P.A.C. Meeting Notes, Monday, April 7, 2014

P.A.C. Meeting Notes, Monday, April 7, 2014, 6:00 p.m. ~ Library

Treasurer’s Report — Connie Wheeler reported the current balance of the P.A.C. funds is $19,727. Some of this money is set aside to pay for funds for this year’s Family Fun Night, improvements to the board walk and reimbursement to teachers for their gift of $100 for this school year.

News from Mrs. Czech–P.A.C. proposed two new water fountains that are conducive to filling water bottles. Some updating will need to be done to the current water fountain locations to put these in. Mrs. Czech approved this purchase and hopes to have more of this type of water fountain installed in the future.

Family Fun Night –Wendy Cropsey, Chairperson, organized this year’s event as a carnival night. Numerous games, clowns, face painting and crafts were part of this night. A great big thank you to Wendy, the individuals from Freedom High School National Honor Society, a volunteer group of 7th graders and all volunteers that helped make this free event a success for the children!

A donation of prizes was dropped off by a local business. Unfortunately we do not know who the donor was. P.A.C. is very thankful for the generosity of this donation. If anyone knows who dropped it off, let us know.

Donations of $127 were collected during Family Fun Night to be given to the food pantry.

Staff Book Fair–Sue Mannebach was the Chairperson for this event. Gently used books were collected and provided to any of the teachers that wanted them for use in their classrooms. Thanks for your donations.

Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day –P.A.C. will honor Judy and Judy in the office. Michele Graf volunteered to take care of this. We will spend $25 on each of them.

Staff Appreciation Week –Michelle Wagner is coordinating desserts and other snacks and will send out an email to volunteers from the Helping Hands List to obtain food donations for the week of May 5-9.

Artist in Residence–A papier-mâché artist will be at FES May 5-16. Please save your newspaper (news print only, nothing shiny or coupons). Children can bring the newspaper to the art room at any time.

Spring Student Appreciation–Erin Lenhart is the Chairperson organizing a date for student appreciation. We are planning on popsicles.

Fifth Grade Celebration – Carolee Baumgart is the Chairperson organizing this event. The date is set for the afternoon of Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

Teacher Requests — No new requests at this time.

New Business/Updates –P.A.C. looked into purchasing a first aid kit to have on hand during the Sock Hop and Family Fun Night. The kit cost is $25. Amy Lahay made a motion and all approved for the purchase of the kit.

Dates are scheduled for next year’s events: the Sock Hop will be on Friday, February 6, 2015 and Family Fun Night will be on Friday, April 10, 2015.

P.A.C. has had a cookie dough fundraiser the past two years which has been our most successful fundraiser. A motion was made by Amy Lahay and all approved to have this fundraiser again next school year.

Heather Phillip purchased $196 of durable toys for the small playground sandbox. Thank you to Heather for all her work in researching and purchasing the new toys! The teachers seem very appreciative.

Amy Lahay provided a brief summary of the potential Santa Shop PAC is considering hosting next year around the holidays. Volunteers set up the merchandise and children show up with an envelope labeled with the amount of money they have and who to shop for.  The volunteers then help the children shop and wrap their presents.  This would not be a fundraiser but another way for PAC to provide a fun service to the students. If you are interested in being the Chairperson for this event please contact Amy Lahay.

Mr. Kevin Kilstofte provided an informative presentation about changes in the elementary school’s curriculum and schedule next year. You can view his presentation on the district website, under PAC (Elementary School Page). Discussion followed and questions were answered. If you have any questions about the changes, please contact Mr. Kilstofte directly.

Meeting notes recorded by Carolee Baumgart, P.A.C. Vice President

P.A.C. Website: Please go to www.freedompac.org and enter your email address in the subscribe field and you will receive postings on the website including the meeting agendas and notes.

Facebook: “Like” us on Facebook at Freedom Elementary PAC (Parents Activity Committee)

May meeting:  May 5, 2014, Room 22 (Art Room – in lower level), 6:00 p.m. Since it is our last meeting, please join us after at Buzz’s Bowl. Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society. Please join us!

If you have questions or concerns, contact Amy Lahay at 687-1736 or email at lahay5@wildblue.net.

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