Meeting Notes – April 4, 2012

Eagle Scout Project- Luke H. attended the meeting to discuss a request for P.A.C. to partially fund his Eagle Scout project. He is looking to build a shed for the Pre-K/Kindergarten’s outdoor equipment. It will be a 6 ft. by 8 ft. shed with a metal roof and metal siding as well as have a concrete slab floor and swing out doors with shelves inside. He is looking for it to be an emerald green roof with beige siding. The cost is anticipated to be $2000. He will find out in May if it has been approved and Dawn Van Wychen will let us know. He is looking to complete the project during the summer or fall. We will wait to hear back if the project is approved and then discuss funding a portion.

Treasurer’s Report – Wendy Cropsey reported our balance is approximately $8000.  Recent deposits were recorded for Brain Bowl and Paper Recycling.  Recent expenditures were for the Artist-in-Residence Program and to the School Nurse for her Conference.  Upcoming expenses to note include the labor for the Pre-K/Kindergarten playground.

Babysitting Clinic Update – Mrs. Pat Austin was not in attendance and the topic was tabled to the next meeting.

Nature CenterConnie Wheeler reported that there were only 2 responses to her e-mail last month to parents re: assisting with repairs to the Board Walk.  As a result, she spoke to John Seegers in Maintenance.  He will review the Board Walk repair needs and make the minor repairs.  Reminder, YMCA will be coming in and holding classes in theNatureCenter for the students, at the end of April through the beginning of May.

Staff & Technology Updates – Connie Wheeler spoke on behalf of Mrs. Czech who was not in attendance.  She stated the new Technology Manager as started and was recently introduced to the teachers/staff at the school.  Mrs. Cuff posted her position and is putting a Hiring Team in place.  She is hopeful to have the position filled by June.

Artist-in-Residence Update – Connie Wheeler spoke on behalf of Sue Rudolph stating that Trista Holz, the artist, was here Wednesday and will also be at the school next Thursday to do some finishing work on the murals.  Pendants are completed and students will begin cording and beading the necklaces next week.  Michelle Gloudemans stated that The Freedom Pursuit came in to take pictures and Michelle submitted information for an article in the newspaper.  The Freedom Pursuit has now run 2 articles.  She also stated that the Post-Crescent is coming in next Thursday afternoon to take pictures and finish writing an article. 

Family Fun Night Update – No one in attendance at tonight’s meeting attended the Family Fun Night.  From what Connie heard, the event went well; however, attendance was down this year.  Dawn Van Wychen said that the popcorn/water concessions were selling well while she assisted prior to the event starting.  Michelle Gloudemans stated on behalf of Michelle Wagner, who assisted at the event, that there needs to be a clean up crew on the sign up sheet in the future.  Connie Wheeler stated that we should consider providing free admission to future Sock Hop events and Family Fun Night events.

Back to School Kits – Melanie Thiel was not in attendance and the topic was tabled to the next meeting.  We thought flyers, to advertise the Back to School Kits, were supposed to go out at the end of March.

Secretary/Administrative Assistant Day – Wednesday, April 25th – In years past, at $40 bouquet of flowers had been sent to the school office.  Carrie Witt ordered last year through Dawn’s Floral at Freedom Foods.  The Motion was approved to send 2 bouquets of flowers, one to each of the secretaries, valued at $25 each.  Wendy Cropsey will handle the ordering/paying for the flowers.

Spring Student Appreciation – May 2nd – Connie Wheeler spoke on behalf of Kim Schuller and Jon Delaney who were not in attendance.  Popsicles will be handed out just to students, not staff members, after the walk on May 2nd.

Staff Appreciation Week – May 7th – 11th – Connie Wheeler handed out the sign up sheets on behalf of Michelle Wagner who was not in attendance.  P.A.C. will be providing various food items on that Monday, Thursday and Friday of that week, for the teachers and staff.    Michelle Wagner will also e-mail individuals who signed up on the “Helping Hands” sheet.

Fifth Grade Celebration – Andrea Schwaller stated that the event is on May 30th at 1:15 p.m. in the Cafeteria.  There will be no formal invitations sent out; however, parents that wish to attend may do so.  Only 1 or 2 parents attended last year.  There will be a video of the event and Kathy Lorge will be creating DVD’s for those that wish to buy them.  One of the Judy’s in the office will be printing up certificates.  John Seegers will be setting up the tables.  Carrie Witt will take care of the ice/waters.  Dawn Van Wychen will be purchasing the plates/forks/table clothes.  Amy Lahay will be creating cookie bouquets for the 5th grade teachers and Mrs.Czech.  Two cakes were ordered from Sweet Tooth.  There are 115 students who will be celebrated. 

Last Day of School Recognition/Retirees – Connie Wheeler stated she was unsure if this event took place on the last day of school due to it being a half day.  Usually the event takes place at 9 a.m.  Any teacher retirees are recognized via the P.A.C. President, and a particular group of individuals, in years past it has been S.T.E.P. (older individuals who volunteer for tax benefits) volunteers or Playground Aids/Substitutes or Student Council members.  Connie will double check on the retirees.  There are none that she or anyone else knew of.  We decided to recognize the specialty teachers this year with at $10 Gift Card to Subway.  Carrie Witt will take care of checking on the number/names of individuals and will handle purchasing the Gift Cards on behalf of P.A.C.

Paper Recycling – Connie Wheeler stated that it was another good event, however, we do not have a count yet on the tons or dollar amount raised.  She discussed the conflict on Friday with the dumpster pick-up.  Van’s was supposed to pick up at 2 p.m.; however, they came early to pick up the dumpster, and came around 11 a.m.  Connie talked with the owner of Van’s and they admitted the error was on their end.  At thenext Recycling Drive, we will have the dumpster arrive on Friday morning, June 1st and have it available through the weekend and through the following week, June 8th at 2 p.m.  She stated Van’s likes to be able to have their last pick up at that time due to the necessity to have the dumpsters to the U.S. Paper Mills scale that afternoon.

Teacher Requests – Mrs. Anderson, Kindergarten, submitted a request in October for a cart to sort books.  There was a misunderstanding as to who would order the cart and the request form had been lost.  As a result, it has not been ordered yet.  Connie will go back to Mrs. Anderson and let her know we approved up to $400 for the cart and she should proceed with ordering.

Mrs. Rudolph submitted receipts for string ($96), picture frame ($26) and beads for the Artist-in-Residence program.  Motion approved to pay expenses. 

Stephanie Piepenburg researched costs for Mrs. Erickson request for a rug; Mrs. Bougie’s request for dry erase boards and a rug; Mrs. Mall’s request for File folders, Post-Its and a Pencil Sharpener.   

There was some discussion re: the $$ given to teachers for their requests.  Going forward, the requests need to be more specific and possibly only for teachers educational needs in the classroom.  We would like to help promote the “Wish List” year round vs. just once or twice a year.  We would like to encourage parents who are getting rid of their gently used furniture pieces to check this “Wish List” and see if there is a need for any items.  We will be taking care of creating something for the teachers and placing in their Inboxes. 

Market Day – Amy Lahay proposed that we discontinue Market Day due to the declining monthly profits and the amount of work required.  Connie stated that in the initial year profits were approximately $3100, last year profits were $2200, and this year profits are less than $1500.  We agreed to discontinue Market Day next school year.  The Month of May will be our last sale.

Entertainment Book Fundraiser – It was mentioned that the 6th & 7th graders at the Middle School participate in this fundraiser.   In looking into this further, we were aware of the group (prior to agreeing to do the Fundraiser), however, we thought it was a sporting/dance group at the school.  We are happy that it is not an additional group that is selling the books and is still such a small sale.  The middle school sold 154 books last year with a profit of $1386.  According to the Entertainment book company representative, they will guarantee their future profits so our sale will not hurt their sale.  The Representative is “completely confident that we will sell between 500-700 books”.  Our profits are anticipated to be $5000-$7000.

New Business – Michelle Gloudemans discussed the amount of work that John Seegers and the Artist-in-Residence volunteers have put in over the last couple weeks.  It was agreed to give John a $50 Gift Card to Home Depot for his extra assistance with the Artist-in-Residence and Pre-K/K playground installation.

Stephanie Piepenburg received a huge list of Book needs from a 5th grade teacher.  She is going to follow up with her re: how she received books prior to this list.

Connie Wheeler is going to check into purchasing professional signs to advertise thePaper Recycling Drive. 

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Wheeler, P.A.C. President, at 920-788-5961.

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