PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, May 21, 2018, 6:00pm

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

  • Mrs. Schmelzter gave the report for Mrs. Lipsey.
  • Carnival for a Cause (Fri., 5/18); raised approx. $2,700; went very well; to give a check to the Snow Drop Foundation on last assembly day; planning to do again
  • Guided Reading Testing almost finished; next grade level assessing current grade level (ex. 4th grade teachers assessing 3rd grade students)
  • Two of slides on primary playground (two that come down together): cracked and taped; no word on money coming in from district; estimate $2,500 for repairs
  • Staffing updates: Amanda Sussex (4K) to teach Kindergarten next year; Mrs. Northam to 4th grade from 3rd grade; hiring part-time employee 4k teacher

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Beginning Balance: $20,785.65
  • Set Aside: $13,596.57 (includes paper recycling)
  • Ending Balance: $7,189.08
  • 1st grade flexible seating completed; money leftover put back into budget; 2nd grade also completed (exceeded by $33)
  • Playground equipment: $98 left over; to start Fall with $1,000
    Erin purchased items throughout year. We will revisit what is needed for next year, may take items to classrooms to show what they are getting, explain how to use them and remind that if they are misused/broken they will not get new equipment.
  • PAC Recognitions: $500 set aside
  • PBS: $500 set aside for 2018-19 school year
  • Artist in Residence: went over budget by $804 ($9,304.19) due Kindergarten making an item for the classroom and being a part of the mural. The cost of glass also went up. She did not charge us for the staff and helper pendants that were made.
  • Paper Recycling: $8,922.89 set aside

Mrs. DeAnna Anderson Request

  • Book Room (in back area of library – leveled books for teachers to use in small group guided reading, for example; many types of uses): funds are running low (have taken awhile to dwindle down existing funds) – giving a heads up for possible funds’ request in near future; review/determine needs (fiction, non-fiction, science, plants, for example); looking to continue to purchase books; do a budget for the district; wrote 3 grants for funds, but did not receive any (able to keep applying again for some of the grants); weeded out some older and not-in-great-shape books, giving to students who may not have any at home for summer reading
  • Mrs. Anderson noted spending approx. $2,000 this school year; to double check how much has been spent each year
  • Connie noted having given $5,000 lump sum a couple years ago (2+) which they pull money from as needed
  • Erin suggested using one of next year’s fund-raisers for this request

Paper Recycling

  • Update from March: $379
  • Last drive: May 21-June 11: bringing in lots of items for recycling (year-end clean-out)
  • Dates for 2018-19 school year: Sept. 17 – Oct. 1, 2018; Dec. 17, 2018 – Jan. 7, 2019;
    18, 2019 – Apr., 1, 2019; May 20 – June 10, 2019

End of Year Recognition

  • Honoring: 18 aides and 4 custodians
  • Retirees: 2 (Mrs. Froehlich and Mr. Jim Seegers)

Fifth Grade Promotion – May 31

  • Students to sign Thank You Card; Erin will coordinate
  • Cakes to be requested from cafeteria
  • Have forks; need plates, napkins, water and decorations
  • Decided not to ask 5th grade parents to help; will ask for 4th grade parents next year

How to Spend Funds:

  • Outdoor Classroom: Board approved, but not providing funds; requested all materials be long-lasting, i.e., cedar lumber, stainless hardware, this increased the estimate by $2,000
  • $21,850 quote; approx. $6,500 still needed to fund; Ms. Diedrick and Erin are working on the Lowe’s grant to be submitted in early August (maximum amount is $5,000)
  • Preference is to do all at once (concrete slab and structure), ideally this summer (after summer school)
  • Can solicit families and businesses for funds, suggested engraved plaques with donors name, businesses would have to check with their accountants to see if this is eligible for tax credit. Connie will check with auditor. Terri and Erin to coordinate brochure and get approval to send out.
  • Ms. Diedrick will contact Victor to reach out to the construction company to see what their time frame availability and what their payment requirements are.


  • Plastic Bag Recycling (ended April 13): FES won 1st place (by several hundred pounds), received a 2nd bench; collected 1,608 lbs.; set out bins next year in Sept.
  • Badger Sports Fun Night (April 26): 83 wristbands purchased; $431 profit; signed up for May 2, 2019; Terri suggested for next year adding the value (actual price) so parents see what type of savings they get
  • Artist in Residence (April 9-13, 23-26, May 4): Went really well; kids loved their pieces. The murals will be placed this summer, probably after front entry way construction. PAC will send out an email with pictures to school including current 5th graders so they can see finished project.
  • Staff Appreciation (May 7-11): Amanda noted went well, made some notes for next year, including providing a listing of what to serve and get ideas from staff for what they’d like; teachers enjoyed everything!!
  • Spring Student Appreciation (May 14-15): Mini Oreo Cookies for students. They loved them!
  • Field Day (May 25): we will provide popsicles; Amanda purchased and froze; all good to go for event

Looking Ahead to 2018-19 School Year:

  • Fall Open House–table: last week of August; hoping to have Spirit Wear to view; Decided not to do raffles
  • Meeting Dates: Keep on 3rd Monday each month at 6:00 pm
  • Committee Sign-Up: sending sheets around
  • Co-Treasurer Position: Connie’s last year 2018-19; a co-treasurer will be able to learn the position throughout the year; Connie will meet with Abe (auditor) to review/complete year-end forms for submission. Terri volunteered to take the co-treasurer position.
  • Year-at-a-Glance/Suggestions for next year: Erin would like to set up/send out to give a heads up to parents for the school year; shared a listing she had received
  • Lost & Found: Lots of items not yet claimed; Erin also noted items are spread throughout the school
  • New Business:
    — Cookie Dough: need to decide to keep around same time so vendor (Hansen’s) can get on schedule.
    — Spirit Wear Day: suggested to check with office for days throughout school year for students to wear their new Sprit Wear, i.e., PBS events, assembly dates

*PAC would like to thank Wendy Cropsy and Michelle Gloudemans for their outstanding service to PAC.  Both have previously held officer positions and helped with several events throughout the years.   Their children will be moving onto middle school. They will be missed!

One response to “PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, May 21, 2018, 6:00pm


    Thanks Erin for the recognition! It was fun and really for me, being an outsider to Freedom and no family here, it was a great way for me to meet people and I loved getting to know the teachers/staff and it was nice being “in the know”.

    I think focusing on getting pre-k and K parents may be the most beneficial. It’s crazy too by the time the kids get into the older grades how busy you get and it make volunteering difficult.

    Thank you too for your dedication to PAC. The school and PAC is better because of you!


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