Meeting Notes – May 7, 2013

PAC Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Treasurer’s Report: Current account balance is $16,695.78. Payments will be made for musical instruments of $3,500.00 and the remaining teacher reimbursements.

Teacher Reimbursement: The district cut the teacher’s budget by 10%, meaning they have to turn in 10% less as their request of needs. We will need to vote on the amount PAC will give each teacher in the September meeting. Some of the teacher reimbursement forms came into PAC after the deadline so next year we will send them a reminder note at the end of the 1st semester.

Committee Sign up Sheet: The packet was passed around during the meeting and will be passed around at the fall meetings as well. If you are interested in organizing an event for PAC, please contact either Connie Wheeler or Amy Lahay.

Staff and Technology Update: Two of the computer labs were used for STAR enterprise testing. There will be more testing done in the fall 2013.

Artist in Residence: Mrs. Touchet received all good comments regarding the Madison Brass Quintet. Everyone stayed on schedule and the kids sat very well. There will be a video made of the afternoon concerts to show the Pre-K classes.

Book Bins for classrooms: Mrs. Anderson came to speak on behalf of the staff on the book bins they will need for next school year. Plastic would hold up better and longer verses the cardboard ones. It was talked about and voted / approved to spend $3000 or less for the book bins for all grades that need them.

Playground Shed: After much discussion, it has been decided to not build a shed because it will be too much maintenance to keep things organized and more time spent on getting things in and out of the shed by the students. This will be brought back to the staff to discuss for different ideas.

Nature Center: The past few years there have been volunteers to weed and keep the Butterfly Garden looking nice. The Butterfly Garden doesn’t have any flowers that are blooming during the school year and it doesn’t seem to be utilized by classrooms. It was discussed and voted on to let the garden go natural for now.

Student Appreciation: Freezer Pops were handed out to the students on May 1 but some were not frozen yet so some classes had to wait a few days. Note for next year to put them in freezer a week before to ensure they are frozen all the way.

Staff Appreciation Week: A new website for volunteers to sign up on was tried and it worked great. Thank you to the staff for all their hard work and time they put in to our children.

Fifth Grade Celebration: The committee will get together and organize the event which is on June 4 at 1:15 pm in the school cafeteria. PAC will be purchasing a cake, plates, napkins, forks, water and ice along with gifts for the fifth grade teachers.

Last Day of School Recognitions/Retirees: There are no retirees for this year. The awards ceremony will be on June 5 at 8:30 am in the gym. PAC will recognize the office support staff and the custodians with a gift card to Sweet Tooth.

Paper Recycling: The amount raised from the March paper drive was $491.00. The next PAC Paper Recycling Drive is scheduled for May 28 – June 10. Watch for the signs!

PAC Fall Meeting: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 6:00 pm in the Art Room! PAC will schedule the rest of the meeting dates at the September meeting.

Fall Open House: This is set for August 29, 2013. PAC will have a table set up in the cafeteria with a raffle and information on what PAC has done this past year. Please take the time to stop by!

Helping Hands Lists: Michelle Gloudemans will get this list assembled within 2 weeks of school starting so we have it for our first PAC event.

Teacher Requests: A request came in from Mrs. Touchet for 16 dry erase boards for her classes. She has some but not enough for all her students. She also will need dry erase markers. The total costs will be around $159.00. This was approved. The First Grade teachers requested desktop pocket charts for lessons in small reading groups. The total costs will be around $330.00. This was approved.

Lists of Revenues/Expenses: At the end of last school year there was a notification sent home to parents listing all the revenues and expenses that PAC had for that school year. We didn’t hear any feedback so we decided to not do it for this year.

PAC Officer Positions: All three PAC officer positions (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) will be ending their two-year volunteer terms in May. Amy Lahay was nominated for President and she accepted the position. Connie Wheeler was nominated for Treasurer and she accepted the position. Michelle Wagner was nominated for Vice President and she is thinking about doing Co-VP with Michelle Gloudemans. The new terms take effect with the new school year in the fall.

Notes taken by Michelle Gloudemans, Vice President

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