Year in Review 2018-19

As the year winds to end, we reflect on the things we were able to do as PAC. We are thankful for all the parents, staff and students who helped support so many wonderful things throughout the year. We look forward to making next year amazing at FES.

We would also like to say “good-bye” to a few PAC members who have made a significant impact to FES throughout the years. Their children are moving to middle school and we will miss them.

Cindy Taft has been on several committees, helped with numerous events, given input and always assisted as needed. Most notably she has run the school dance/sock hop at FES for several years. She set up the event to be free so that all families had a chance to enjoy.

Connie Wheeler has held an office in PAC as either the President or Treasurer for many years. She has been a member for 13 years, attending 117 meetings. She facilitated PAC becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization. The Brain Bowl has run successfully thanks to her. She has helped the school raise money by coordinating the paper drives. She has also been on countless committees as well as always volunteered her time and input when needed. She has been an anchor for PAC for many years.


Open House– August

School Dance– February

5th Grade Promotion– May

Student Appreciation (Fall/Spring)—Oct. / May

Staff Appreciation Meals (Fall/Spring conferences, 3 days during staff appreciation week)

*Family Fun Night—Oct (Funset) May (Badger Sports)


Paper Recycling—4 x throughout year

Spirit Wear- Oct.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser—Oct/Nov.

Brain Bowl– February

* Family Fun Night—Oct (Funset) April (Badger Sports)


Teacher Wish List

Student Directory

Plastic Recycling—Nov through April

Lost and Found


Outdoor Classroom- completed building and ordered benches

$100 ($200 new/changed grades) funds for each homeroom, related arts, special education teacher

End of Year recognitions


Professional Administration Day

Funds to PBS

Guided Reading Book Room

YMCA program for K

Field Day- popsicles

Alice Buckets

Flexible Seating for 3rd and 4th grade (next year)


2 responses to “Year in Review 2018-19

  1. Heather Arndt

    Thanks for all you do! It is so greatly appreciated by all of us 😊

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jodi Frailing

    Thank you so much! You truly accomplish alot on our behalf!

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