PAC Meeting Notes for Monday May 22nd, 2017

In attendance: Sue Mannebach, Erin Lenhardt, Connie Wheeler, Loralee Arcand, Kimberly Groenjes, Stephanie Wieczorek, Terri Romitti

Treasurer’s Report:  Connie presented a spreadsheet that showed the accounting information for the year.  We have $20,428.12 in our account, $6777.49 is paper money.  However, we still have outstanding items.  $300 for end of year events, $1000 playground items, $455 K Ipads, $3000 1st grade flexible seating, $150 PAC recognitions, $500 PBS next year, $122.10 scrapbook, $2000 auditor for 501c3, $3500 carry over to start next year.  This leaves us with approximately $2600.  At this time we decided to wait to money towards any items and revisit at the beginning of next year once all the outstanding items are paid.  Next year we will review the spreadsheet as a group at each meeting to determine how our funds are.  We will also create a spreadsheet to send home to show how funds have been used.  We are hoping to promote interest in attending meetings

Last Day of School Recogntion/Retirees:  Judy Muniz, occupational therapy and Jean Mueller, Director of Special Education will be retiring.  We will honor them with $50 cash each.  We will give the janitors $25 each.  We will honor Tammy Lipsey and Jill Mussett with $50 each.

Fifth Grade Promotion:  Michelle Wagner is working with Mrs. Presteen.  They will have the kitchen make the cake.  Sue Mannebach will be purchasing water and decorations.  Erin Lenhardt will create a card for the students to sign and put in staff mailbox.

Staff Appreciation Week report:  It went well.  There were a lot of items brought in for the staff.  We received thank yous from appreciative staff.

Strong Medicine presentation report:  We received a lot of compliments from the staff and students on the presentation.  This was the first time a Native American presentation was at Freedom Elementary.  We may look at having other artists in the future.

Student Appreciation report:  It was chilly, but the kids still loved the popsicles.  Loralee Olson-Arcand brought them.  She also brought popsicles for the field day.

Looking Ahead for Next Year:

Officer Positions– Erin Lenhardt will remain President.  Connie Wheeler will remain treasurer.  After this term, Connie will be moving to middle school so will co-chair the treasurer position for the 2018-19 school year to help train the new person.  Loralee Olson-Arcand will be Vice President.  If there is interest from another member for Vice President, Loralee will co-chair with them to avoid any scheduling conflicts.  Meeting Dates for 2017-18 -We will keep the 3rd Monday at 6:00 pm meeting time/dates.  Committee sign up- Erin will work on for 1st meeting

Possible Fundraisers:  Terri Romitti volunteered to contact Hanson’s to discuss fundraiser opportunities.  She will run the cookie dough fundraiser in Nov. and report with ideas Hanson’s suggests.  We will continue the paper recycling.  We will also continue the plastic recycling, though it is not a fundraiser.  We will continue the Brain Bowl in Feb.  We will host fun nights at Funset Boulevard and Badger Sports Park in place of the Family Fun Night typically held in April.  Erin will look at dates and report at the 1st meeting next year.

Events:  We will have a booth at the Open House in August.  We will host a school dance.  We will support the 5th Grade Promotion.

Services:  We will set up the teacher wish list and student directory.  We will look into having an Artist in Residence next year.  Randy Peterson has been suggested by several staff.  We will coordinate student and staff appreciation days.  We will set up pot luck meals for conferences.  We will not host the Holiday Shop or staff book fair next year.

We discussed ways to encourage teacher participation in PAC meetings.  We also discussed how to get more parents involved.

New Business:  We are very thankful that Sandy Lezotte plead our case with Trex which resulted in our receiving a bench!

*PAC would like to thank Sue Mannebach and Michelle Wagner for their outstanding service over the past several years.  Their children will be moving onto middle school.   Recently Sue has been our Vice President.  Both have helped with several events throughout the years.  They will be missed!

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