Meeting Notes – September 10, 2012

Treasurer’s Report – Wendy Cropsey, Treasurer, reported that the balance of our account is $4,537.82.  We will have upcoming expenses with the $100 gift for all Teacher Requests for Reimbursements.

Committee Sign up Sheets – Sheets were passed around for those individuals wishing to volunteer their time/talent on a committee.  If you would like to volunteer for anything, please complete the “Helping Hands” sheet that was given out during Open House in the registration folder or stop in the school office to pick up an additional sheet.

Staff & Technology Updates – Mrs. Czech, Principal, stated that there were no new hires to the school.  She stated that Mrs. Hastie moved to 3rd grade and Mrs. Thiel moved to Kindergarten.  Mrs. Czech stated that there were changes made to the parking lot that resulted in losing 32 parking spots.  Walkways were added.  In addition, all 4th grade teachers were trained this past summer in keyboarding. 

Teacher Requests – Mrs. Wilson, Kindergarten teacher, stated that the Pre-K and Kindergarten teachers would like PAC to purchase “Pencil Grips” for all students.  The anticipated cost is approximately $400.  These Pencil Grips will allow the students to be trained on the proper way to hold a pencil.  It will help them learn how to print faster and help with their hand/finger fatigue.  Mrs. Braunschweig, Reading Specialist, has experience with similar Pencil Grips and stated that the Pencil Grips would probably not be reusable after the year and as a result new Pencil Grips would need to be purchased for a cost of $400 each year.  PAC proposed that the teachers send a letter to Pre-K and Kindergarten parents requesting them to pay $2 for the Pencil Grip.   In addition, it was proposed that for the next school year that these Pencil Grips would be added to the School Supply List, similar to how the Assignment Notebook is listed. 

Paper Recycling – Connie Wheeler reported that the next Paper Recycling Drive will take place on Monday, September 24th – Sunday, September 30th.  A flyer has since gone home with students.  Dumpster will still be along the edge of the front parking lot. 

Fall Student Appreciation – Connie Wheeler stated that twice a year PAC recognizes the students by giving them a food item.  We decided that on Tuesday, October 2nd and Wednesday, October 3rd, we will distribute the food items in the classrooms.  Kim Schuller is coordinating this event.  She will look into possibly purchasing ice pops from Sam’s Club. 

Flag Football Concessions for September and October – It was mentioned that the past concessions have been quite a bit of work and a time commitment for the Coordinator.  In addition, most families are there only 1.25 hours for the one game and can eat/drink before or after the game.  We understand there are some families who have more than one child playing a game and as a result are there for 2.5 hours.  The students playing football usually receive a snack/drink at the end of each game.  As a result, PAC decided that we will not proceed with sponsoring the Concessions.

Entertainment Book/Cookie Dough Fundraiser – The plan was to distribute the Entertainment Books/Fundraiser information on Monday, September 17th, to the classrooms.  Amy Lahay mentioned that the MAPSS group (the parent/teacher group) at the Middle School will be selling them this year beginning October 15th.  As a result, Connie Wheeler and Michelle Gloudemans will look into further re: if we should proceed or not with the Fundraiser.  They were unaware that there was another group that would be selling the books.  (Over the course of the week after the meeting we received confirmation that the MAPSS group at the Middle School and a Choir group at the Senior High School will be selling books.  As a result, we will not be proceeding with this fundraiser; however, we will be sending home flyers to our parents on how to purchase the books if interested.

Parent Teacher Conference Meals for November – Michelle Wagner is coordinating the meals on the nights of Tuesday, November 6th and Wednesday, November 7th.  She distributed the volunteer sheet.  On Tuesday, November 6th PAC will sponsor a Sandwich meal and on Wednesday, November 7th, PAC will sponsor a Chili/Soup meal.  Michelle will be sending out e-mails as the dates get closer looking for further volunteers to bring a food item.  Michelle will also plan to bring the sign up sheet again to the October PAC meeting if there are additional or different individuals in attendance.

November PAC Meeting date – The November meeting date was originally planned for Wednesday, November 7th.  However, that is one of the nights of parent/teacher conferences.  As a result, we will reschedule the meeting for Wednesday, November 14th.  Please make note of this change!

Avon Fundraiser – Stephanie Piepenburg is coordinating this year; however, she is looking for someone to take the lead for next year.  The tentative dates for the Avon books to be sent home will be September 27th.  The plan is for the funds raised to go towards the Artist-in-Residence program or other areas if necessary.  The sale dates will run from October 1st through October 12th.  Delivery of the products is scheduled for November 5th and will possibly be placed in the Story Book/Library room.  Stephanie will confirm that it is acceptable.  Stephanie is looking for volunteers to distribute the items. 

October Teacher/Staff Meeting – Connie Wheeler stated that PAC will serve ice cream and explain PAC to the staff members on October 1.  We will also hand out the new Request for Reimbursement form and discuss how the reimbursements (after the $100) will need to be educational related vs. simply classroom needs (furniture). 

Helping Hands List – Michelle Gloudemans will complete the data entry for the list.  This will then be given out to the various PAC committee leaders.  The plan is to have the information compiled by September 24th.

Teacher Requests – It was decided that teachers/PAC could work in conjunction to request donations for various items that a teacher would like for his/her classroom, such as rugs/tables, etc.  PAC also will give teachers $100 once receipts are submitted.  Thereafter, then PAC will vote on approving additional expenses/requests. 

Mr. Menting purchased Reading Bins in August 2011 and forgot to submit the Request for Reimbursement until May 2012.  PAC did pay out the amount in June 2012 b/c there was not a deadline at the time for all submissions. 

Mrs. DeGroot requested a Steel Basketball Hoop for her Kindergarten Enrichment Room.  Last year her husband made a hoop out of PVC material, however, it was determined that it was not sturdy enough.  She would like to purchase a Steel Basketball Hoop for $100.  Motion Approved.

Mrs. Rennes had requested reimbursement for $50 from Brain Bowl (last year’s promotion) for materials for a sensory table.  Connie will check on if there is still a need and if so, if Mrs. Rennes could possibly ask for donations.

List of Revenues and Expenses– It was discussed in May that parents may not be as familiar with PAC and what we do, where we raise money and how we spend it.  As a result, Connie, Michelle and Wendy worked in conjunction to develop a form that would show the information.  This form was distributed to the youngest and only children.

New Business – Stephanie Piepenburg asked Mrs. Czech if she could step in and assist with updating the District website with our Elementary School fundraisers.  Stephanie has worked with Kathy Lorge, Technology Director, in the past; however, there were never any updates that made it onto the District website.  As a result, Mrs. Czech will give the information (such as listing Paper Recycling Drive, Avon Fundraiser, Brain Bowl) to the right person to get the information out on the District website.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, PAC Vice President

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Our October meeting is set for Tuesday, October 2, Room 22 (Art room), 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society. Please come join us!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Wheeler, PAC President, at 920-788-5961.

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