Meeting Notes – March 5, 2013

PAC Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Treasurer’s Report: Brain Bowl and Paper Recycling deposits were made. Some teacher reimbursements were paid as well as payment for DJ service for the Sock Hop. Current account balance is $26, 292.48. Payments will be made for Artist in Residence, remaining teacher reimbursements, Guided Reading donation, purchase of new Ellison Dye cut machine and font sets, district nurse request, playground bins, and funding for Family Fun Night.

Artist in Residence: Madison Brass has sent their contract. The payment will be coming from the school’s account and PAC will be reimbursing the elementary school. Motion made and passed to additionally purchase lunch for the 5 person group at Rico’s Restaurant. PAC member will be available to help/assist with the video of the event. Parent helpers may be needed for this event. Volunteers may contact Mrs. Touche if interested. Freedom Pursuit will be contacted and invited to take pictures.
Music teachers submitted proposals for musical instruments.

Sock Hop: Sock Hop was well attended and an overall success. Concessions money totaled $207.50. Invoice from Food Service yet to come. With additional food/water left over from Sock Hop, it was decided to use these supplies for the Family Fun Night in April. Many boxes of food were collected and donated to the Freedom Food Pantry in addition to $163.00. Bubble wrap continues to be very enjoyable for students to utilize during the Sock Hop. Committee Chair submitted checklists/notes from the event to be returned to the PAC files for future events.

Guided Reading: Background information about the Guided Reading Program was shared. As changes occur in student assessments by the state and transition to the Common Core State Standards adopted by the state of Wisconsin, the needs of the Guided Reading Program are also changing. Additional book titles-focused on the new Common Core State Standards are needed. Additional material may need to be more non-fiction based, as this is an increasing component to the Common Core State Standards. Motion made and approved for PAC to donate $5,000.00 to the Guided Reading Program.

YMCA Nature Classes: Nature classes sponsored by the YMCA will continue at Freedom Elementary, however funding will not be donated by PAC at this time.

Staff/Technology Updates: Computer lab updates are complete. Staff computers updated as needed. Video surveillance system installation completed.

Brain Bowl: About $8,700.00 was raised this year through Brain Bowl. Thank you to all the families for your support. The funds raised will be used to purchase outdoor storage for playground equipment. Plans are still being researched as to which choice would be best for Freedom Elementary. (Moveable bins vs. permanent shed-type structure) Any plans will need approval from Freedom School District Buildings & Grounds as well as Freedom Fire Department.

Staff Book Fair: Sock Hop event did not bring in many donated books for the Staff Book Fair. Committee Chair will send out a notice to families about donating books. A box will be placed in the lobby area near the office for them to be placed in.

Paper Recycling: The next PAC Paper Recycling Drive is scheduled for March 15-29.

Family Fun Night: PAC is sponsoring its second FREE family event-the PAC Family Fun Night on Friday, April 5. BINGO games will be played in the cafeteria for fun prizes. Donations of new items for prizes are being accepted for this event. Concessions will also be available for purchase.

Summer School Reading Program: PAC will not be sponsoring the Summer School Reading Program with a donation as this program is outside of the normal school year calendar.

Teacher Requests: None at this time.

Rummage Sale Fundraiser: Due to the fantastic results from fundraising efforts this year, a rummage sale fundraiser is not needed at this time. This option may be looked at again in the future.

Ellison Dye Cuts: Motion made and passed to order a new Ellison Dye Cut machine with a new upper/lower case font set as well as a numbers set.

Funding Request: Ms. Eileen Wuellner RN, district nurse, requested that PAC fund half of the cost for her to attend the State Conference for School Nurses. Motion made and approved to fund Ms. Wuellner $155.00. (Half of the total $310)

PAC Officer Positions: All three PAC officer positions (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) will be ending their two-year volunteer terms in May. Any Freedom Elementary School Parent may volunteer for these positions. Please attend the May meeting if interested. Current officers may be contacted at any time for information about these positions. Current officers will also aid new officers in transitioning to the new positions and be available for support if needed.

PAC May Meeting: This meeting will be changing from May 2 to May 7. Please make note of this change.

Notes taken by Wendy Cropsey

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