PAC Meeting Minutes for Monday, January 18th 2016 ~ 6:00 p.m ~ Art Room

Treasurer’s report-The Cookie Dough profit was $16,012. We spent $82.45 for the pizza parties that were held in December.  There were $3,088.50 in sales for the Holiday Shop. Though this was not a fundraiser, we received a 5% early sign up bonus ($322.82).  We spent $309.00 on the pencil sharpeners for the specials. $3500 is set aside to carry over to next year, $3677.49 set aside from paper recycling.  Our spendable amount is $18,902.89

Cookie Dough Fundraiser-The reminders seemed to help a great deal.  Pick up was much better than last year.  The company offered staff the ability to purchase entertainment books for $15 each.  Mrs. Mussett offered to send a note to staff to see if there is an interest in purchasing the books.  Connie Wheeler mentioned that the middle school has entertainment books left from the MAPSS sale of them.  She suggested if PAC would not receive a profit, maybe we could consider using them instead of ordering more books from the company. We will first determine if there is an interest.

Artist in Residence-  Amy Lahay and Sue Mannebach have volunteered to run the program this year.  Mrs. Rudolph has been in contact with Sandy Melroy, who gave a presentation at the meeting.  She is a fabric artist from De Pere who does painting on silk to create various items.  She has done other residences with schools and brought examples of her work.  Her business is called Silk Sensations.  She would work with the art classes in school.  The students would make individual projects.  The school would also be involved in making a mural that would go on the wall between the 1st and 2nd floor. We voted to hire her as the Artist in Residence for this year with a spending amount of $5,000.  Mrs. Rudolph will work with Sandy regarding budget and exact projects.  She will also coordinate a timeframe for the program.

Holiday shop- Amy Lahay chaired this event and will pass on the information for next year.  It was much more organized than last year.  We had many more volunteers to set up the items.  The only problem encountered was that the scanner was not working properly at times. The student volunteers were a great help. The children seemed to enjoy shopping.

Paper recycling-  We collected 4 dumpsters worth of paper.  We have not received all of the checks, profit will be discussed at a later meeting.

Plastic recycling- Sandy Lezotte is coordinating this project. We have collected over 300 lbs of plastic recycling this year.  The company that coordinates it does not let us know which place we are in until the end.  The first place school will receive a bench, all schools that participate receive a planter. Both items made from recycled plastic.  We will continue to collect plastic until April 15th.

Brain bowl-  Connie Wheeler is organizing this event with Mrs. Kurkiewicz.  Flyers were sent out.  The testing will occur Feb. 2nd for 4K (Tue/Thurs) – Grade 2.  On Feb. 3rd 4K (Mon/Wed) and any students absent the previous day will be tested.  The participation prize will be a pencil.  It was suggested that instead of medals, t-shirts be given to the top 10 sellers.  We voted and passed the suggestion.  Connie will purchase a bulk supply of t-shirts to get a better price break and will keep them for future years.  We will sponsor a pizza party for the highest selling class and the class with the highest percentage of participants.

Sock hop-  Cindy Taft will be coordinating this event.  It is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 5th from 6:00-7:30.  TJ the DJ is booked.  Cindy has purchased the raffle prizes and glow necklaces. The necklaces will be handed out with raffle tickets as the children come in.  We will have Carnival Time popcorn and cotton candy as well as water in the multipurpose room for refreshments.  Cindy will send out a request for volunteers using Volunteer Spot. This event is completely free for the families.

Parent teacher conferences-   Michelle Wagner will organize the meals for conferences on Wednesday Feb. 24th.  A sign up email will go out to volunteers.

Book Fair-  Sue Mannebach will run the event.  A sheet will go home with students reminding parents to bring in gently used books for the teachers to use in the classroom.  The books will be collected the same week as parent teacher conferences. (The week of Feb. 22nd)

Family Fun night- Cindy Taft will run the event.  It is scheduled for April 8th.

Teacher requests-  At the end of last year, PAC approved $100 for the 3rd grade team to purchase science items-rain gauges and thermometers. The purchase total for the items was $140.03.  PAC voted and approved the extra $40.03 reimbursement for the items.

New Business- There was no new business

The next PAC meeting is on February 15th, 2016 at 6:00pm  in Room 22 (Art room). Free babysitting is provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society.  Please come join us!

PAC Website:  Enter your email address to receive posting from our blog including meeting agendas and notes.  “Like” us on Facebook at Freedom Elementary P.A.C. (Parent Activity Committee).

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Erin Lenhardt at 920-851-3266 or










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