PAC Meeting, Monday, May 4 , 2015 ~ 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

  • Committee Sign Up Sheets – Sheets were passed around to sign up for the 2015–2016 school year.
  • Boy Scout presentations–  Wyatt Handschke and Reive Pullen, Boy Scouts, made a proposal to build two separate sheds on the playground to earn Eagle Scout.   A vote was taken and PAC approved $2,500 for each shed. (We had previously approved $1500 for one of these sheds. They now presented a more accurate quote with the shed siding being metal instead of wood for lower maintenance.) They will fundraise to cover the rest of the cost.       Ben Nowak, Boy Scout, made a proposal to landscape around the sign in front of the elementary school to earn Eagle Scout. He asked if PAC would be willing to donate money towards this project. A vote was taken and PAC approved $2,000 to be put towards this project. He will be talking with a local landscaper for ideas. Ben will fundraise to cover the rest of the cost.
  • News from Mrs. Lipsey – Field Day will be held on May 27 and requested PAC to purchase 850 popsicles for this event. A vote was taken and passed for PAC to purchase popsicles. Amy Lahay volunteered to pick the popsicles up.
  • Staff Appreciation Week – May 4-8 — Michelle Wagner coordinated 3 different days; Dippin’ Day, Muffin Morning and Dessert Day through the Helping Hands List. Everything went great. Thanks to all the parents who brought items in. PAC also gave new “Irish Best” lanyards and I.D. holders to all staff.  We appreciate all that the FES staff does for our students!
  • Spring Student Appreciation Day- May 15 — Erin Lenhart is the Chairperson organizing this and will be providing Ice Pops for the students after the Juvenile Diabetes Walk.
  • Fifth Grade Celebration — Michelle Wagner is the Chairperson organizing this event. The date is set for the afternoon of June 3 at 1:00.
  • Paper Recycling Drive– Last one for this school year- Tues. May 26 to Mon. June 8.
  • Fall Open House — The FES Fall Open House date has not been set yet.
  • Last Day of School Recognitions / Retirees — A motion was made and approved for the following gifts of recognition: Mrs. Lonzo and Mrs. Mall (retirement), the Janitors ($25 at Ricos), Judy, Judy and Diane, office staff, ($25 to Ricos each) and the National Honor Society babysitters ($10 each at Sweet Tooth).
  • Meeting Dates for 2015-2016 — The PAC meetings will be held on the third Monday of each month next year, instead of the first Monday.  No meeting in December.  Monday, September 21, 2015 at 6:00 pm will be our first meeting of the new school year. This may change if it does not work for our new officers. Stay tuned! We discussed Mrs. Lipsey sending a message, email or phone call through the schools automated alert system, the night before PAC meetings to remind parents.
  • New PAC officers! Sue Mannebach voted in as President. Erin Lenhardt voted in as Vice President. Connie Wheeler voted in as treasurer. Thank you for helping! Congrats!
  • Teacher Requests – A request came in for replacement blades for Cricut in the office for $15.52. Vote was taken and approved to cover.
  • Treasurer’s Report — Connie Wheeler reported the current balance of the PAC funds is $27,256.63. PAC asked Mrs. Lipsey to work with the staff and submit requests to PAC. Votes were taken and approved for the following items:
  • $150 coat rack to be used for lost and found
  • $6,000 Guided Reading Books for Book Room
  • $1,000 Reusable Science Kits-To be shared with all Kindergarten classrooms
  • $800 Reading comprehension kits for all grades- Mrs. Anderson, Reading Specialist
  • $600 Chart Stands for all 3 Pre-K classrooms
  • $1,000 Science, non-consumable items, for 4th grade
  • $500 Science Cart for 5th grade
  • $100 Rain gauges and thermometers for 3rd grade
  • $500 Dramatic Play Props for 4K
  • $300 Art
  • $300 Music
  • $300 Physical Education
  • $1,000 Electronic Pencil Sharpeners for all classrooms-if needed
  • After we subtract these items and other expenses for this school year to pay out, we have $3,753 carried over for next year. Thanks to you, we had a great year!

A look ahead to next school year: Sock Hop, Feb 5, 2016. Family Fun Night, April 8, 2016. These dates may change.

Babysitting is provided by Freedom High School National Honor Society students during the meeting. If you have questions or comments, please contact Amy Lahay, PAC President, at or 687-1736.

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