Meeting Notes – January 3, 2013

Treasurer’s Report – Wendy Cropsey stated the balance is about $19,000. The balance is very good due to the Cookie Dough Fundraiser.

Staff and Technology Updates – Mrs. Czech stated we were getting cameras installed throughout the school. They will be coming any day as part of our security system. The school and district are splitting the bill. The cameras will be placed strategically throughout the corridors. Our computer lab downstairs has been re-done with computers that were older from other classrooms. There will be 28 computers in the lab. They will be used for new state testing next year.

Artist in Residence – Mrs. Touche has booked April 17th with the Madison Brass Quintet with them doing short ½ hour workshops making it grade appropriate. In the afternoon, we will have two concerts, pre-k through 2nd for one concert and a 3rd-5th grade concert. We talked about having the middle school/high school to have them the next day but they did not have the funds. Mrs. Czech approved though having the band students from the Middle school come in to attend the concerts. Mrs. Touche stated the contract will be coming. There is nothing signed yet, but she had to get something started to get a date penciled in. It will be around $1500 for the whole day. The multipurpose room will be used for the workshops, doing mini sessions and how the instruments work. We’ll plan on videotaping the concert. Michelle Wagner was looking into Max Day from the WI Conservatory of Music re: the Artist in Residence. We’ll wait to hear from her re: the type of music program. Michelle Gloudemans is looking into the Ron Arbouletta (sp?), Move to the Groove.

Brain Bowl – The dates are set for Monday, February 4th, Tuesday, February 5th and Wednesday, the 6th. Tuesday will be the main day and Wednesday will be for anyone absent on Tuesday. Monday/Wednesday Pre-K will be tested on Monday since they have a field trip on Wednesday. We had an awesome turn out last year. Age appropriate questions are asked to the students. Students obtain pledges or donate a flat fee. There was talk re: maybe testing everyone in each classroom, pre-k through 2nd grade. We would have a volunteer in the classroom, a 10 minute session, and ask the questions to all the students. All taking it at one time, whoever involved in it, would handle the pledges. Last year Brain Bowl brought in just about $8,000. Last year we donated Leprechaun book markers ($122 last year). It was an incentive for the students to bring in the money after the questions were asked/scored. We decided we will expand for Grades 3rd through 5th. We will do a multiple choice questionnaire for Grades 2nd-5th, pre-k through 1st will continue to be asked questions one on one. One volunteer will ask the questions to the classroom as a whole, in grades 2nd through 5th. Probably about the same amount of volunteers would be needed. We will do rewards/incentives for all students, regardless if they participate with the fundraiser portion.

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals – February 20th is the parent-teacher conference day where just one meal will be provided for the teachers. Michelle Wagner will again be coordinating and sending out e-mails requesting meal donations/preparations.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Michelle Gloudemans stated that we had almost $21,000 in sales with 50% profit. There were over 220 students participated. The Entertainment Company also provided us with additional prizes for the students, above what was initially discussed. We will plan to participate in another Cookie Dough Fundraiser next November. We will also look into the possibility of future online ordering/delivery.

Staff Book Fair – A thought was to do the Teacher/Staff Book Fair during the parent/teacher conferences. In the past, PAC allocated $200 to Stephanie Piepenburg to purchase books and also allow parents to donate. We had a huge response from parents last year and the thought was to have it offered again during the time when Parents are here, such as during the Parent/Teacher Conferences. Due to the positive response last year, we do not anticipate a need for PAC to donate money again for books at this time.

School Sock Hop Dance – Erin Lenhardt stated that the event will be on March 1st. Sandra Crase will also be assisting with coordinating the event. The Sock Hop was usually in February in years past, but Erin was told the only time you could reserve the gym would be in March. The DJ is booked. She has the “Helping Hands” list and will call/email those that signed up willing to help. In the past, there were ½ hour parent volunteer shifts needed for the raffle tables, concessions as well as hall monitoring. They will need a cash box too for the concessions. This year we will not be charging admission for individuals. Wendy Cropsey will have a check ready for the DJ and will bring it that night. Connie Wheeler will get the raffle tickets ready.

Family Fun Night – Rosann Sky will be coordinating the event for March/April timeframe. Connie Wheeler stated we discussed about having a list of a few events for the Fun Night and then rotate the events through the years. Roseann stated some ideas she had were a Family Fitness Event (Zumba, healthy recipes prepared), Hawaiian luau night, limbo, beach balls and a picnic night (on gym floor). We decided we can’t do much with food safety requirements since the food items would have to be already packaged. Erin Lenhardt already reserved the date of April 5th, which is the first Friday in April.

Back to School Kits – We have ordered kits in the past through School Pak and were handed out during the Open House. The Supply Kits had labels in and everything they needed for supplies. Parents could also decide to pay for shipping and have it shipped to their house. It was convenient but not an overall success. We made $34.54 only last year, from the 9 to11 families that purchased. We decided that the small profit wasn’t worth the effort required. The labels were included in the Kit, but then you had to take the supplies home and put the labels on each item. PAC agreed to discontinue the Kits, unless we hear strong feedback requesting to offer again.

Paper Recycling Drive – We had the Recycling Drive for 2 weeks due to how the dates fell. We filled 5½ dumpsters this week. The Freedom Pursuit had our advertisement in, primarily due to individuals outside of the school wanting to know about the Recycling Drive. We will also have the Drive 4 times next year including the advertising. Our next Recycling Drive will be towards the end of March with the thought that maybe we will have the dumpsters for 1.5 weeks (18th through 27th). Our last Paper Recycling Drive for this school year will be the last 2 couple weeks of school and we’ll see if we can have the dumpster again for 2 weeks (May 24th through June 7th).

Teacher Wish Lists – We haven’t received all of the requests for Reimbursements from the teachers. The final request for reimbursement date is March 31st.

New Business – Connie Wheeler stated that with the Brain Bowl money, we discussed weather resistant Bins for recesses. Teachers wanted bins for all the balls/jump ropes, one for each playground. Now there are totes outside each of the teacher’s rooms and it does not look as nice. Teachers also say it’s an interruption too at times. Mrs. Fox, 2nd grade teacher, was finding out re: someone local to build the bins, replicate the bins found previously.
It has been asked if PAC could purchase some additional die cuts for the machine (in the paper room) for the teachers. We have an outdated catalog and Wendy Cropsey will look into getting an updated catalog and discuss with the company re: sharpening the blades. If we go with this idea, we will ask staff for some ideas. The die cuts range in price from $25-$90 each.
Judy Krzyzak is looking into getting name plates for the murals. She is checking into pricing for the “Sponsored by PAC” and the year.
Casey Van Groll asked about possibly doing a winter rummage sale. We will discuss further.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Wheeler, P.A.C. President, at 920-788-5961.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President
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