PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, October 6, 2014

  • Committee Sign-Up. We are still in need of a Chairperson for Artist in Residence and Staff Book Fair.
  • Treasurer’s Report. The current balance is $14,363.09, however, we still need to take out the amount for the improved board walk (approx. $6,000), $3,000 for gymnasium lights, and the water bottles for student appreciation day (approx. $660). Balance available is approximately $4700. We also have to budget in the $100 teacher gifts that were given out today at the staff meeting. If every teacher uses their gift, it will amount to $5600. Therefore, we are hoping for successful fundraisers again this year!
  • News from Mrs. Lipsey. The new lunch/recess schedule is improving and still a work in progress.
  • October Staff Meeting. At the teacher October staff meeting, P.A.C. provided ice cream sundaes and presented teachers with their $100 gift for educational items for their classrooms. Six teachers received $200. Four new teachers and two teachers changed grade levels.
  • Paper Recycling Drive. The paper recycling drive was September 22 through October 6. Three full dumpsters were collected.
  • Nature Center. Michelle Graf is looking into options/cost for rubber playground matting. Meghan Grembon is looking into options/costs for a pavilion over the outdoor classroom.
  • Outdoor playground sheds. The teachers are hoping for 2 outdoor sheds to store playground equipment/balls instead of storing them in the classrooms. Mr. Rupiper, High School shop teacher, drew up plans and quoted $500 for each shed. John Seegers, head custodian, and Mrs. Fox, contact teacher for this project, approved plans. P.A.C. voted and approved $1,000 for two sheds that the high school shop class will build for us. We still have to make sure the Buildings and Grounds Committee approve this. Mrs. Lipsey will look into this for us.
  • Fall Student Appreciation. P.A.C. provided each student with a water bottle for Fall Student Appreciation. It was a huge hit with the children! The left over bottles are being kept for future PAC events and some for incoming new students.
  • AVON. This fundraiser ran from September 26- October 10. We are set for volunteers for this. Pick up will be in the library at Parent/Teacher Conferences in November.
  • Parent/Teacher Conference meals. P.A.C. will provide a meal for the teachers during the P/T conferences on November 5 and 6. Michelle Wagner will send out an email to the volunteers who signed up to provide donations.
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser. Michelle Gloudemans has tentative dates set for the cookie dough fundraiser, starting on Nov. 3 and ending on Nov. 14, with delivery on Dec. 11.
  • Holiday Gift Shop. PAC decided to hold a Holiday Shop for the students to purchase gifts for family/friends. This will not be a fundraiser. The holiday gift shop will run after school on December 5 from 3-6, and Saturday, December 6 from 9:00 to noon. However, we are still having issues with scheduling a room for the Holiday Shop where we will have enough time to set up prior to the store opening. We are hoping to use the cafeteria. Amy Lahay is checking into this.
  • Teacher Wish List. The teacher wish lists will be available at teacher conferences in November. Cindy Taft volunteered to get the wish lists to the teachers and organize it on the night of conferences. Thank you Cindy!
  • Teacher Requests.  Shannon Diedrick requested reimbursement for an electric sharpener with a three year warranty.   P.A.C. voted and approved to pay for the cost of the sharpener ($52) but not the warranty.
  • Mrs. Lonzo (representing a request from all the kindergarten teachers), had a request for Jonathan London, author of the Froggy books, to visit Freedom Elementary. The cost is $1600 plus travel expenses. With Mr. London living in a different state, we would assume we would have to pay for airfare. We discussed that this might be quite expensive to spend on kindergarten only. We are wondering if he could do something with all grade levels if we were going to spend that amount. We would also need to know a more exact price before we would be able to vote on this. More information will follow the next meeting.
  • Family Fun Night. Wendy Cropsey, chairperson, is planning on a carnival for Family Fun Night. She will be sending out flyers to Freedom Business Association to solicit donations, prizes and volunteers. She plans to recruit from the high school clubs as well. Wendy looked into the clowns we used last year and was quoted the same rate as last year. We are planning $750 for the budget for this event. The date of this event is Friday, April 10.
  • Free babysitting was provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting. If you have questions or comments, please call Amy Lahay at 687-1736 or email

Next meeting date: Monday, November 3, 2014, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room. We understand there is no school scheduled this day.  However, teachers still report for work and a staff meeting that afternoon, so we will keep our scheduled meeting date.

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