Meeting Notes – April 3, 2013

Treasurer’s Report: The current balance is $20,296.76. There are 12 Teacher Reimbursement requests to complete, so $1200 will be paid out. There was a deposit of Brain Bowl made for around $900.

Staff and Technology Updates: There is nothing new to report. Connie will talk with John Seegers to see if there are any boardwalk repairs that need to be done before the YMCA classes (end of April) that will be held in the Nature Center.

Artist in Residence Update: Mrs. Touchet, Music Teacher, stated that volunteers will be needed for video taping and photos and for assisting with the classes switching out between workshops and concerts. She stated maybe 2 volunteers would be needed ideally. Connie Wheeler, Michelle Gloudemans, and Roseann Sky will plan to volunteer for April 17th. Mrs. Touchet will follow up next week with Madison Brass re: confirmation. She will discuss at Staff Meeting on Monday re: the schedule, behavioral expectations / do’s and don’ts. She will discuss with John Seegers re: microphone, stands for the students. Older kids will be coming to the 2nd concert of the day. Mrs. Touchet ordered stickers for the students to wear that day. She will do a Welcome Sign for them. Connie is working with The Freedom Pursuit to come that day. P.A.C. received Mrs. Seibert, Mrs. DeGroot and Mrs. Touchet’s request for instruments. As approved in our last meeting, $1500 will be given to Mrs. Touchet and Mrs. Seibert to use to purchase instruments for our students. In addition, P.A.C. will give up to $500 for Mrs. DeGroot to purchase instruments for her Enrichment classes. The music teachers have not purchased any instruments in many, many years. The teachers will order, bill to the school with the tax exempt status and for warranty reasons and then P.A.C. will reimburse the school. This is a wonderful benefit and program for all of us!

Family Fun Night Update: Roseann Sky is coordinating (with assistance from Erin Lenhardt) the Bingo Family Fun Night event for Friday, 6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. We will be doing popcorn and limited concessions. Roseann submitted receipts for prize expenses. She will get change/quarters for concessions. A half sheet reminder was sent home. They will need to ensure the tables are wiped down at the end of the night. Karen Baumgartner will check with Judy re: location for the cash box to be stored at the end of the night.

Secretary/Administrative Assistant Day: April 24th is the Secretary/Administrative Assistant Day. P.A.C. has paid for each secretary in the past. They are purchased from Dawn’s Floral. Michelle Gloudemans will take care of ordering for the 2 Judy’s, $25 each.

Spring Student Appreciation: Regular size popsicles were purchased at the end of last season and enough for our students this year. We will not be doing the Student Appreciation event in coordination with the Walk like last year. Kim Schuller will sort by class/teacher and the teacher can come and retrieve during the day, along with a note sent home to the parents. A date is to be set.

Staff Appreciation Week: This will take place the week of May 7. There are 3 days during the Staff Appreciation Week where P.A.C. will have meals available for the teachers/staff. An email will be sent out to ask for volunteers.

Fifth Grade Celebration: The date is still pending and will be discussed at the May meeting.

Last Day of School Recognition/Retirees: P.A.C. is not aware of any retirees, nor do any of the teachers/staff in attendance at our meeting tonight. We usually recognize a group from school to appreciate them for their hard work. There has been a list made of past years recognition and will be discussed at the May meeting. We provide $10 gift certificates for Sweet Tooth and/or Subway to the individuals.

Paper Recycling Update for March: Connie Wheeler stated we had 3 loads over the 2 week period. The total amount raised will be available at the May meeting.

Teacher Requests that have come in to approve: Connie Wheeler stated we received a letter from the 4th grade team. They are requesting money for Plastic Book Holders (due to new reading initiatives) and can be used year after year, unless lost or damaged. There will be (5) 4th grade classes next year, $120 per room, 30 boxes per room. P.A.C. is wondering though if other classes/grades will want these if we purchase this for the 4th grade and ultimately end up costing P.A.C. significant dollars. Connie will talk with the 4th grade teacher(s) and get more information.

We had a request come in for an external hard drive. P.A.C. does not feel it is a request for our group since it is an electronic item and P.A.C. can not fund money for electronic items.
New Business: Connie Wheeler received a letter for the Freedom Elementary P.A.C. was nominated for a Moment of Merit at the School Board meeting for the $5000 donation for the Guided Reading program for the 2013/2014 school year. The award will be brought to the May meeting.
The Freedom Fire Department came to check out the area for the shed for playground equipment, using the Brain Bowl money for that purchase. We discussed with the Fire Department that the shed needs to be 10 feet off black top, and the only concern was that it was not near the building. After much discussion, P.A.C. recommends that the teachers discuss further before we proceed and get involved with this request. Connie will discuss with Margo Fox, as the staff representative.

Update on Ellison Cutting System, We decided to order an alphabet set and a machine that will be billed to the school and under the School name to get tax exempt status and for warranty reasons. P.A.C. will then write a check to the school. We also discussed on having a committee of teachers to take over on what they are looking to have as die cuts.

A discussion was brought up about P.A.C. not supporting the Summer School Reading program which was discussed at the March meeting. P.A.C. was informed on some info that we weren’t aware of, benefits the entire community (St. Nicks and home schooled and students not in summer school). P.A.C. discussed potentially donating $250-$300 for this program.

Meeting notes recorded by Michelle Gloudemans, P.A.C. Vice President

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Wheeler, P.A.C. President, at 920-788-5961.
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Our May meeting is set for Tuesday, May 7th, Room 22 (Art room), 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society. Please come join us! We will have a gathering at the Field House following the meeting.

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