prior to Easter/Spring break. 

Sock Hop Dance – Cindy Taft stated that the event went well overall and that the children had a blast, although it was a bit chaotic as usual.  She stated that people attending did not know where to put canned goods.  There was over 300 pounds of food donated to the Food Pantry.  She suggested that we do not have as many raffle prizes (24) next year.  She also suggested that the raffle tickets be purchased separately from the canned goods drop off.  There was discussion of having the raffle prize tables moved to the Multipurpose Room for more space.  The committee spent $320 between the 24 raffle prizes.  Next year, the committee members will try to get more prizes on sales and also more donations from local businesses.  We decided that each event/Fundraiser needs to have a Chairperson and discussions need to occur between all committee members to ensure all tasks are included and responsibilities are understood.  The committee members will be starting a new folder which will be updated and returned to the PAC folder box/closet by end of year.

Pre-K – 2nd Grade Brain Bowl – Connie Wheeler stated that the majority of the testing will occur on Tuesday, February 7th and any remaining Pre-K classes and those individuals sick on Tuesday, would be tested on Wednesday, February 8th.  209 students are scheduled to participate.  Last year 189 students participated.  Profits are anticipated to be approximately $8000, which is similar from last year.  Volunteers have been scheduled.  Their lunches are being paid for by Student Council.  PAC is paying for book markers to be given out to the students once they turn in their pledge money.

February 16th Parent Teacher Conferences Meal – Michelle Wagner handed out a sign-up sheet for the Soup Meal.  Michelle will be e-mailing the parents that signed up on the “Helping Hands” list.  We discussed making sure each parent volunteer does not feel they need to make/buy enough items (desserts, main items) for 60 people as well as ensuring there is a clean-up crew assigned/scheduled.

Winter Book Fair – This year PAC will be sponsoring another Book Fair.  The Book Fair is held in the Staff Room where the teachers can pick out books for their classroom.  Stephanie Piepenburg has purchased books again (on behalf of PAC) as well as some Books on Tape and some games.  She talked to Mrs. Zabel, Librarian, re: taking any leftover books on tape and games, along with the books.  We are also taking donations this year from parents.  This is new this year.  If you would like to donate a good condition, gently used book, please bring it to the donation box which is placed in the lobby area next to the Campbell Soup Label container.  PAC approved the motion to reimburse Stephanie for an additional $58 due to her misplaced receipts. 

Artist in Residence Program – Michelle Gloudemans discussed the Artist in Residence program that is again coming to school during the last 2 weeks in March.  Trista Holz is a fused glass artist and will be working with the 1st – 5th graders on individual take home projects.  PAC discussed which students should be involved with the large 6 community murals.  Due to the 5th graders only being in this school for another 12 weeks, PAC decided to involve 1st – 4th graders if possible and not the 5th graders.  However, if costs are an issue, only 2nd – 4th graders will be involved. 

Family Fun Night – Michelle Gloudemans spoke on behalf of Melanie Thiel, who could not attend the PAC Meeting.  She stated that Friday, March 23rd, from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. will be the Family Fun Night. Comedy City is again booked.  The gym is reserved and we can have food and drinks inside the gym (new this year).  Melanie will be working with Michelle Wagner re: concessions (leftovers from Sock Hop).  PAC discussed pre-selling the tickets.  Mrs. Czech stated that they can be sold 2.5 weeks prior to the event and the paperwork can be collected in the office and tickets can be distributed through the office.

Back-to-School Kits – Michelle Gloudemans spoke on behalf of Melanie Thiel, who could not attend the PAC Meeting.  She stated that there was a sample display up at the Sock Hop and will also do a sample kit display at the Family Fun Night on March 23rd. The Sample Kit will also be on display at the Parent/Teacher Conferences on February 16th.  The plan is to have the Kits be available for purchase by the end of March, through the first half of June.  Orders will be placed online only.  It was discussed whether the display Kit should be donated to a child or if PAC should keep for future events.  It was decided to keep the sample Kit for future displays.  It was also discussed whether the final kit cost should be rounded up to the nearest dollar or two and PAC decided that yes, the kit costs will be rounded up to the nearest dollar or two and the amount can be donated.

Paper Recycling Drive – Connie Wheeler stated that we did do well with our December donation.  It was 6.68 tons.  However, our prior donations were paid at $300 per ton.  The US Paper Mill was giving us extra dollar donations above the Market Value.  This time we received straight Market Value of $100 per ton.  We received a check for $668. Next Paper Recycling Drive is set for March 26th – March 30th. 

Teacher Requests – Mrs. Degroot submitted a request for $10-$12 in material costs to make PVC Basketball hoops and to purchase some balls.  PAC will be talking to her further re: costs and will bring to the next meeting.  Mrs. Bougie submitted a request to pay for a rug due to her chilly floor.  She also requested $70 for a pencil sharpener.  She also requested approximately $180 for dry erase white boards for her classroom.  Mrs. Erickson requested a $400 USA/Geography Rug, 7 foot by 10 foot.  She also requested some deluxe bean bag chairs.  PAC decided to have Stephanie Piepenburg do some price checking before proceeding with these requests.  PAC also wants to see what the final $$ amount profit from Brain Bowl is and where our balance is with our account.

Market Day – January profit was $153.79.  This money will be allocated toward Teacher requests.

New Business – Connie Wheeler stated that there was a request to hold/pay for a babysitting clinic.  We will discuss further at the next PAC Meeting.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Wheeler, P.A.C. President, at 920-788-5961.

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