PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, February 11, 2019

Principal’s Report

  • Therapy Dog Update: There is currently a volunteer dog that comes in (days/times a week) for reading to 1st graders which will no longer be available after this year; She has called for 2 more places to see if we can get a new reading dog and is on a waiting list
  • Ms. Hauser (guidance counselor) has a dog Gus (black Lab) that is beginning therapy training with the goal of becoming certified. Gus is on the Positive Pup posters and the mascot for the “positive pup” awards. More information will come as this process continues.
  • Parking Lot Banners arrived; to go on flag poles (received 4; should be 5); needed to send back and have hardware attached for installation based on square poles (not round)
  • Father-Daughter Dance was a success
  • Mother/Son: Sledding event planned for Plamann Park Feb. 20th
  • Next PBS Award: Showing the movie “Smallfoot”

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning checkbook balance (02/11/19): $11,884.19
Dollars set aside for remainder of 2018-19 school year: $7,937.96
(includes $3,500 to carry over to next school year) $1,000 (playground equip; holding off until spring to purchase anything more in case funds are needed elsewhere); $300 Spring Student Appreciation (5 boxes of snacks left over from Sock Hop to use) & Field Day; $200 5th Grade celebration (have 4 cases water left over from Sock Hop); $200 Secretary Appreciation Day; $400 Recognitions at end of the year; PBS Awards
Sock Hop: $600 budget; $550 final amount
Teacher’s Gifts: $4,180 final amount
Spendable amount:  $3,946.23
Book Room request: To be discussed at March meeting
Brain Bowl fund-raiser still to come; to go toward Book Room request
Badger Sports Family Night: to be Thurs., May 2 (additional fund-raiser for this year)
Art Committee may need art supplies which PAC could help with

Cookie Dough Fundraiser Report

  • Connie received/paid Hansen’s invoice
  • Final profit: $7,108.10
  • May discuss in the fall doing another type of fund-raiser and do the cookie dough with less frequency; started discussing ideas
  • To look at other incentives to increase awareness for students to sell

Brain Bowl Report 

  • Connie will have a report at next month’s meeting due to snow days (not all children tested yet)

Outdoor Classroom

  • Ms. Diedrick inquired staff about ideas to purchase picnic tables (due to no Lowe’s grant); to go with picnic tables with 3 sides of benches (current catalog cost: $618.85 plus shipping for quantity of 6); 4th side wheelchair accessible if needed, but also no students would have their back to the teacher
  • Shannon found a certain catalog to go through with inexpensive table/bench options; proposed to do another sponsorship and/or contact the Freedom Lion’s Club for donation(s) and possibly other local businesses
  • Podium:discussed possibly being funded due to donation from a former teacher’s family.

Sock Hop Report

  • Cindy Taft ran the event this year- it will be her final year so she provided good notes for future
  • Number of students who attended was down, but still well attended; overall went well
  • We had several high school volunteers which was very helpful
  • Loralee Arcand to bring in a sound system (portable speaker) for the 2020 Sock Hop to have music in the Multi-Purpose Room
  • Leftover water to be used for 5th grade celebration; leftover snacks to be used for Spring Student Appreciation
  • DJ books out, so Cindy Taft advised to book early; Erin Lenhardt will book him for Fri., Feb. 7th next year; she will also book the gym and multi-purpose room early for next year

February Parent/Teacher Conference Meal – Feb 13th  

  • Only one day; suggested appetizers (cheese & sausage, veggies), desserts, cans of soda
  • Amanda to also request extra plates and napkins to be used for 5th grade celebration
  • Email was sent out for volunteers

Plastic Recycling Updated

  • 1,032# collected to date
  • Erin Lenhardt, Ann Motquin and Tammy Kurey have been collecting and turning in
  • Program ends April 12th

PAC Officer Positions

  • All 3 positions are up for re-election: President, Vice President, Treasurer
  • Erin will post online the positions; currently a 2-year term
  • Treasurer: Connie’s last year; Terri Romitti to fill the position

Teacher Requests

  • No new requests for this month

New Business

  • No new business

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, March 18, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room

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