In attendance:  Sue Mannebach, Connie Wheeler, Erin Lenhardt,  Michelle Gloudemans,  Angie LeQuia,  Terri Romitti, Kimberly Groenjes, Loralee Arcand, Cindy Taft, Mrs. Lipsey

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?  4th grade took coach buses to Madison for their field trip.  This is the 1st year they’ve done this.  They really enjoyed it.

There were a lot of positive comments about the school pictures.  People complimented the company and liked the quality

Eric Samuel Timm will be giving a presentation on Jan 25th.  He gives advice on empowering students to do great things.

State report cards were published.  Freedom received “exceeded expectations” in the overall score.  We are very proud of this.

Treasurer Report:  Our current balance is $8172.60, we have $3500 set aside as a cushion, our available money is -$766.89.

Paper Recycling:  We received about $400 from the fall drive.  It was down from last year.  The next drive is December 19-Jan 2nd.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser:  Michelle Gloudemans is working on final numbers, but the totals are less than last year.  It was still successful.  We discussed reasons it may have had fewer sales.  The top classrooms will be receiving pizza parties.   We discussed possibly changing the announcements.

Teacher Wish List:  Angie LeQuia put this together.  It is on the website.  There were fewer teachers that submitted a wish list this year, but as we get more we will add them.

Plastic Bag Recycing: It is underway until April 15th.  Currently we have about 80 pounds collected.

School Dance Feb 3rd:  The same DJ is available.  We will not be having cotton candy this year, but will offer free popcorn and water.  We have set the budget for $750 in the past, though it typically only costs around $550.  Cindy Taft will be looking for volunteers to help make this night successful.

Brain Bowl:  Typically this is held the 1st week of February.  Dates have not been set.  We have pencils and t-shirts left over from last year.  Participants receive pencils and the students that raise the most money receive t-shirts.

Artist in Residence: Sue will ask Lori Vandenberg (school nurse) if she has any ideas.  Mrs. Lipsey will also ask staff if they have any ideas.

Teacher’s Requests: None

New Business: None

There will be NO meeting in December

Next meeting January 16th 2017 at 6:00 pm in the art room

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