PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, October 17th 2016 6pm

In attendance: Mrs. Lipsey, Sue Mannebach, Connie Wheeler, Erin Lenhardt, Stacey and Keith Kumbalek, Loralee Olson-Arcand, Terry Romitti

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?   Watch for more FES items on the district Facebook page. Oct. 24-28th is Red Ribbon week with a different dress up each day. There will be a “Super Hero” theme for Halloween.  The middle and high school will play a concert for the kids.  No clown costumes allowed for Halloween dress-up. Parent teacher conferences are Oct. 18, 19th.  The 4th grade will be taking coach buses (for the 1st time) for their Madison Field trip.

Treasurer’s Report:  $11,552.27 is the current balance.  RTI materials ($500), robotic sphero balls ($2,000), and scrapbooking materials ($150) have still have not been deducted from this balance.  A $3,500 cushion is always set aside.  Paper recycling is currently $5,289.49.  Current available balance for extra use is $112.78.

Paper recycling:  We have not received checks yet, so do not have a total.  We only had two dumpsters this time, typically we have 3.  A possible reason is that St. Nick’s school is holding a paper recycling at the same time as ours.  We will look into ways to improve our numbers for next time.

Cookie dough fundraiser:   Mrs. Lipsey went over suggestions the staff made for fundraiser goals. We discussed several items including sky panels, chrome books, ipads, playground, wiggle seats, balance balls.  Generally speaking, after PAC sponsored activities, the funds will be used for technology and flexible seating.  After the fundraiser is completed we will determine where to allocate funds.

Staff meeting report:   PAC officers attended to give staff ice cream sundaes, go over new reimbursement guidelines, wish lists and answer any questions.  We were asked if they could put their own wish list up at conferences.  Mrs. Lipsey said that would be fine.  We will still compile a sheet of teacher wish lists to put on our website and will send the link to parents.  At the PAC meeting we discussed if the $100 could be used for professional development (specifically conferences).  We decided it should not be used for this, but for items in the classroom.  The district funds conferences per Mrs. Lipsey.

Fall student appreciation report:  Loralee set this treat up.  Fruit snacks were distributed to each student.  They enjoyed them.  There were some new kids that weren’t accounted for when we received the numbers.  Next year we will have extras in the office.

Parent/teacher conference meals:  Erin sent out email to helping hands and a separate email with a link from “Sign Up” for volunteers.  The sign up link was very successful.

Student directory update:  Erin is organizing the directory.  We have about 425 student responses.

Plastic bag recycling:  Starts November 15th.   A change from last time is that they changed the structure regarding how school totals are assessed.  Last year the amount collected was divided by student enrollment.  We always had lower adjusted totals due to our high student enrollment vs a school with less students.  This year they are breaking the schools into groups of similar enrollment.  This may help us win!

Teacher requests:  currently none

New business?  Connie suggested we ask parents for things from home for “incentive prize boxes.”

Next PAC meeting: Monday, November 21st, 2016 at 6:00 pm in the Art Room.  Babysitting will be provided by the Freedom High School National Honor Society.

Any questions or comments, please contact Erin Lenhardt at or 851-3266.

2 responses to “PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, October 17th 2016 6pm

  1. I got the cookie fundraiser from my child today… I am very happy to always help the community in any way I cannot but feel conflicted on ordering anything or not this year. As I read through the papers I notice that the PAC in return supports the local subway and local ice cream shop but does not support any local convenience store:( The fact that the PAC has not even made an attempt to see if the local stores would like to help out in supporting the community we all live in and our kids go to school in is very sad to me. I will not be placing an order this year because I certainly do not want my child receiving a Kwik Trip gift card!

    • Thanks for your feedback. Incentives for the cookie dough sale are provided using suggestions from the fundraising company representative. Because the school district area is so large, we attempt to offer options that are convenient to all families in the district. Any oversight to a particular business was completely unintentional. We appreciate this suggestion for consideration of future prizes/give-aways.

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