PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, March 18, 2019

Principal’s Report

  • Dr. Seuss week was another success; Many items brought in for the Food Pantry
  • 3rd/4th/5th Grades Winter Concert was wonderful
  • Mother/Son sledding was a huge success; Weather was great for the event
  • Brewing Independence—Coffee Shop (teacher-only orders) created with Mrs. Huebner’s students. It is well received
  • 3rd Grade: A local Officer and his dog Ace came in for a presentation
  • Hennes family fire: Jeans for Joy (staff paying to wear jeans with the money toward family); The Student Council will have a Hats for Hennes fundraiser
  • Mini Mart Shell station (Freedom) — Pride Pump: 3 cents per each fill-up will go toward school district for future events/activities (discuss quarterly to how funds will be spent—money goes towards selected project until it is fully funded
  • Parking lot issues; people parking in no parking spots (with lines or where grades are to meet after school) even before all spots are taken. The district is aware and looking to see if there are any ideas/options to create more spots
  • Forward Testing: Tuesday after Spring Break (details to be in April newsletter)

Treasurer’s Report
Beginning checkbook balance (02/11/19): $18,303.09
Dollars set aside for remainder of 2018-19 school year: $6,100.00 (includes $3,500 to carry over to next school year)
$1,000 (playground equip; holding off until spring to purchase anything more in case funds are needed elsewhere); $300 Spring Student Appreciation (5 boxes of snacks left over from Sock Hop to use) & Field Day; $200 5th Grade celebration (have 4 cases water left over from Sock Hop); $200 Secretary Appreciation Day; $400 Recognitions at end of the year; PBS Awards
Spendable amount:  $12,203.09

Book Room request: approved to provide $1,500 for this school year and then $1,500 each year toward this request; to be put in a fund in the office (handled like PBS)

Brain Bowl Report 

  • Kimberly Groenjes may take over as this is Connie’s last year
  • Anticipated to be $7275 before money taken out for pizza parties/t-shirts
  • Pizza parties went to the classes of Mrs. Thiel for most money raised and Mrs. Kurkiewicz for highest class participation
  • T-shirts were given to the top ten students to raise the most money

Outdoor Classroom

  • Evan Hansen, Eagle Scout Troop 105, reached out re: Outdoor Classroom seating, but it will be the recycled plastic option vs. wood. He may be available for other/future projects, i.e., buddy benches for playgrounds
  • Deidrick talked with Mr. Seegers; agreed to go with the catalog product (recycled plastic with metal frame); seats 6 with a handicap spot; Erin did a mock order – would be a little over $4,000 – to see what total would be with shipping ($195 tax, but should be able to get tax exempt); Ms. Diedrick also mentioned she’ll be attending a Lions meeting next week to see if they might be able to help with this project
  • May send out a donation letter request again; We will wait until the next meeting to discuss

Plastic Recycling Updated

  • Over 1,000# collected to date; A LOT of plastic coming through recently, which could be approx. 300#
  • Erin Lenhardt and Ann Motquin have been collecting and turning in; Tammy Kurey has been collecting from her work (Associated Bank) and turning in
  • Program ends April 14th

PAC Officer Positions

  • 2 positions to be up for re-election: President, Vice President
  • Erin will post online the positions; currently a 2-year term; to further discuss at April meeting
  • Treasurer: Connie’s last year; Terri Romitti to fill the position

New Business

  • No new business


  • Administrative Professionals Day, Wednesday, April 24th; $50, card and flowers each; Terri Romitti to handle again this year
  • Family Fun Night – Badger Sports: May 2nd (additional fund-raiser for this year)
  • Staff Appreciation week: May 6th-10th –Amanda Hedtke will coordinate. We will check to see when Student Council will host days during the week so we don’t overlap
  • Student Appreciation: second week of May; There are some snacks left over from Sock Hop to be used; Loralee Olson-Arcand to once again coordinate
  • Field Day (popsicles): May 30th
  • Fifth Grade Promotion: June 5th  -Amanda Hedtke will coordinate

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, April 15, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room

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