PAC Meeting Notes: Monday, Sept. 21st 2015 ~ 6:00 p.m. ~ Art Room

*Welcome Back and Introductions- All in attendance introduced themselves.

*Vice President position- Jessica Linskens, volunteered to be our new VP!  Sue Mannebach volunteered to Co-VP and be her backup on a few dates that Jessica may not be able to make it.  Thanks to both!

*Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?- The landscaping in front of school, by the sign, is finished.  Boy Scout, Ben Nowak completed it for his Eagle Scout Project.  The school is finished with Star assessments.  The school will be celebrating Hats for Huerta on September 22.  The school is looking into different ways to improve the Irish Best initiative.

*Committee Sign-up Sheet- Sign-up sheets were sent around.  We are still looking for a Chairperson for Family Fun Night!

* PAC meeting dates for 2015-2016.  We will now have the meetings on the 3rd Monday of every month.  Meeting dates are posted on our website.

*Treasurer’s Report- $8401.48 is our current balance.  This includes money earned from our paper recycling, $3198.49, which we like to keep separate and hold for Nature Center improvements/environmental friendly initiatives. We also still have $1900 outstanding, mainly for school supplies we approved to pay for and haven’t received yet.

*Shed updates- Two Boy Scouts are trying to earn Eagle Scout by building two different outdoor sheds for the teachers to keep outdoor play toys stored.  One Scout has finished the shed and we should receive it soon.  The other has not contacted us and we are trying to get an update on this.

*Open House PAC table- Everything went well.  The kids seemed to be excited about the free raffle prizes.  Thank you Connie for creating a new display board.

*Paper Recycling- Now until October 5th.  Please drop off any PAPER recycling items in the bin outside.

*AVON fundraiser- This will run from Oct 1 – Oct 15.  You can order online or by turning in an order form. Pick up will be during parent/teacher conferences.

*Cookie Dough Fundraiser- October 26 – November 9.  Delivery is December 9.  No price change and the company is adding new products.  Discussion followed regarding how to show the students incentives for the fundraiser.

*Fall Student Appreciation- Will be held October 7. (Thursday Oct 8 for 4K T/Th kids).  Lauralee will look into an appropriate snack to give out.

*We voted to continue with the $100 gifts ($200 for New/Switched Grades).  The PAC officers will attend the October staff meeting to serve ice cream sundaes and give the teacher $100 gifts.

*P/T Conference meals- November 11 and 12.  Watch for an email sign up that will be coming before these dates to help provide meals for the teachers on P/T nights.  You will receive an email if you signed up on the helping hands list.  If you didn’t, and want to help, please contact us.

*Mrs. Rudolph attended the meeting and mentioned that she was looking into some Artists in hopes of doing an “Artist in Residence” this year.  No other teachers have come forward yet.

*Mrs. Zabel requested help to set up/take down and help with financials for the Library Book Fair that occurs during the November Parent/Teacher Conferences. Help is needed for the following dates:

Set Up: Wednesday, November 4–Before Noon (3-4 people)

Take Down:  Friday, November 13 –Begin by 9:00 AM (3-4 people)

Contact us if interested.

*It was suggested using Volunteer Spot from now on for sign up for any PAC events.  It is a similar program to the sign up that has been used for the conference meals and is used in the Middle and High schools. We all feel this is a great idea.

*Update on plastic bag recycling.  We received the planter made from the Trex material (it was supposed to be a birdhouse but Trex switched it to a planter).  Mrs. Lipsey stated they will let Mr. Awe use it for his summer school Gardening class.  Sandy Lezotte volunteered chair the plastic recycling again this year.  We did not get much plastic recycling from the Middle and High School, so we decided to only have the plastic recycling boxes at the Elementary School this year.

*A parent mentioned her concerns regarding the lice problem that seems to always be a concern at school.  She was hoping we could get cubbies or lockers to help control it.  A discussion followed regarding space and other ways to help control this issue.

The next PAC meeting is on Oct. 19th at 6:00 pm in Room 22 (Art room). Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society.  Please come join us!

PAC Website:  Enter your email address to receive posting from our blog including meeting agendas and notes.  “Like” us on Facebook at Freedom Elementary P.A.C. (Parent Activity Committee).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Erin Lenhardt at 920-851-3266 or

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