PAC Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, April 17, 2018 6:00 pm Art Room

Treasurer’s Report:
Beginning Balance: $26,053.21
Set Aside: $18,681.80
Ending Balance: $7,371.41
*1st grade flexible seating is complete; a sizable amount has been done for 2nd grade flexible seating ($2200; $768 left to spend)
*Connie paid the $500 for PBS
*All playgrounds could use chalk (Connie had purchased quite a bit—should be enough for the remainder of the school year; some will be saved for use next year) and some could use playground balls, too; Erin had purchased some expensive ones from School Specialty, but is planning to purchase cheaper ones from Walmart
*5th Grade Celebration: funds not yet set aside; Connie suggested $75 for this year
*Brain Bowl: 2-3 outstanding donations (approx. $100); Connie has sent reminders
*501(c)(3): Exceeded by approx. $700

Paper Recycling – Any updates? Dates for final one this year?
*Next event: May 21-June 11; Connie will be receiving some from the Middle School (teachers getting rid of paper, too)
*Connie received an inquiry from a student’s parent (middle school/high school) re: their particular sport looking to do a fund-raiser for a one-time trip; if paper is received from middle school/high school and a one-time thing only, then okay, but not to share with others so as to diminish PAC’s fund-raising efforts

Outdoor Classroom:
*The school board approved, but wanted to get clarification from the contractor re: the materials being used — there was a concern that if they aren’t treated or higher quality, the wood will be harder to maintain and the metal may rust etc– waiting on that info.
*We would also need input on when payment would be due (and if we can’t afford or need to do in stages) and when it can completed – (probably when school /summer school) isn’t in session. Ms. Diedrick is going to be working on the grant, though it isn’t open until August.
*Approx. $9,000 set aside to date from paper recycling drives
*Would have an additional $7,000 to spend; Connie suggests using it toward this project

 Artist in Residence:
*The week has been going great! We have had several volunteers and the classes have been going very smoothly. We will be sending home a note with instructions on how to make the glass into a magnet. After talking with Trista, the type and cost of epoxy and magnets needed would be pricy. There would also be risk of fumes from the epoxy without ventilation and an added risk of magnet falling and choking hazard in the art room. The 2nd week will be April 23-26 and May 4th. Ms. Rudolph is working with Mr. Seibers and Trista on how the mural will be hung. Sue noted the new groundskeeper, Victor, is also involved for determining installation.
*Discussed when to send home with the students their pendants; would like to get some pictures of the final pieces as well as some pictures of the kids’ hands cutting glass to possibly do a photo book as done in the past.

 Family Fun Night – April 26th Badger Sports:
*Info has been put on Facebook and will be emailed out. Flyers are put up at school. Nothing has to be purchased ahead of time, you just show up. They will need to tell them they are with Freedom Elementary to get the discount. Parents can call ahead of time to sign up for laser tag. If 50 people show up, we receive 50% of the Utopia pass card purchases. If there are less than 50, we receive 30%. The 2-hour cost is $10 plus tax;
3-hour is $12 plus tax. They are normally $28 for 2 hour and $33 for 3 hour. It includes laser tag, mini bowling, inflatables (ages 2-10), go karts, mini golf, batting cages and all non-ticket arcade games. The outdoor items typically open in April-but it is their discretion. We will receive a check in the mail afterwards.

 Staff Appreciation Week — May 7-11:
*Amanda Hedtke will email the link to Judy K. (front office) to send out week of April 23 for people to sign up.
*We do not have any leftover plates, cups, etc.; would need to purchase for event. Amanda will coordinate; has cut back on various supplies so as to not have a lot left over.

 Student Appreciation – May 14 & 15:
*Loralee to coordinate again; options from Sam’s Club include:
Sun Chips, 30ct, $10.98/pack
Kellogg’s Snack variety pack, 38ct, $9.88/pack
Goldfish variety pack, 45ct, $11.98/pack
Fruit Leathers variety pack, 48ct, $11.48/pack
Fruit Rollups, 72ct, $11.82/box
Motts Fruit Snacks, 90ct, $9.89/box
Amazon: Sun Chips, 40ct, $13.98/pack; Mini Oreos; can look at other options, too

 Plastic Bag Recycling:
*Last day for event was Fri., April 13. Total weight collected 1608 pounds
*Trex allows you to put in totals for Sept-April. Erin will put the bins up at the start of the next school year.

Fifth Grade Promotion – Thurs., May 31:
*Any volunteers that would like to help or coordinate? Erin was the only one who signed up on the committee sheet. Mrs. Presteen is teacher contact. Typically PAC would provide cake, water, decorations, plates, forks, etc. and set up in the cafeteria; we can’t set up until they are done with lunch (around 1:15pm).
*Connie suggested if Erin could go through 5th grade students listing for a couple parents that could help out; Sue Rudolph can help review/suggest, too.

 New Business/Teacher Requests:
*None at this time

 Upcoming items:
*Secretary/Administrative Professionals Day — Wednesday, April 25: Terri is getting the flowers and Connie is getting the money/cards for both Judys and Diane.
*Field Day – May 25: Thews has been told we will be providing. Loralee will purchase the FreezePops, and Amanda will store/freeze.

Next Meeting:  Monday, May 21, 2018 – 6:00 pm, Art Room

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