PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, February 26, 2018 – 6:00 pm

  • News from Mrs. Lipsey
    *Mrs. Lipsey was not able to attend meeting tonight so Erin gave update
  • Last week, we had a PBS Olympic assembly; each grade was a different country and there were competitions. There are pictures of 1st, 2nd, 3rd places on medal podiams
  • March 9th: Mother/Son Dance
  • Information will be going out to parents re: upcoming intruder and fire drill event
  • Battle of the Book and Spelling Bee competitions- we have kids that will be participating at the State level.

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning Balance:  $30,002.03
Set aside: $18,825.05 (includes paper recycling, allocated funds)
Ending Balance:  $11,176.98 (to spend) at meeting start – Brain Bowl not included in amount

  • $2,934.55 for teachers $100 gifts have been used.
  • Flexible seating for 1st Grade: To purchase (2) more scoop chairs (purchased in sets of 6); Erin noted holding out to see if (grade 2) needs any more so “extra” chairs can be used there, too. They will forego other allocated funds as they are set.
  • Playground equipment: $138 left for purchases; waiting for feedback on sleds
  • 501(c)3: $2,125 final cost (over by $125); final signed papers went out; waiting to hear if approved which could take up to 6 months to hear back ($1,260 for consultant fees); Connie to meet with the consultant for dates and fees to file, as well as other information.
  • Planning to switch accounts to new bank

Paper Recycling – December Update

  • Brought in $542
  • Next dates: March 19-April 2 & May 21-June 11

Brain Bowl Update

  • A little over $6,000 was pledged. We are still waiting on some money.
  • 164 participants; We had plenty of volunteers
  • Culotta: highest participation
  • Kurkiewicz: brought in most money
  • These 2 classes will each have pizza parties

Artist in Residence

  • Estimate from Trista Holz for fused glass project: $8,250 (budgeted $6,000).
  • Final estimate voted and approved: $8,500 for Trista Holz glass project and supplies/installation; would need one-half of $8,250 for deposit upfront
  • Week 1: Fused glass frit bead pendant:  $6/student (550 students – grades 1-5)
  • Week 2: Fused glass panel mural panels (to the left of the nurse’s room; bulletin board would need to be removed):  $9/student (550 students – grades 1-5)
  • Glass materials supplied to create the pendants; necklace cord and/or hanging wire would need to be supplied by the school; discussed other options as some kids wouldn’t want a “necklace”, i.e., magnet on back; possibly provide the two options (necklace or magnet piece)
  • Glass for mural would be supplied, but school would need to provide approved selected wall mounts; school facilities manager would complete/oversee the installation
  • NOTE: Estimate based on 550 students; actual number of students participating will be used for final invoice
  • Discussed providing lunch(es) to Trista and then a gift basket at the end of the project; decided to forego the lunches, but keep with the gift basket
  • Looking at week of April 9-13 for pendants; mural for week of April 23-27
  • Send out note for volunteers, as well as for students to choose necklace or magnetic piece

Ideas How to Spend Funds

  • Erin reported 2nd grade is interested in flexible seating; Voted and approved to spend $3,000. Erin will work with group to purchase items.
  • $5,676.98 in spendable funds (after Artist in Residence and 2nd Grade flexible seating allocated funds accounted for)

Outdoor Classroom:

  • Cost is still pretty high; size of 30×30 was quoted, whereas standard classroom size is 24×24; Ms. Diedrick suggested a kit; closest one would be Pennsylvania, cost $28,000 plus concrete
  • Amanda received quote for approx. $19,000 for 30×30, includes concrete from a contact in Chilton; She will ask for a revised quote for a 24×24 and see if it could be done in phases and during off-time to help with budgeting/cost
  • Shannon and Erin looking into a Lowes grant
  • Noted we could use funds and get the slab done this summer and then the structure in the fall or next spring. Project is ongoing.
  • Once we get updates may use spendable funds for this project

Feb. 2 School Dance Report

  • Dance went really well. Kids really seemed to enjoy themselves.
  • We had glow necklaces, bracelets & finger rings, snacks & water and tattoos instead of raffle prizes to allow for all kids to get something.
  • PLENTY of high school kid (National Honor Society) volunteers

February Parent/Teacher Conference Meal – Feb. 21

  • It went well; Amanda noted doing a survey may help to ask teachers what they would like in the future; we had a lot of food left over; she made notes for next year to reduce quantities, plan for more desserts

Plastic Recycling Update

  • We are currently in 1st place (way ahead of other schools); competing against 7 other schools in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, & Missouri based on enrollment size
  • We have collected 1,068 pounds as of January 31st.

Teacher Requests

  • Nothing received

New Business

  • Erin noted a couple of teachers can’t find their receipt, however it was determined they need to have a receipt to submit for reimbursement
  • Paper Room: PAC needs to remove all items from this room by the end of year. Erin was going through things and came across an old scrapbook; inquired about what to do with it. Suggestions to scan all notes, pictures, thank you notes, etc. and save electronically. Connie will go through it for anything that might be useful. There are also prizes left over from past events. Suggestions to get rid of items: donate to PBS (talk to Mr. Quinlan), student council, classrooms for their prizes

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, March 19, 2018, at 6:00 pm in the Art Room

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