PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, October 16, 2017

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey? There have been several field trips.  We had a great turnout for conferences (upper 90%).  There will be an open house on Wed. 10/18-people can come anytime during it. Friday Oct. 20th is wear pink for cancer awareness.

Treasurer’s Report / 501(c)(3) Status Update Beginning checkbook balance:  $16,303.95.  Dollars set aside (includes Paper Recycling amount):  $14,759.22.  Spendable amount:  $1,044.73.  The teacher’s $100 gifts are coming through.  Several Teachers took advantage of the recent Book Fair; $1060.67 was submitted.

501(c)(3): Connie noted they are working on Form-1023 right now. There are some other items to put together. Connie has been working with the auditor and the bill is at about $560 to date. Approval can take up to a year but they are trying to put in a plea to process quicker. Doing 1 step at a time; Connie estimated 1-2 more forms yet to complete.

Spirit Wear Sale  Forms sent with students last week; 11 forms (45 items) ordered as of today (10/16).  It was also posted on the PAC and District Facebook pages.  Orders due Nov. 3. We may try to set up for Open House next and will probably sell a different design.  We will need volunteers for helping to pick/bag orders. By doing this ourselves we can receive a higher profit; date TBD; a sign-up to be posted for volunteers.  So far there have been a lot of positive comments.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser  Hansen rep planning to set up the prize machine at PBS assembly on Nov. 3 (kick-off for event).   Delivery date: 12/14.  The multipurpose room will be used from 1:30p-5:30 to sort and for parents to pick up products after school. We are still working on how to get incentive prizes to students during sale.

Funset Boulevard Fun Night – Thurs., Oct. 26th As of Oct. 16th 75 wristbands had been sold.  Orders are due 10/20.

Student Directory Update  Erin sent the file to Beth to work on; 464 responses (some repeats; some are split family, so may be less number of students; roughly 63% responded).  Mrs. Lipsey suggested to work with Keith at the district to put a link on the registration site. Parents could click on a link to go to enter info (not linked to Skyward/school district site). It won’t list teacher for each student at time of registration. Erin could link at a later time to teachers (for sorting).

Paper Recycling – September 18-October 2nd  We haven’t received the checks from the paper company yet. 2 dumpsters were filled. Ms. Diedrick reported that over the summer she had met with Mr. Seigers and the district groundskeeper to discuss creating an outdoor classroom. So far we have one contractor interested in submitting a bid. They are looking at using a concrete pad vs. pea gravel. It will be a covered pavilion that would protect the seats from the rain. Lowe’s provides grants to schools for completing projects. There is a Spring grant. We will work on gathering more information to set up a plan.

Staff Meeting Report  Connie and Erin attended and provided ice cream sundaes.  Erin gave a talk about PAC.

Fall Student Appreciation Report  It went well with the Cheez-It snack bags. The children enjoyed them. A note was sent to parents on that Thurs to let them know what the snack was for. We received a thank you note for it.

Parent/Teacher Conference Meals Report  We received a lot of positive feedback from the staff. They are very thankful for the meals. There was plenty of food. The sign up works well.

Plastic Bag Recycling – Ongoing until April 13  We have begun collecting plastic and will continue through April.  Tammy Kurey collects the plastic at Associated Bank and turns in it. Erin will be picking up from the school. We are hoping to get another bench. The one we have in front of the school is used often.

Teacher Requests

  • A teacher asked if they could purchase something at a rummage sale and then be reimbursed. Connie will need to check with 501(c)(3) auditor for recommendation and then PAC can determine rule/guideline and dollar limit. We will not have a receipt and are unsure if that will be a problem. We are holding on deciding until we get clarification.
  • Another teacher contacted Erin noting a couple students couldn’t pay for a field trip; is there/could there be a fund to help these situations? Perhaps a pool per grade?.  Mrs. Lipsey has an account set up for such cases due to an anonymous donor who gave for these types of situations. It was also noted there there are roll-over funds periodically available. Costs per each year is minimal and have been able to cover students not able to afford. At this time there appears not to be a need for this, however if that changes we will readdress.

New Business No new business


If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, November 20th, 2016, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room.

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