Meeting Notes – March 6, 2012

Treasurer’s Report – Connie Wheeler reported, on behalf of Wendy Cropsey, that we have approximately $13,600 in our account, due in large part to the recent Brain Bowl Fundraiser.  We do have a large expense coming up with the Artist-in-Residence Program (up to $6000), and have some smaller expenses, such as the $2400 costs for the installation of the Pre-K/K new playground equipment.

Nature Center/YMCA Classes – Connie Wheeler reported that she e-mailed 8 or 9 parents to see if they would be available to volunteer their time to repair the Boardwalk in theNatureCenter.  She is waiting for replies.  Beginning April 30th, the school will host YMCA Nature Classes.  The School’s budget and the Student Council will pay the costs again.

Babysitting Classes – Mrs. Pat Austin submitted a request for P.A.C. to consider hosting Babysitting classes for our 5th graders.  She researched ThedaCare, The Red Cross and Affinity Health’s cost ($25-$85 per student) and location (respective hospitals and set schools) options.  As another option, Pat is also talking to local Kathy Brockman who may be able to teach First Aid, along with a High School Teacher, who could teach child care/diapering, as well as David Waters with the Fire Department who could discuss Police and Fire Safety.  Pat will follow up further with these options and report back at the next meeting.

Staff/Technology Updates/New Rules – Mrs. Czech stated that Mr. Keith Roskowski has been hired by the District as a new Technology Department employee.  He will be working with Kathy Lorge on updating computers and software.

Several weeks ago, it was announced at school that students could no longer walk their brother/sister to their classroom and students could no longer stop in by their former teachers and talk to them in the morning.  According to Mrs. Czech, there have been students that were late to class and causing blockages in the hallway.  Mrs. Czech now stated that it is no problem if siblings need to walk another sibling to class if need be.  Mrs. Czech will also communicate to Teachers and Staff members (possibly via their “News and Notes”) that students can also now resume saying “Good Morning” to their former teachers, as long as there are not issues with students getting to class on time and no disturbances in the hallways.  It is important that students are where they need to be when the bell rings.

Pre-K/Kindergarten Playground Equipment Update – Michelle Gloudemans reported that the equipment is scheduled to be installed on that Thursday before Easter break.  When the Pre-K/K students return, they should have a nice gift from the Easter bunny!

Brain Bowl – Connie Wheeler reported that there were 218 Pre-K-2nd grade students tested, $8900 deposited.  There were just 10 students with a total of $350 in outstanding pledges.  The amount of pledges turned in on time this year was much better than last year.  We are thankful for the support!

Winter Book Fair Results – Stephanie Piepenburg reported that the Book Fair went well.  There were many books that were donated in addition to the $200 spent by P.A.C. on books/games/puzzles.  We will continue to do aBook Drive again next year where parents can again donate their gently used, good condition books.  

Artist-in-Residence – Michelle Gloudemans reported that she is getting volunteers via the “The Helping Hands” list as well as using a list of names provided by Sue Rudolph, Art Instructor.  Trista Holz, the fused glass artist, will be coming the last 2 weeks in March to work with our students.  We will be keeping the artist’s costs to approximately $5000 plus additional $$$ for gas/mileage/food/gift.  Due to our request to keep the Program costs to approximately $5000, Mrs. Holz is giving our school an approximate $2000 discount!  Connie Wheeler will be working again on a 5 x 7 digital scrapbook where every child’s project will be featured.  The books will again be given to Mrs. Holz, Mrs. Czech, Mrs. Rudolph and the Library.  Michelle will also be contacting the Post-Crescent and The Freedom Pursuit to see if they are interested in doing a feature.

Family Fun Night – Melanie Thiel reported that flyers were sent out today/Tuesday for the Friday, March 23rd Comedy Show.  She will be picking up the advance ticket requests through Wednesday before the Friday, Mar. 23rd show.  She’ll make a receipt and return to the office where they will be distributing to the students.  She stated another half-page flyer will be going out the Friday before the show.  There will be 2 tables of popcorn and water concessions beginning at 6:15 p.m. and ending at intermission.  She’ll need just a few volunteers to help with concessions.

Back to School Kits – Melanie Thiel reported that she received the Supply lists for the grades.  This is much earlier than previous years.  She e-mailed the lists to the Back-to-School kit Company.  We decided that the dollar amounts will be rounded up to the nearest dollar.  The minimal overage will be given to P.A.C.  Melanie will be sending out a flyer by the end of March on how to order these Back-to-School kits for September.  She is looking into how to put a link on our School website to the Company’s website.  These kits will contain brand name items.  Online ordering will be available through the first week of June.  There will be reminders put into the May and June school newsletters.  Additional reminder flyers will be sent home to parents in April and May.  There will also be a display set up at Family Fun Night in the Lobby area or Gym.

Spring Student Appreciation – Connie Wheeler spoke on behalf of Kim Schuller.  Connie stated that P.A.C. donates Popsicles for the Spring Student Appreciation day, which is together with the Shape-Up Walk on Wednesday, May 2nd at 1:45 p.m.  Kim will be working with Greg Weis, Food Service Director, and Judy in the office.  Mrs. Tewes, the Phy Ed Teacher, organizes the walk. 

Fifth Grade Celebration – Dawn Van Wychen discussed that the Celebration will be on May 30th, due to May 31st being a half-day only this year.  The half day would not provide them a long enough time for the Celebration.  Dawn will be working with Andrea Schwaller who coordinated the event last year.

Paper Recycling Drive – Connie Wheeler reported that thenext Paper Recycling Drive will be March 26th – March 30th.  It is posted on the Marquee outside along Hwy. E.  A Flyer will be going home with this week and a reminder Flyer will be going out late next week.  We are hoping that the recycled paper price will be more than $100/ton.

Teacher Requests – Connie Wheeler discussed the new Teacher Requests.

She stated Mrs. Wellner, school nurse, submitted a request for $310 to pay for her annual Wisconsin School of Nursing Conference on April 24th inStevens Point.  P.A.C. paid a portion last year.  She is requesting $155 from P.A.C.  Motion approved.

Stephanie Piepenburg shared her price/cost information for dry erase boards, rugs, pencil sharpeners, bean bag chairs.  P.A.C. received requests last month from Mrs. Bougie and Mrs. Erickson and discussed at the last P.A.C. meeting that Stephanie would do some price comparison prior to approving those expenses.  P.A.C. approved requests from Mrs. Bougie (dry erase boards, rug, and pencil sharpener) and Mrs. Erickson (USA Rug, Bean Bag chair) up to the dollar amount that Stephanie was able to find the items for.  The teachers can either choose then to purchase their requested items from the supplier they found or through Stephanie.  Thank you to Stephanie for all the time spent researching these costs.

Mrs. DeGroot submitted a request for 2 PVC basketball hoops and balls.  Motion approved. 

Mrs. Mall, 5th grade teacher, submitted a request for 3 x 3 self-stick notes, file folders and gift cards for the 5th grade play (March 29th).  Stephanie Piepenburg will find out how many self-stick notes and file folders Mrs. Mall needs and will then pick them up on her behalf.  Mrs. Mall is receiving $200 from the School’s budget for the play participants, and it was approved that P.A.C. will donate up to $200 as well. 

Market Day – Connie Wheeler reported that we earned a profit of $107 for February.  The March promotion will be desserts.

New Business – Connie Wheeler and Michelle Gloudemans discussed their recommendation on doing a Fundraiser next September/October with Entertainment Books.  Based upon the size of our school and the Entertainment Company’s experience, it is anticipated that we will be able to sell a minimum of 500 books, for a profit of approximately $5000.  We will be able to give every family, including teachers and staff members, a FREE book now to familiarize families with the great savings.  The Books are anticipated to be going home with students throughout the middle-end of next week.  We will be sending home fundraiser materials later in September.  Students will be able to earn free Entertainment books and prizes as part of their incentive program to us.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President

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