PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, April 15, 2019

Principal’s Report

  • Hats for Hennes (family): $1,763.10 raised by students; $636 raised by staff
  • Forward Testing: coming close to an end
  • Friday, April 26: School-wide Reading Day
  • 1st & 2nd Chorus: Pirate theme concert April 29th
  • There will be an ALICE (security for intruder or emergency) training day; Information will be sent to parents prior
  • May 17: School Carnival
  • May 31: Field Day (PAC will provide popsicles): Loralee Arcand to purchase/bring to next month’s meeting to share with Amanda Hedtke for freezing
  • Freedom BP Station: fund-raiser for FASD at gas pump has begun
  • Penny Wars: 2nd & 3rd grades won
  • Judy Vosters is retiring

Treasurer’s Report

Beginning checkbook balance (04/15/19): $17,683.09

Dollars set aside for remainder of 2018-19 school year: $7,913.00
(includes $3,500 to carry over to next school year)

$1,000 (playground equip; holding off until spring to purchase anything more in case funds are needed elsewhere); $300 Spring Student Appreciation (5 boxes of snacks left over from Sock Hop to use) & Field Day; $200 5th Grade celebration (have 4 cases water left over from Sock Hop); $200 Secretary Appreciation Day; $400 Recognitions at end of the year; PBS Awards

Spendable amount$7,980.00

$1,500 check was written out for Guided Reading

Brain Bowl: brought in $7,200 (ordered more t-shirts; low on smaller sizes); profited $6,877.50

Paper Recycling 

  • $355 raised from March event to date; possibly more to come

Outdoor Classroom

  • Lions are willing to donate to pay for 2 tables
  • We will put the Paper Recycling funds toward the tables
  • Recommended/Voted/Approved PAC purchasing all 6 tables upfront; let the Lions know cost for 2 of the tables
  • May look to again send out a donation letter and include a listing of donors to date to possibly obtain more donations; Terri Romitti suggested posting via Freedom Business Group. Decision: send via email and post to Facebook site
  • Plaque(s): to review type; will wait until later to determine size and type; Erin looked at TreeTop Products for options – possible option with a clear cover in which a sheet could be printed/inserted; needs to be weather-proof. Mrs. Lipsey suggested the High School shop class could do a CNC (engraved metal) type plaque. Suggested to have members present to look into options for next meeting

How to Spend Funds Raised this Year 

  • Flexible Seating: stopped at 2nd grade; questioned to move forward or not with older grades; Mrs. Lipsey and Mrs. Schmeltzer to review/discuss this suggestion to see if it’s worthwhile, or if there is something else to do with funds
  • $1,500 went to Book Room; the sale doubled were able to purchase over $4,000 for books

Administrative Professionals Day – Wed., April 24 

  • $50, card and flowers each; Terri Romitti to handle again this year, with assistance from Connie Wheeler

Family Fun Night – May 2nd 

  • Badger Sports Park: percentage of sales to PAC; students and parents just show up (no advance reservation); tell the staff you are from FES when you get there

Staff Appreciation Week – May 6th, 7th, 8th

  • Amanda Hedtke to coordinate for Mon., Wed., Fri.: May 6, 7, 8. She will create sign up link to be sent to parents.
  • Food suggestions: dips, tacos, desserts, breakfast foods

Student Appreciation – May 13th & 14th   

  • Loralee has snacks left over from Sock Hop and will pick up more

Plastic Recycling Updated

  • 1,888# collected
  • Erin Lenhardt and Ann Motquin have been collecting and turning in; Tammy Kurey has been working the bank to collect (lots of plastic!)
  • Program ended April 14th

5th Grade Promotion – June 5th

  • Amanda Hedtke to coordinate; approximate time: 1pm

PAC Officer Positions

  • 2 positions to be up for re-election: President, Vice President
  • Currently a 2-year term; to further discuss at May meeting
  • Treasurer: Connie Wheeler’s last year; Terri Romitti to fill the position

New Business/Teachers Requests

  • Connie Wheeler researched doing a flower sale fund-raiser; checked with Schroeder’s
    re: hanging baskets, potted flowers, flats, for example. Minimum order $350; free delivery if $1,000 order ($90 fee if under $1,000). Revisit 2019-20 school year.
  • PAC end-of-year Recognition: We recognize custodians every year; Connie suggested cooks for this year (last done in 2008)
  • Erin Lenhardt suggested posting agendas, notes, event notes, committees, etc. to Google Drive (via PAC Gmail)


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