PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, March 19, 2018 6:00 P.M.

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
The Mother/Son Dance was held
We will be starting Forward testing 4/3 (Tues. & Thurs until May)
The student council held a food drive
PBS Award: Showing movies for K-2, 3-5 (2 separate gyms); kids can bring a small blanket or towel in to sit on

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning Balance:  $31,294.74
Set aside: $16,700.05 (includes Paper Recycling) plus ($3,000 for flexible seating 2nd grade)
Ending Balance:  $11,595.69

  • $3,500 for teachers $100 gifts (that has come in to date; all due by March 31)
  • Connie received a check for recycling for $531; had already received from December, so is checking into where it should go (may go to another group)
  • Brain Bowl: $5,914,90; another small deposit to be made once rest of funds are received
  • 501c(3): 990 last form for accountant to do; We received bill for $600, Connie will talk to him as she believed we had already paid in full
  • New account(s) now set up at East Wisconsin Savings Bank

Brain Bowl—Update on results/pizza parties
Raised $5914.90
Connie will need to order t-shirts for next year; We have a lot of larges left, a few medium, but no smalls; majority of winners were smaller
$40 spent on pizza parties. Erin took pictures of two classroom pizza parties

Artist in Residence–April 9-13 & 23-27
$4,000 to Trista Holz (for deposit); $8,250 approved for project
Trista will come in Fri., May 4, for the Friday group due to half day/assembly on 4/27; We may have kindergarten students do a small project to keep in classroom(s)
Some volunteer sheets have come in from parents; We will need at least two parents in art room at a time; Extra attention will need to be given to any students with special needs due to materials the students will be using

Family Fun Night—April 26th Badger Sports, 4-9pm
Badger Sports provided a flyer to hand-out; We will post on FB page and include in school newsletter
PAC receives 50% of pass sales; 2-hr pass will be $10 plus tax, 3-hr pass will be $12 plus tax
No sign-up or wristbands ahead of time; Families will need to let Badger Sports know when checking in they are from Freedom Elementary. Batting Cages should be open by then

Staff Appreciation Week—May 7-11
May 8th: Teacher Appreciation Day
In past, PAC has done 3 sign-up days; Student Council does a day; Principal does a day
Amanda H. to coordinate; Monday, Tuesday, Friday for potlucks

Discussion on how to spend funds/update on allocated funds
Erin reached out to Mr. Quinlan; PBS has not yet spent the $500, but will soon. Going forward, we will consider depositing into respective account at beginning of school year and PBS can spend it at anytime throughout the year
Playground: It was decided not to use the sleds; Erin returned them; We may consider again for next school year. Rest of money: Erin to look through sheds and see what else might be needed; Connie picked up boxes of chalk at Shopko to be used at different playgrounds. Going forward, show classroom(s) how to use equipment to help avoid any misuse, damage, etc. May also look at having soccer-type goals made up (of PVC pipe; similar to ladder golf)
We voted and approved $500 for PBS and $1000 for playground for the 2018/19 school year.

Outdoor Classroom
: Ms. Diedrick has been coordinating this. Building Grounds meeting at 6:30pm to discuss with the Board. They will be reviewing the quote and requested spot for the classroom to assure it will not interfere with any future plans. The quote was approximately $19,250. We planned to use paper recycling funds for the project, may use general funds as well. If approved, we are looking to see how soon and how quickly it can be constructed. Erin and Ms. Diedrick looking into Lowe’s grant for fall.
Teacher Ideas/Requests: Nothing has yet been submitted
End-of-Year Recognitions: We discussed/approved honoring the Aides with $10 cash; We will work on assembing list and sending to Mrs. Lipsey to assure we honor all of them;  We discussed and approved honoring the custodians: $25/each cash. National Honor Society: We will honor the students that babysat during the meeting with a $10 Subway gift card. A suggestion was made to create a scholarship for the students to apply for with a larger dollar amount instead of individual gift cards. We can discuss at the May meeting.
Retirements: Jim Segers (retired at Christmas), Diane (retires at end of the year); We will give them $50/each cash
Connie will handle getting money, cards, gift cards for end of year recognitions/retirements. Erin will present at the end of year assembly.

Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day—Wednesday, April 25
Every year, PAC honors Judy, Judy & Diane; We will give them a flower bouquet and a card each; We approved $20-$25/bouquet, Terri to order bouquets; Connie to get cash and cards with $50/each

Plastic Bag Recycling
1,188# to date; We are in 1st place for our division
Ends mid-April (Friday before Earth Day)
Erin to see if we can collect/account outside of alloted time, as there are months online for entering weight

Paper Recycling
March 19-April 2
Connie to submit the dates for 2018-19 school year; 2018-19 will be Connie’s last year, so she will provide contact info to group

Student Appreciation (May)
: Student Council may or may not do a walk this year (TBD); They may do another activity. We should have more info and can decide at April PAC meeting if we can do popsicles for their activity or if we should just provide a treat a different day. Loralee to check out Sam’s for ideas and costs for April meeting.
Field Day–May 25th: We will provide popsicles, Loralee will purchase; Amanda has an extra freezer to store.
Fifth Grade Promotion—Thurs., May 31st, 1:15pm: PAC provides cake (from cafeteria), water and plates, decorations.
Spirit Wear: Terri contacted Denise (vendor) to help again; She will work on getting new designs approved for next year. She may look at other items we could offer. We will have order forms and samples to check out at 2018-19 School Year Open House; We will also send order forms home after school begins

New Business
Erin will not be at April meeting
Erin talked to Keith re: putting student directory in as part of student registration; it will be included. There is an option for parents to complete or disregard

Next PAC meeting:  Monday, April 16, 2018 6:00pm in Art Room

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