PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, May 20, 2019

Principal’s Report

  • ALICE GO Buckets (5-gallon) filled with various emergency supplies (PAC was given a list of supplies): The District would like one bucket for each classroom and are looking for donations to get the items. PAC voted to donate $1000 towards ALICE Go Buckets for the elementary school.
  • The District will be purchasing a new primary playground. They will also be setting up a 4K playground that will be fenced in using some of the equipment previously in the front of the school and some new equipment. The District would like to set up a community build this summer (mid-July through early August) and invite families to help; District is paying for the equipment.
  • Carnival for a Cause: no final numbers yet for funds raised
  • Field Day: May 31st
  • Volunteer for Feeding America in Oshkosh: Elementary staff to participate
  • Peer Educators came to an assembly in April. The children loved it.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Beginning checkbook balance (05/20/19): $14,855.03
  • Dollars set aside for remainder of 2018-19 school year: $5,100.00
    (includes $3,500 to carry over to next school year)

$1,000 (playground equip; holding off until spring to purchase anything more in case funds are needed elsewhere); $200 set aside for 5th Grade celebration (have 4 cases water left over from Sock Hop; will likely not need that much); $400 set aside for Recognitions at end of the year; PBS Awards

  • $125 spent for Spring Student Appreciation (had 5 boxes of snacks left over from Sock Hop that were used) & popsicles for Field Day
  • $200 spent for Secretary Appreciation Day
  • Deposit made from Lions Club toward the table/benches for the Outdoor Classroom ($1,292.60);
    Erin will coordinate a Thank You card to the Lions Club
  • Spendable amount: $9,755.03
  • Discussed setting up a post office box for mail (tax items, bank statements, etc.); request at least
    2 keys

Student Directory 

  • Erin spoke with Keith R.; he noted they don’t work on registration yet, so to contact him in early July re: setting up for parents to enter info for the directory
  • Erin set up a safeguard for parent(s) to review information before submitting final

Outdoor Classroom

  • Tables/Benches: Ordered/Purchased; cost was $3,880.65; Erin to be in touch with John Seegers regarding delivery
  • Caroline Pelkin received quotes for plaques; look to do one large plaque with donors listed. It will be placed on one of the wooden posts
  • Caroline purchased (2) $12 each Freedom Lions Club smaller plaques to be installed onto the tables/benches; 3 more to be purchased on behalf of the Student Council’s donation
  • We discussed having and Open House/Ribbon Cutting when complete; It was suggested doing at the same town as the new playground community build. Mrs. Schmeltzer will see if this can be done.

End-of-Year Recognitions 

  • Judy Vosters retiring: $50 cash
  • Custodians (4): $25 each
  • Cooks (4-5): $10 each
  • National Honor Society: $10 each; Connie takes up to the high school

5th Grade Promotion – June 5th

  • Amanda Hedtke to coordinate (plates, plasticware, napkins, water)
  • Approximate time: 1 pm

Teacher Reimbursements for 2019-2020 

  • $100 new classroom; $200 for changed classroom/new teacher
  • In order to have teachers submit by the end of January, it was suggested sending to the teachers before end of school year so they can purchase over the summer; must have a receipt(s). Voted on and approved.

How to Spend Funds 

  • Flexible Seating: Mrs. Lipsey inquired to the staff (3-5) to see if they would be interested in flexible seating. There is an interest. We voted on and approved $3,000 each for 3rd and 4th grades, planning to do 5th grade at a later date. Erin will contact the staff

Paper Recycling 

  • March update: received $355 check
  • Last drive: May 28-June 4
  • Feedback regarding the future: Company to re-evaluate in June; Connie will then contact the company to show FES has made money for them and to see if FES can continue the program

PAC Officer Positions

  • 2 positions to be up for re-election: President, Vice President
  • Erin Lenhardt to continue as President; Loralee Olson-Arcand to continue as Vice President
  • Treasurer: Connie Wheeler’s last year; Terri Romitti to fill the position; Connie with work with Terri over the summer to transition

Plastic Recycling

  • Program ended April 14th
  • FES came in 2nd place; not sure yet what the prize will be
  • Tammy Kurey will assist again next year as Associated Bank raises a lot of it

Administrative Professionals Day – Wed., April 24 

  • $50, card and flowers each; Terri Romitti to handled again this year, with assistance from Connie Wheeler

Family Fun Night – May 2nd 

  • Badger Sports Park: $238 profit ($431 profit 2018); lower attendance than last year. Can’t be held on weekend night. We look to pick an evening with ½ day on Friday and when outdoor activities are open

Staff Appreciation Week – May 6th, 8th, 10th

  • Amanda Hedtke coordinated for Mon., Wed., Fri.
  • Went very well! Lots of Thank You notes
  • Amanda figured out soda usage and preferences!
  • It was suggested in addition to the food, perhaps a small plant or flower one day
  • Another suggestion was noting which day would be a meal so staff doesn’t bring in

Student Appreciation – May 13th & 14th  

  • Loralee had snacks left over from Sock Hop and picked up more; well received again by all the students

Field Day – May 31st

  • Loralee bought 4 boxes (200 each) popsicles; she and Amanda Hedtke will freeze them and bring them in to school early the week of Field Day
  • Younger kids participate in the morning; older kids participate in the afternoon

Google Drive

  • Erin set up and has started putting files in it; will share with other PAC members

Looking ahead to 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Committee Sign-up Sheet: Erin Lenhardt will begin signing up people (Amanda, Loralee) to the same committees they have been signed up for previously. Kim to help with Brain Bowl
  • Fall Open House/Spirit Fund-raiser: Terri Romitti hoping to have ready for Fall Open House
  • Staff Appreciation: suggested doing something different than food for one day
  • Meeting Dates for school year: agreed to keep 3rd Monday each month

New Business/Teachers Requests

  • Nothing new came through

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date (2019-20 school year):  Monday, September 16, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22,  Art Room

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