Agenda for PAC September 2013 Meeting, Update

Meeting Agenda for WEDNESDAY, September 11, 2013 ~ 6:00 ~ Art Room

•Welcome Back and Introductions

•Vice President for PAC. Spot Open. Two year term, but we are flexible! Basically you would take notes during meeting and are involved in any discussions/decisions that have to be dealt with outside of meetings due to deadlines. It does not mean you have to move to President spot in two years. Easy! Fun! Volunteer! Get to know people and staff! Hang with me! ha ha.

•Treasurer’s Report

•Any news from Mrs. Czech?

•Committee Sign Up Sheets for 2013-2014 – (pass around during meeting)

•PAC Meeting Dates for 2013-2014 school year – Vote on changing to 1st Monday each month or keeping the same schedule (rotating nights Monday-Thursday).

•Teacher $ Gifts, Retirees and New Teachers

•Paper Recycling- September dates?

•Fall Student Appreciation – Set date for October.

•AVON fundraiser in October- New Chairperson, Erin Lenhardt! Thank you! Dates set?

•Cookie Dough Fundraiser- Does same company still run this? Good to go? Dates set? November?

•October Staff Meeting – PAC will serve Ice Cream and explain PAC & requests

•Parent/Teacher Conference meals for November 6 & 7

•Helping Hands list- who can assemble list?

•Teacher Requests that have come in to approve

•New Business

Free babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting.
If you have questions or comments, please call Amy Lahay at 687-1736.
Next meeting date: to be determined.

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