PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, January 15, 2018 – 6:00 pm

News from Mrs. Lipsey
*Father/Daughter Dance coming up (Fri. Jan. 19)
*6 Breakout kits have been purchased using Box Top money. They are similar to the Escape Rooms. They will be featured on the district FB page. They can be checked out from the Library. The teacher could use multiple kits and have kids work as teams. Each kit has about 300 games. Teachers would put in codes/games. Some teachers already tried it out and enjoyed.
*We have a couple more robots for 2nd grade
*Some teachers recently attended professional/technology conference
*The DPI has generated School Report Cards. The district exceeded expectations. Information will be sent home to parents.
*Parent/Teacher conferences coming soon (February)

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance:  $32,569.12
Set aside:  $14,506.02
Spendable Balance:  $18,063.10
*Form 1023: Erin and Connie to sign and it can be sent in. There will be $850 filing fee to IRS. Connie will check with accountant helping her to see what other forms are needed. We will be receiving a fee from him when it is done. We have budgeted $2000.
*Erin asked if more iPads were needed for any grades/related arts. Mrs. Lipsey didn’t think any more were needed. Mrs. Lipsey will talk to the technology team to see if any other technology items are wanted. Erin to approach 2nd grade to see if they would be interested in flexible seating. 1st grade is finishing up their purchases.

Paper Recycling
*Haven’t received December recap yet. 5-6 dumpsters were collected in the 3-week period
*Looking to put funds from Paper Recycling toward School Outdoor Classroom (Nature Center pavilion)
*a sample photo was shown for what type of structure is in mind
*(2) quotes received are very high ($23,750 & $26,087.82; concrete not included in quotes)
*Due to cost we may make this a project with phases over a few years.
*There are more questions to ask and research to be done for cost efficiency
*Options: a) another company to quote; b) high school shop class to build it; c) a parent(s) who works at a place to get materials at cost; d) put on FB to advertise for quotes or ideas

Cookie Dough Fund-raiser Recap
*Profited about $10,000
*Mrs. Lipsey suggested taking pictures of pizza parties to put on Facebook to show winning classrooms
Pizza parties to 4 classrooms: Marquart: $1,721 in sales, Jakl: $1,330 in sales, 3rd & 4th place classrooms ($2 difference in sales): Rennes, Tues-Thurs: $1,314; Ms. Diedrick: $1,312

School Dance – Feb. 2
*It will be a “Glow Party” theme
*45 high school students have signed up to volunteer. We will have them arrive 5:30/5:45pm
*Same DJ (suggested having him announce for kids not to toss glow sticks up to the ceiling)
*Instead of raffle prizes we will spend money on more glow items, snacks and water which can include more kids.
*We may try to decorate this year
*Because we have so many volunteers we may try to do some activity(s) in multi-purpose room. Suggestions were face painting (a couple notations re: using colored pencils and water vs paints) tattoos, art projects (coloring).

Brain Bowl – Feb. 6
*Forms went home last week (1/8-9) At the bottom of form there is a section to volunteer to ask questions. Connie will set up online sign-up for more volunteers if needed
*We have t-shirts and pencils left over so no need to purchase anything except just pizza party(s) at the end of the event (based on participation and $$ brought in)

February Parent/Teacher Conference Meal – Feb. 21
*Amanda Hedtke will assist with this event and will help coordinate

Artist in Residence
*Sue contacted Trista Holtz from Fond du Lac — stained glass project
*Trista will come to look around school to see where a mural can be done
*A new entrance of the school will be constructed so looking to see if previous project can be “moved” to new entrance. We will need to keep in mind size due to process of the glass-making
*Individual project: glass pendants.
*1st – 5th grades were done in 2012, may not be able to include K due to limited class time
*Projected cost same as previous: $5,445; set aside $6,000 for event

Plastic Recycling
*836 pounds to date — over 100 pounds more than this time last year!!!
*Erin mentioned that we could do it all year. The competition time may be limited, but she noted you could insert weights during other months on the website. Will consider.

Teacher Requests
*After last meeting, 4K team requested Stem products-a set of magnitiles and Legos for their classrooms. Officers approved as they were half off (holiday discount). The cost was $315.99
*No other submitted requests, except for $100 reimbursements from teachers. They need to be turned in by March 31. Mrs. Lipsey and Erin will remind staff.

New Business
*Teachers have previously suggested getting sleds for playgrounds. Erin looked for roll-up sleds at all area Fleet Farms and online. She was unable to find a good price so 10 saucer sleds were purchased. There are concerns regarding safety and use of the sleds. Mrs. Schmeltzer will look into this to see if we want to offer them and if so the best way to do it.
*Cindy suggested using some leftover funds to “dress up” the front of the school, i.e., planters, seasonal decorations.

Next Meeting:  Monday, February 19, 2018 – 6:00 pm, Art Room

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