PAC Meeting Notes for Oct. 15th 2018 6:00 P.M.

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

  • Met w/construction company regarding playground; We should be able to reuse all saved items; Looking to add a small climbing slide
  • Looking at replacing some current playground equipment, i.e., swings to be moved back (no fall zone); Possibly add some climbing equipment
  • Parking lot — new issue: people driving over the middle sidewalk from one lot to another
  • Parents cannot take a student off the school bus; student must have a note; There have had 5 incidents
  • Doors now have locks; Need a badge to go from office into the main part of the school; Working on the buzzer system too
  • Looking to rebrand throughout the building and grounds; Working with Lifetouch, i.e., outside and other areas; Ms. Wall/Ms. Rudolph also looking to set up a committee to paint, stencil, vinyl, etc. around the building to enhance
  • Considering doing school pictures open house so parents can have more control with student’s appearance; We are working with Lifetouch on possibility (time and space may be a concern for Lifetouch); Connie suggested doing pictures at the same time of registration (at the High school); Mrs. Lipsey to talk to Kevin Kilstofte
  • Also asked if families would be interested in spring pictures; unanimous notation that there are Spring sports and the group would not be interested

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning checkbook balance (10/15/18): $3,535.88
Dollars set aside (includes Paper Recycling amount):  $5,040.00
Spendable amount:  ($1,504.12)

  • $4,225 deposit for Outdoor Classroom- $20,547.63 construction bill was paid
  • Fall Student Appreciation snack: $83.39
  • PBS Awards: $500 still set aside; Connie to provide a check to Judy Vosters (November)
  • $1,000 set aside for playground equipment; Erin holding off on getting any more balls, etc.; she made some hula hoops for the playground(s); We will wait until spring to determine any more equipment pieces
  • Paper Recycling: received 1 check; 1-2 more still to come
  • Erin noted potential Lowe’s grant may still come

Spirit Wear Sale

  • 821 ordered items; Terri estimated approx. $14,000 taken in with approx., $6,000 profit (Terri to have final numbers for Nov. meeting)
  • Products to come in Tues., 10/16; They will be delivered to custodial area and Erin will start sorting/bagging orders. She is looking for help with this
  • Looking to have sorted by Wed., 10/23, for people to receive orders
  • Parents who don’t want the students to receive or orders are too big will pick up at conferences.

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Potluck and Book Fair

  • Amanda coordinating a soup night on Wed., Oct. 24, and hot sandwich on Thurs., Oct. 25
  • Email was sent out for parents to sign up to bring in items
  • Book Fair: being delivered Tues. morning, Oct. 16

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

  • Start date: Nov. 2; orders/money due Nov. 16; delivery Dec. 13 — room reserved
  • Need to provide notation to parents for when and where to pick up, including parking information

Funset Boulevard – Nov. 8th

  • Forms to be sent home this week
  • Charging $5 each wristband, same as last year (PAC pays $1 each)

Paper Recycling

  • 1 check received so far; 1-2 more to come
  • Next dates: Dec. 17, 2018 – Jan. 7, 2019

Fall Student Appreciation

  • Went well again this year; students received Mott’s Fruit Snacks

Staff Meeting

  • Went well; staff enjoyed the ice cream treat

Outdoor Classroom

  • Erin went to a couple trophy places; each noted they can’t provide a quote until size and quantity of plaques needed is provided; She has a sample of a plaque, but still considering options. We will wait until project is complete for plaques recognizing in Freedom Pursuit
  • Donations still coming in; looking to do a letter in the Spring to possibly obtain more donations.
  • Thank you letters will be sent to those that donated with notation that they are tax deductible

Plastic Recycling (ongoing)

  • 185 lbs donated in Sept.

Teacher Wish List

  • Erin will take care of setting up soon

School Dance – Feb. 8th

  • Cindy’s last year; looking to see if someone can chair going forward
  • Erin reached out to see if the National Honor Society students can volunteer again

Brain Bowl- early Feb.

  • Connie’s last year; looking to see if someone can chair going forward

New Business/Requests

  • Sue Rudolph researching brackets for installing last year’s Artist in Residence project. We were waiting to install until front entry way is done and install concerns considered
  • Looking to see where older window mural pieces can be installed due to new entrance window frames not being the same size

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, November 19th, 2018, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room.

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