Meeting Notes – October 2, 2012

Treasurer’s Report – Wendy Cropsey stated that there was no significant change from last month.  The current balance is $4,548.82 after $11 deposit (raffle donation) from Open House.

Committee Sign-Up Sheets for 2012-2013 – Connie Wheeler distributed the Sign-Up Sheets for Committees. 

Staff and Technology Updates – Mrs. Czech, Principal, was unable to attend the meeting.  Karen Baumgartner, Guidance, stated they are working on getting a Technology Committee.   

Fall Student Appreciation – Kim Schuller coordinated the event.  The Student Appreciation days were on October 2 and 3.  Students received Cheez-it bags purchased by PAC.  Kim stated that there are a few students that have a Soy allergy and as a result were unable to have the Cheez-its.  There was a note that was sent home telling parents about the snack. 

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals – Michelle Wagner is coordinating.  Connie stated that the date of the Conferences changed to November 7 & November 8, not November 6.  The date changed due to voting.  The Conferences date change was discussed and approved at the Staff meeting on Monday, October 1.    We put on a meal for the teachers due to not being able to go home before the 3:30 p.m. conferences begin.  PAC will be offering Chili and Sub sandwiches along with a variety of other items.  We will let those parents that volunteered to bring in a food item for the November 6, know about the change to November 8. 

AVON in October – Stephanie Piepenburg is coordinating this fundraiser.  Books and order forms were sent home.  It’s a big fundraiser we do this time of year.  It goes until October 15.  Stephanie stated she didn’t call for any help yet.  Stephanie is hesitant to reach out to the Helping Hands List b/c she wants someone familiar with it to run the event next year and going forward.  Stephanie stated that she would like to train someone on coordinating the event next year since she only has one left in elementary next year.  Connie volunteered to help out and if no one volunteers to run it.  Stephanie passed around a sign up sheet for people to collect the orders from the office and count the money/match against orders and then return to the office.  There were 3 people that volunteered from the PAC meeting.  Wendy Cropsey asked that the payout amount to Avon should not be the same amount and split into 2 different amounts on the checks for easier tracking on her end.

October Staff Meeting – Connie Wheeler stated that PAC served an ice cream sundae bar to the Teachers in their Staff meeting.  During the Staff meeting, Connie reviewed the Wish List that the teachers complete and the Request for Reimbursement process.  Each teacher receives up to $100 from PAC for supplies for their classroom (non-consumable items). 

Helping Hands List – Michelle Gloudemans completed.  The Helping Hands List will be distributed to those Committee coordinators.  Due to many parents turning in multiple Helping Hands Lists, it was recommended putting on form for next year that only one form per family is necessary.  Thanks Michelle for your time.

Nature Center – Connie Wheeler stated we’ve always done a work day in the fall.  She stated that George VanWychen came and cut down the weeds a couple days ago.  We are waiting on adding bark due to the wetlands discussion/outcome behind the NatureCenter.  We are waiting to see what the springtime brings for the NatureCenter.  This will be our first spring after the drainage tiles were removed from the fields behind the NatureCenter.  We decided to not schedule a work day at this time.

Artist in Residence – Mrs. Touche is one of our music teachers that presented a couple ideas.  She presented something with Hunk-Ta-Bunk-TA Music assembling, Music and Movement.  She felt it looks interesting and she wants to ask for more information.  Mrs. Touche also mentioned a multicultural assemble by David Blonski, from CA, and can do workshops.  She stated that looked interesting and fun.  She mentioned we’ve also had Madison Brass come and teach the kids about brass instruments, concert at night for the public.  Street Beat Assemblies, from CA, is about repurposed materials.  Different types of assemblies, coming from CA.  Something very different is having the Opera for Young come from Madison.  Select students would perform with them.  Mrs. Touche would prepare the students.  She stated it was professionally well done.  She stated it was very good for kids. However, only select children could perform.  Mrs. Touche and Michelle Wagner will look into local groups further and report at the November meeting.

Sock Hop – February – Committee Members were not arranged yet.  Connie stated that the Sock Hop Dance is usually on a Friday night.  It was decided that February 1 looks the best b/c it has the least amount of games throughout the weekend.  The Sock Hop is usually before Brain Bowl Fundraiser.  Connie stated the event will go from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.  More will be discussed at the November meeting.

Brain Bowl – Connie will check with Mrs. Kurkiewicz and Mrs. Rutton regarding their coordination.  As of now, pencil in February 5 and 6 for the Brain Bowl.

Family Fun Night – Committee Members were not arranged yet and will look into further.  April 5 is right after spring break and that date seems to be a good idea.  We may consider hosting it at BadgerSportsPark this year.  Connie will e-mail the committee from last year and inquire as to their thoughts/idea.

Cookie Fundraiser – Connie Wheeler stated that we are not going to be doing the Entertainment Book fundraiser at the School due to the Middle School doing this fundraiser and were unaware at the time that we decided to do the fundraiser.  Michelle Gloudemans stated we are still able to proceed with the Cookie Dough Fundraiser if we want to do so.  Michelle mentioned the success that Hortonville, Kaukauna, Wautoma and Oshkosh have had with this fundraiser.  We are aware of the Girl Scouts cookie sales in March and the Soccer/Baseball Food fundraiser.  This Cookie Dough fundraiser could replace the Cookie Dough and Dessert promotions/sales from the Market Day fundraiser.  The profit would be 40% of sales.   The Company also offers special promotions to help with the sales.  Michelle will contact the Middle/High School/St. Nicholas and see if any group there is hosting a Cookie Dough fundraiser this fall.  Since we do not have Market Day (and the special Cookie and Dessert promotions) and the Sock Hop and Family Fun Night events will be free to families, the motion was approved that we will proceed with the sale, provided no other local group is selling Cookie Dough over the next few months. It was also approved that PAC would offer a Pizza Party to the class that sells the most cookie dough.  The plan is to sell within the first week or two in November, for one to two weeks, with distribution of the Cookie Dough prior to Christmas Break. 

Teacher Wish Lists – Connie stated in previous years the Teacher Wish Lists were ready for the parents for P/T conferences in November.  This was a wish list by the Teachers of items for less than $20.  The problem is that not many parents know it is available.  Connie stated Mrs. Czech approved PAC to distribute a flyer/note to parents telling them about a table in the Lobby/entryway with all the Teacher Wish Lists available.  A flyer will go home prior to P/T conferences.  The Book Fair will be taking place in the library during Conferences along with the Avon orders in the Storybook Room.  We can also put it out on our Facebook page.  It was decided that PAC will put a table out in the Lobby/Entryway with a Display Board, Christmas tree and have some candy on the table.

Teacher Requests to Approve – Connie stated there were no requests at this time.

New Business – Connie stated that Trista Holz, last Artist-in-Residence, came to the school last week and showed samples of her glass pendants with the Freedom Irish logo.  We are able buy the pendants for $6.50 and sell them for $15.  This could be another fundraiser for school.  Mrs. Czech was fine with that.  Sue Rudolph is fine selling them during her spring March Art fundraiser.  Connie asked do we want to do another fundraiser.  We decided to table this until January 2013.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President

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