PAC Meeting Notes, Monday, February 3, 2014

P.A.C. Meeting Notes, Monday, February 3, 2014

6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

  • Treasurer’s Report — The current balance of P.A.C. funds is $24,950 (of which $6,817 is reserved for nature center).  This balance is before the subtraction of Sock Hop expenses.  A total of $21,014.90 was collected for the Cookie Dough Fundraiser, of which PAC receives: $10,699.90.  Other money going out was six teachers claiming their $100 gift.
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser — This was a very successful fundraiser!  Sixty-six kids sold 10 or more boxes and were able to go into the “Prize Machine” (similar to the one they have at Chuck E. Cheese).  Tickets inside the prize machine flew around the students grabbed what they could in an allotted time.  The tickets coincided with prizes or dollar bills.  This was extremely exciting for them!  We are also providing pizza parties to the top 3 selling classes.  The winners are:  Mrs. Bichler (2nd grade), Mrs. Rennes (Pre-K, Tues/Thurs), Ms. Wall (Pre-K, Tues/Thurs).  
  • Paper Recycling Update — We collected four dumpsters in December which made $638 for the Nature Center.  The next paper recycling event will be in March.
  • School Sock Hop Dance — Cindy Taft, Chairperson, organized this event as an entirely free event for the children.  Each child will receive three raffle tickets for various prizes.  Each child will also receive one free popcorn, cotton candy and bottled water.  Their hands will be marked so the volunteers know what they received.  We will have donation buckets out to collect money for the food pantry.  We will still have the “Bubble Wrap Dance” area for the younger students.
  • Brain Bowl — Everything is organized and ready to go for this event.  Participation is slightly down from prior years.
  • February Parent/Teacher Conference meal — Michelle Wagner is coordinating the meal and will send out an email to volunteers from the Helping Hands List to obtain food donations.
  • Staff Book Fair — We have done this the past few years and it has been successful.  Gently used or new books are donated by parents and teachers are able to use them in their classrooms.  Sue Mannebach is the chairperson leading this effort.
  • Artist in Residence — Mrs. Rudolph-Ness found a few options for this year’s artist in residence program and narrowed down the choice to a papier-mâché artist.  A motion was made by Amy Lahay and passed by the group to approve this artist.  Each student will make a papier-mâché fish.  The cost is $8 per child, with approximately 550 children for a total of $4,400.  This fee includes travel, appearance and supplies.  The artist will be at FES for two weeks beginning at the end of April.  Sue Mannebach and Jessica VandenHeuvel will co-chair this event. We discussed possibly doing a welcome basket for the artist, inviting the Freedom Pursuit to cover the event and putting together a photo book of this event as we have done in previous years.  The co-chairs will make those decisions on this event.
  • Family Fun Night — A discussion was held about past events and ideas for this year’s event.  Amy Lahay is going to check into whether or not the movie license the middle school obtained is for the district or just the middle school. (Update: It is only for the middle school.)  Wendy Cropsey, chairperson, is checking into a family night at the Heart of the Valley YMCA which would include free gymnastics, basketball, and use of the pool.
  • Teacher Wish List–PAC set up a table during the lobby at the P/T conferences in November.  Sharon Lillge said everything went well though noted that some teachers did not fill out a sheet and parents were asking where their teacher’s list was.
  • Miscellaneous Updates —

Heather Phillip was looking into Little Tykes/more durable toys for the small playground sandbox.  A recommendation was made to ask teachers and aids what kids would play with. Amy Lahay will email the kindergarten teachers for ideas.

Playground equipment — Connie Wheeler was looking into some type of stepping stool to use next to a piece of equipment on the 1st/2nd grade playground.  Connie is in discussions with Maggie at the district office about this.  Other ideas were proposed such as using a tire filled with woodchips.  Connie will continue looking into options.

Kellogg’s Free book Offer — Connie Wheeler is heading this initiative and has not received very many and currently has 13 to redeem.  Connie will place another note in the newsletter to hopefully increase participation as this promotion winds down.

Santa Shop – PAC is considering hosting a “Santa Shop” for the students next year.  Amy Lahay attended the Santa Shop the Seymour School District held. They hired a company that ships all the gifts (ranging from $.25 to $15).  Volunteers set up the merchandise and children show up with an envelope labeled with the amount of money they have and who to shop for.  The volunteers then help the children shop and wrap their presents.  This would not be a fundraiser but another way for PAC to provide a fun service to the students. PAC will discuss again when scheduling next year’s events.


Meeting notes recorded by Carolee Baumgart, PAC Vice President

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March meeting:  March 3, 2014, Room 22 (Art Room – in lower level), 6:00 p.m. Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society. Please join us!

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2 responses to “PAC Meeting Notes, Monday, February 3, 2014

  1. Hi Amy,

    I have a few ideas to share with the group but cannot attend the meetings due to I have school on Mondays till April.

    First idea – St. Nicholas has room coordinators for each class room. A parent from each class takes on the task of collecting money and buying the gifts for the teachers for the whole year instead of just a few odd and end gifts. We buy Christmas, birthday, teacher appreciation and end of year gift. The other parents of the class can either contribute or not contribute. I was the parent coordinator for my child at St. nicks 3K class this year and each parent contributed about 10-40 dollars. This gave me about 500.00 dollars to spend on the teacher for gifts granted there are 3 teachers in mason’s class so I split it up between them I got each teacher gift cards to their favorite stores and was able to buy them almost all the things on their wish list.

    Second idea – reading rewards club I saw this at St. peters they have a cabinet that is in the hall where all the kids can see it. It has items that have been donated to the school by parents, grandparents, etc. like toys hot wheel cars some bigger toys, bouncy balls there was lots of stuff in there. Each item had points on it. They said that the kids need to go to the library and they can check out all kinds of books that have points on each book and they basically read the book and then depending on the age, either tell the librarian about the book they read or right on a piece of paper what the book was about.

    You can do what you want with my ideas but I will not be able to come to the meetings till April.


    Casey Van Groll

    • Thanks for the ideas Casey! I will pass them on at the next meeting. Hope to see you at the April meeting. Amy

      On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 3:15 PM, Freedom Elementary Parent Activity Committee wrote:


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