PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, January 21, 2019

Any news from Mrs. Lipsey?

  • April 2nd Referendum: There will be 2 questions re: high school; There will be an informational meeting on March 5th
  • 5th grade spelling winners: Adriana Gutierrez and McKenzie Malenofski
  • Shutterfly store link set up via Lifetouch; The school gets 8% from orders through that link
  • She will be presenting to the board to purchase avenue banners (30”x48”) to go on parking lot light poles
  • The Art committee sent around slogans; Art will be painted around room(s); Music room, bathrooms and some hallways done; They may need volunteers to help paint and will let us know
  • Father/Daughter Dance was another success; It was well attended. Mother/Son activity TBD

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning checkbook balance (01/21/19): $22,036.65
Dollars set aside:  $1,000 (playground equip); $600 Sock Hop; $300 Spring Student Appreciation & Field Day; $200 5th Grade celebration; $2,100 teacher’s $100 gifts (to be done the end of January); $200 Secretary Appreciation Day
Spendable amount:  $8,698.65
Erin Lenhardt noticed website went down and worked with to get back up; $48 fee to do this; noted a $48 annual fee if we continue to utilize website

Paper Recycling

  • $496 for Paper Recycling–December
  • Dates for remainder of school year (only one week each): March 18-25 and May 28-June 4
  • We received a letter from vendor (Sunoco) that they may discontinue this due to not making money (at other locations fund-raising); We will likely receive a follow-up letter or contact them

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Recap

  • $15,172 deposited; Connie is waiting for an invoice from Hansen’s and will contact Terri
  • $65 paid out for 3 Pizza Parties: Cullotta, Mr. Fox, and Mr. Quinlan’s classes
  • Final profit amount still to be determined (need from Terri Romitti who was unable to make the meeting; estimated $6,068 if 40%)

Mrs. Anderson – Book Room

  • Anderson presented to PAC in 2018 and came back to provide more information
  • The book room in located in the back of the library and utilized by every grade
  • Small groups of children often work on same book (so multiple copies needed)
  • Committee meets and reviews/discusses what is needed; The current need(s) include: Kindergarten level books, including color books (have had mostly black & white); 3rd grade requested various book series; more upper leveled books (L-M-N-O-P-Q) needed
  • An estimated amount of $1,000/year is spent on books for the bookroom, but open to what PAC might be able to provide; They purchase paperbacks to reduce costs; They try to provide estimated $200/grade level, but that amount limits amount of books to purchase
  • PAC provided $6,000 in the past (4-5 years ago), which is now dwindling and more funds are needed to replenish/add to supplies; We discussed putting in budget to provide a set amount each year; We will review in February once we have fundraiser totals, but discussed a budget up to $1,500/year, with some proceeds from this year’s Brain Bowl to go toward Book Room
  • It was also suggested that a fund-raiser, i.e., selling a paper book cutout (like a shoe), to put name on and hang down a hallway could help

Outdoor Classroom

  • We did not receive grant from Lowe’s
  • Diedrick noted a former teacher passed away and her daughter has expressed interest in providing funds, which could be put toward a teacher’s podium
  • We will need to determine furniture needs and cost; Ms. Diedrick will inquire to teachers as to what furniture options are wanted and then we will need to determine quantity based off that. Once that is determined, we can work on cost. Erin (Lenhardt) asked if the high school woods class could help out (new teacher, so may need to ask again once she gets more situated)

School Dance – February 8th

  • Email reminder to be sent out to students
  • Cindy Taft has all items lined up for the event (DJ, glow sticks, finger lights and rings)
  • Cindy (Taft) and Tammy Kurey will be doing some setup and decorating before the event
  • Loralee Olson-Arcand to coordinate water and snacks
  • We have numerous high school volunteers to help with the dance

Brain Bowl – February 5th & 6th  

  • Email sent out to students; The pledge sheet was revamped for ease of obtaining pledges (flat amount vs amount per question); It also includes spot for soliciting volunteers
  • Connie Wheeler and Kim Kimberly Groenjes are doing the paper work coordination
  • Erin Lenhardt will be there the day of and future dates with any missed students

February Parent/Teacher Conference Meal – Feb 13th  

  • Amanda Hedtke will set up sign up
  • Only one day; suggested appetizers (cheese & sausage, veggies), desserts, cans of soda
  • Amanda will add extra plates and napkins to be used for 5th grade celebration
  • Erin will have Judy send out an email for parents to check Lost & Found when attending conferences, items will be donated after

Plastic Recycling

  • 878# collected to date
  • Program ends April 12th or 13th

Teacher Requests

  • No new requests for this month

New Business

  • Erin (Lenhardt) brought up having a sheet set up to include in monthly newsletter items to still be collected, i.e., milk caps, soda can tabs, Box Tops, treasure trinkets, etc.

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, February 11, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room

**Meeting date for February moved due to No School on the 18th**

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