PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, March 20, 2017 6:00 pm Art Room

In attendance:  Erin Lenhardt, Sue Mannebach, Kimberly Groenjes, Connie Wheeler, Loralee Olson Arcand, Mrs. Lipsey

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?  Dr. Suess week was a success.  Officer John from Outagamie County came to do a presentation with the 3rd grade.  He brought a bomb dog.  We participated in the Snow Drop collection of personal items for families that have children in the cancer unit at Children’s Hospital.  We collected 31 boxes full of items.  Mrs. Black was the winner of the most stickers and dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day.  The high school band played in the lobby for St. Patrick’s Day.  The 3-5 grade concert was amazing and had a great attendance.  The Mother/Son dance went very well.  There were 2 photographers.  Mothers could purchase pictures that night.  State Testing will begin the last Tues in March and last until the end of April.

Treasurer’s Report  Paper Recycling: $6,330.49.  December drive amount was $631.00.  We have $25,638.30 in our checking account.  Set aside money from paper and cushion/already allocated funds $12,191.70  Our spendable money is $13,446.60

Connie is working with the auditor on the 501C.  There is a cost to file and a cost that will be paid to the auditor for help.  We will set aside $2000 and revisit.

Brain Bowl:  Brain Bowl: $6,843.10, minus $50 for pizza parties.  Pizza Parties were held on March 17th for Mrs. Culotta, Mrs. Thiel and Mr. Marquardt’s classes.  10 pizzas were purchased.  The total profit for the Brain Bowl was $6793.10.  There were 147 participants.

Spring Fundraiser:  $9,403.50 was brought in, profit should be $4,701.75.  We are still working on which classes will get pizza parties.  The cost will be subtracted from profit total.  Pick up will be April 6th from 3-5 pm in the multipurpose room.  The room has been reserved.  Reminders will be sent out.  We began discussion on spacing out and need for all fundraisers.  We noted there were other fundraisers and school items that cost parents money sent out this time of year.  We will discuss at a further meeting.

Family Fun Night:  We will be hosting a Family Fun Night at Funset Boulevard Thursday March 23rd.  At meeting time 185 wristbands were sold *10 more were sold after the meeting.  Profit was $780.  We also received a donation from a family member which brought the total profit to $800.

How to Spend the Funds:  Mrs. DeGroot requested a dollhouse for her 4K classroom for $175.  We approved the request.  We voted to purchase Ipads for the 2nd grade teachers.  After discussion, we decided even though there were chrome books available, it would be good for the teachers to have Ipads as well.

Mrs. Lipsey worked with the staff and provided a spreadsheet for ideas on how to spend funds:

*There was a request for $400 in replacement bulbs and wire for the electricity kits we purchased for the 4th grade team last year.  We approved request.

*There were several for playground items.  We voted to put $1000 towards this.  We also discussed how to get balls that are deflated pumped up and how to keep sheds organized.  Further discussion is needed.

*There were also several requests for flexible seating from different grade levels.  We decided to work from the lower grades up (as we had with Ipads from the higher grades down).  We will start with Kindergarten and put $3000 towards items.  This will include Hokki stools, bands, pillows, scoop rocker chairs.  We will also look at purchasing plastic bins for hats/mittens.

*There were suggestions for a canopy for the outdoor classroom, green house/gardening items, picnic tables.  We may see if we can get help from high school classes or parents to build if we purchase materials.  We will continue discussion and felt the paper money could be used towards these outdoor items.

*Other items on the list will be discussed at further meetings.  We did not want to overspend at this time.

Erin contacted Ted Skenandore regarding his Strong Medicine presentation and applied for a SEEDS Grant with Oneida Nation.  The program will be 2 assemblies lasting an hour each (K-2, 3-5).  They will have music, dance, and an introduction of Native American culture.  The cost of the program is $1,196.59.  We have been approved for $650 to be paid by the grant.  We will be responsible for $546.59.  We approved having the presentation.  We will host it on May 12th.

Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day: We voted at honor Mrs. Vosters, Mrs. Krzyzak and Mrs. Froehlich on Wednesday, April 26 for Administrative Professionals Day.  We will give the women flowers, cards and a gift of money.  Sue Mannebach volunteered to purchase these items and deliver them.

Plastic Bag Recycling:   Ongoing thru April 14th.  Our school is currently in 2nd place.  We have collected almost a ton of plastic!

Paper Recycling :  March 20 – April 3rd

New PAC Officers for next year:  PAC officer positions open up at the end of the year.  The terms of the positions are two years.  Connie Wheeler would like to remain treasurer.

New Business:  No New Business

 Next PAC meeting:  Monday, April 24, 2017 6:00pm in Art Room.  Date changed due to Spring Break

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