PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, April 13, 2015~ 6:00 pm

PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, April 13, 2015~ 6:00 pm

  • Treasurer’s Report — The current balance is $27,201.48. Some of this money is set aside for upcoming expenses and projects. After these future expenses, $17,751.48 is left in the PAC funds.
  • Mrs. Lipsey’s News – The school celebrated volunteers and the Climate Committee put on a breakfast each day with the chance to win a prize. Mrs. Lipsey may be looking for volunteers at the end of the year for field day for all grades. The date and details are still being worked on. Badger assessment testing is coming up. For Administrative Professional Day, she will be recognizing all support staff in the building.
  • Family Fun Night — Wendy Cropsey chaired this free event which was a carnival themed event held on April 10. Approximately 300 children attended. The kids seemed to love the clowns/balloon creations, hoola hooping, games, tattoos, and popcorn! We collected $78.18 in donations to the Freedom Food Pantry.
  • Plastic Bag Recycling — Last day for collection is April 15.
  • Paper Recycling– The next paper recycling is scheduled for May 26 through June 8.
  • Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day– Wednesday, April 22. PAC will honor both Judys in the office with a flowers and a gift card. A vote was taken and approved to spend $50 on each, increased from $25 the last few years.
  • Staff Appreciation Week – May 4-8. Michelle Wagner will take care of the meals via email sign up. PAC will provide a Muffin/Bagel Morning, Dipping Day and Dessert Day. We will also give the staff Irish Best Lanyards.
  • Spring Student Appreciation — Erin Lenhardt is chairing this event and providing popsicles for the children on Friday, May 15. This will coincide with the Juvenile Diabetes Walk.
  • Fifth Grade Celebration – Michelle Wagner is chairing this event on June 3. The celebration will be held in the gym this year with cake in the cafeteria afterwards.
  • Last Day of School Recognitions — A motion was made and approved for the following gifts of recognition: Mrs. Lonzo (retirement), the Janitors for all their help with our events, and the National Honor Society babysitters. We may add more at next meeting. The school may be making changes with the end of year awards ceremony. Mrs. Lipsey will keep us informed.
  • New PAC officers for next year — Currently it is a 2 year term for President, Vice President and Treasurer. All 3 current officers will still be around next year to help out if you have any questions. Don’t be shy! Step up to the challenge!
  • Teacher Requests – No new requests.

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting. If you have questions or comments, please contact Amy Lahay, PAC President, at 687-1736 or

Final PAC meeting for this school year: Monday, May 4, 2015, 6:00pm in the Art Room (Room 22, lower level).

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