PAC Meeting Notes, September 2013

PAC Meeting, Wednesday, September 11, 2013 – 6:00 p.m.

Welcome Back and Voting in of New PAC Vice President.   A motion was made and approved to elect Carolee Baumgart to the role of Vice President for a two-year term.  Amy Lahay is our President, Connie Wheeler, Treasurer.

Treasure Report: Current balance: $11,877.45, however $5713.50 is set aside to improve the boardwalk from our Paper Recycling fundraiser.  We need to remember to budget for the “teacher gifts” (see below).

Committee Sign-Up Sheets : Sign-up sheets for the committees for the 2013-2014 school year were passed around.  We are still looking for a chairperson for Teacher Wish List, Student Appreciation Day in May, Sock Hop, Family Fun Night, and the 5th Grade Celebration.  Contact Amy Lahay if interested.

PAC meeting dates:  A motion was made and approved to have the P.A.C meetings on the first Monday of every month starting at 6:00.

Teacher Gifts/Retirees/New Teachers:  Motions were made and approved to provide the following gifts:

-Each teacher will receive a $100 reimbursement for educational supplies.

-There are four new teachers and one teacher that made a grade jump.  PAC is going to provide an additional $100 to those teachers to help with educational supplies for their classrooms.

– In honor of Mrs. Pendleton’s retirement, PAC will send her a card and $50 gift card.

-Mrs. Braunschweig left FES because her husband’s job relocated them to Texas.  Mrs. B was a very strong supporter of PAC and to thank her for her years of such support, PAC will send her a $50 gift card.  Thank you Mrs. B!  We will miss you!

Paper Recycling:  The first paper recycling date of this school year is set for September 16-30.  The funds made from this will be set aside for the nature center.

Fall Student Appreciation:  The fall appreciation date is scheduled for Wednesday, October 2, 2013.  Erin Lenhardt volunteered to coordinate the purchase of the healthy snack for this date.

AVON Fundraiser:   This fundraiser is scheduled for September 27-October 11 and Erin Lenhardt is coordinating.   Delivery of the products ordered will be ready for pick up during parent/teacher conferences on November 6 and 7.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser:  Michelle Gloudemans will be coordinating this fundraiser.  The group discussed special promotions the company offers to help with sales.  The date of December 12 was chosen for the delivery of the cookies.  Michelle will talk with the cookie reps and plan the sale dates.

October Staff Meeting:  The PAC officers will go to the October Staff Meeting, serve ice cream and present the $100 teacher gifts.

Parent/Teacher Conference meals:   PAC will be providing meals for the teachers during P/T conferences on Nov 6 and 7.  Michelle Wagner will be emailing parents from the Helping Hands list to coordinate the meals.

Helping Hands  List:  Michelle Gloudemans will compile the list.  To encourage more parents to sign up, a suggestion was made for next year to provide an incentive to the classroom that has the most families sign up.  We are thankful for a great number of responses already, we are not sure this is necessary.

Teacher Requests:  Mrs. Froehlich and Mrs. Seiler, along with Mrs. Rudolph-Ness requested PAC to purchase a Cricut Expression along with cartridges and paper (instead of upgrading the schools current Ellison Cutting System as we discussed late last year).  After discussion, a motion was made and approved to allow such purchase not to exceed $300.

New Business:  Connie Wheeler proposed utilizing the free book offer being sponsored by Kellogg’s.  Connie will look into this further and may coordinate obtaining the codes and ordering the free books.

Dates:  Dates were set early this year – the Sock Hop is scheduled for February 7 and Family Fun Night is April 4.

Meeting notes recorded by Carolee Baumgart, P.A.C. Vice President

P.A.C. Website:  Please go to and enter your email address in the subscribe field and you will receive postings from our blog including meeting agendas and notes.

Facebook:  “Like” us on Facebook at Freedom Elementary P.A.C. (Parents Activity Committee)

October meeting:  Monday, October 7, Room 22 (Art Room – in lower level), 6:00 p.m.

Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society.  Please join us!

If you have questions or concerns, contact PAC President, Amy Lahay at 687-1736 or email her at

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