PAC Meeting Agenda for Monday, November 19, 2018

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?
*They gave the Positive Pup award to Mr. Awe for November; An all-school dance was held during the day (K-2, 3-5); The kids had a lot of fun.
*Girls on the Run organized a service project and collected enough items to create over 60 birthday boxes for the local pantry. FES students Student Council donated several items
*The middle and high school bands performed for Halloween
*State Report Card came: Elementary School improved to 85.5%; need 93% to significantly exceed; math scores look really good; improving in other areas (exceeding the state %s in some areas). Overall: District was 78.3%

Treasurer’s Report
*Beginning checkbook balance (11/19/18): $6,480.51
*Dollars set aside (includes Paper Recycling amount):  $1,000 (playground equip);
$500 PBS awards; $3,500 to keep year to year
*Spendable amount:  -$1,480.50
**Funset Boulevard: profited $440
**Outdoor Classroom: Lowes will let Erin know in January if we will receive the grant
**Teacher $100 gift reimbursements: $1,330.36 received to date
**Stamps for outdoor classroom donation letters: $47.50
Erin Lenhardt contacted Dept. of Revenue and they noted that teachers should use the school’s tax exempt number when purchasing items for $100 reimbursement. PAC reps can use the PAC tax exempt ID number when purchasing items used for PAC activities.

Ms. Wall (Art Committee/Request)
*An Art Committee has been formed by some teachers. They are looking at ways to improve building aesthetics (entry way, bathrooms, steps, buddy benches for outdoor playgrounds, painted rocks for outside, large potted plants, for examples); Sue Rudolph is currently working on colored bottle cap project
*In order to accomplish this the committee will need funding for supplies (glue, paint, brushes, tape, etc) and may look for parent & student volunteers as projects are decided
*PAC may consider using funds to consider this an “Artist in Residence” project
*Art Committee to develop a plan and get back to PAC for assistance/funds

Spirit Wear Fundraiser
*$14,512; profited $4,525.50; The sale didn’t profit as much as last year ($6,000 profit last year)
*Last of orders handed out this morning; waiting for some last checks to come in

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Potluck Report
*Amanda Hedtke noted all went well; We do not need as much food the 2nd Soda was requested for future potlucks—can provide any type of variety for next time; prefer cans
*Lipsey and Mrs. Schmeltzer noted all went well and was very well received
*Need parents to label their utensils, crock pots, etc. so they can be returned respectively

Funset Boulevard – Nov. 8th
*Sold 110 wristbands; $440 profit
*Less attendees than last year (165 last year)
*A parent had sent in tickets and tokens, which were distributed for students to use

 Cookie Dough Fundraiser
*No report yet (Terri Romitti not able to attend PAC meeting)
*Orders seem to be down this year, but there was a rush at the end

School Dance – Feb. 8th
*Cindy Taft volunteered to coordinate the dance as she has in past years. This will be her last year as her youngest will be moving to middle school. Cindy was not at the meeting. Erin will contact to see what help is needed
*Erin contacted National Honor Society again to see if they can help this year again

Brain Bowl – Feb. 5th & 6th
*Connie Wheeler will run. This is her last year as her youngest moves to middle school; Kimberly Groenjes signed up to help (can help do prep work, but not available during the day) Erin will run the day of.
*Erin Lenhardt noted to have the font increased asking for volunteers at the bottom of donation form so it is more visable

Paper Recycling
*Only 1 check ($155) received to date- Connie will check with company to see if more are coming
*Next dates: Dec. 17, 2018 – Jan. 7, 2019

Plastic Recycling (ongoing)
*502# donated to date this school year
*Update to come January/February as to how schools are doing

Teacher Request(s)
Ms. Wall on behalf of Kindergarten team:
*Looking to have YMCA Rep (Shawn) to do a 2-hour in-school presentation/hands-on hibernation activity in the cafeteria; $122 to cover 107 Kindergarten students; payment would be due after program; scheduled for January 18, 2019
*PAC voted in favor of funding the activity

New Business
*Artist in Residence mural is installed; We still need to determine where to install the front entrance window murals that had been removed with the remodel. We will be adding 2 additional shamrocks once they are fixed/completed
*A Teacher Wish list email was sent out. It will be put on our website. We will also be creating a “treasure bin” to be placed in the staff break room. Parents/Students can bring in little trinkets to be put in bin. The items can be taken by staff and used for incentives in classrooms

 If you have questions or comments, please email

We do not meet in December.  Next meeting January 21st 2019 6:00 pm

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