Meeting Notes – November 14, 2012

Treasurer’s Report – Wendy Cropsey handed out a sheet with the balance information.  Current Balance equals $10,152.89.  We have not had the teacher Request for Reimbursements come through yet. 

Committee Sign Up Sheets – Connie Wheeler stated we have a list of our fundraisers and committees and handed out the Sign-up Sheets again for the new people in attendance.

Staff and Technology Updates – Mrs. Czech was unable to attend.  Connie Wheeler stated they are looking into getting security cameras on the grounds, one camera in each of the halls and one camera in parking lots.  In addition, they are going to update the computers in the lower room down the hall (used by the lower grade children) from the Art room.  Some of the classroom computers will move down to this room and then the classroom would get a new computer. 

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals Update – Michelle Wagner did not attend.  Connie stated we think the meals went great.  Sue Mannebach sent out “Thank you” cards, on behalf of P.A.C. to the individuals that brought in a food item. 

AVON Update – Stephanie Piepenburg was not in attendance – Wendy Cropsey stated Avon Profit was $5,191.93.  Profit was up approximately $500 from last year.  We received 50% of the sales.  154 families participated, 6 staff members participated, 401 individual customer orders. We had earmarked the AVON money for Artist in Residence program.    If you have any feedback on AVON, please contact Connie Wheeler or Stephanie Piepenburg.

Staff Book Fair – Stephanie Piepenburg was not in attendance.  She coordinated the Staff Book Fair last year.  Connie stated that last year, we sent home a note to request children’s books donations, used books in good condition.  All the donations were placed into the staff lounge and the teachers could pick books for their classrooms.  The teachers loved it and the variety.  The dates will be announced soon.

Cookie Fundraiser – Michelle Gloudemans stated that we are at about $7200 in sales to date.  Please note, since this meeting, our sales totaled over $20,700!!!!  We will be receiving 40% of the sales.  Watch for more information re: prizes and distribution date.  Deadline to turn in orders is Thursday, November 15th.  PAC is sponsoring a pizza party to the classroom who sells the most cookie dough. 

Paper Recycling Update – Connie Wheeler stated we made almost $500.  She believed it was one pick up a day.  We make $100 a ton.  We do it 4 times a year and the next one is at the end of December.

Artist in Residence – Mrs. Touchet, Music teacher attended.   She stated that in our last meeting that we thought staying local for an artist was best.  She looked into the Madison Brass and has had them come years ago (over 20some years ago) and they did a great job.  The Brass Quintet comes and does workshops (1/2 hour, show instruments, play themes, age appropriate) in the morning and concert at 1:30 p.m. for about 45 minutes, in the afternoon for the whole school.  A whole day would be $1200 plus travel, about $1500 for the whole day.  She stated it’s a very well-known group and high quality.  She was also going to contact Jon Delaney to see if the other schools, Middle and High School, could utilize them.  She is looking at the dates in April for availability (11th and 17th of April).  She mentioned possibility of purchasing some instruments (bigger drums possibly).  Maybe start with this.   Since Michelle Wagner was not in attendance, Connie will also see if Michelle Wagner researched Lawrence and St. Norberts as an additional resource.  Michelle Gloudemans will follow up on Ron Arbouletta (sp?), Move to the Groove.  We would like to expand upon the Madison Brass idea.

Sock Hop – Connie Wheeler stated she wanted to get to the folder from last year’s events.  Erin Lenhardt and Heather Phillips will be assisting with the event.  The event will be Friday, March 1.  We used to charge $10 a family, but are going to use the profits from the Cookie Dough Fundraiser, so that there will be no charge for individuals to attend this event.  Families can bring canned goods as a donation.  We then donate canned goods to the Food Pantry.    Normally the DJ was $150.  We are hoping to purchase raffle prizes on sale and obtain donations.  Each raffle prize item will be approximately $5-$10.  The money collected from the raffle tickets goes to the Food Pantry.  Connie has 3 big rolls of bubble wrap for the multi-purpose room.  Bubble Wrap is usually placed on the floor of the multi-purpose room so that the younger kids can run and jump and play on it.

Brain Bowl – Connie Wheeler is coordinating and she talked to Mrs. Kurkiewicz re: and picked February 5th and 6th, first Tuesday and Wednesday of the month.  Mrs. Czech approved the dates.  Connie asked Mrs. Czech if there was anything the teachers have been requesting or what she thinks would be a good use of the funds raised.  Mrs. Czech stated the teachers have been bringing up needing bins for balls instead of bins in the hallways.  John Seegers is looking into something local that could make something and will get back to Connie.  They will need something durable and long lasting. 

Family Fun Night – Rosann Sky and Erin Lenhardt will be assisting in the planning.  There are about 20 people who volunteered to help with the assist.  The event is tentatively planned for April 5th.  We’ve done Bingo, YMCA, Comedy (last 2 years), and Badger Sports.  Maybe we find what went well and just rotate the ideas.  Erin will be e-mailing the individuals who volunteered. 

Teacher Wish Lists – We sent home a note this time to parents re: the Wish Lists and informing them about the Wish Lists.  It went over well.  P.A.C. had tables in the lobby area with the Teacher Wish Lists.  The dye cuts were available for parents to write down the ideas from the Teacher Wish Lists.  The Teacher Wish List Book is in the office, on the counter on the right hand side and viewable/accessible to parents. 

Teacher Requests – Nothing came in new beyond reimbursements.  Mrs. DeGroot’s Request came in.  She ordered the basketball item.

New Business –Michelle Graf mentioned she said all the bullying posters are not setting a good image.   Michelle would like to change it to focus on what to do and be proactive.  Michelle Graf wants to understand more about the program.  She would like it to say “compassion zone” and it can be demonstrated.  Michelle will talk to Karen Baumgartner re: the posters and the message.

Connie mentioned that U.S. Cellular did a campaign to call communities and offered to donate $1 million to schools during the fall.  A parent contacted her re: if we could participate in this U.S. Cellular campaign.  We missed it this year (September 14th – October 21st) and maybe we should think about it for next year.  Individuals had to vote for your school online through U.S. Cellular, get a voting card from the school prior to calling in.  This campaign was open to K-12 schools, private or public. Greenville was number 18 on the list last Connie heard.  U.S. Cellular was awarding prizes for the top 18 schools. 

Connie asked that all people come to the next meeting, the January 13 meeting.  Our group photo will be taken. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Wheeler, P.A.C. President, at 920-788-5961.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President

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We do not meet in December.  Our January meeting is set for Thursday, January 3, Room 22 (Art room), 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.  The PAC photo for the Memory Book will be taken.  Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society. Please come join us!

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