PAC Meeting Notes for Monday, September 16, 2019

Introductions/Committee Sign-ups

  • The committee sign-up sheet was sent around the room. Everyone introduced themselves, noting how many students they had in the school


  • Artist in Residence: Rudolph is contacting the person who did the fish paper maché project about 6 years ago to see if he would be available this year
  • Badger Sports Park: Erin Lenhardt stated the only date which correlated best with this year’s school schedule is Thurs.Nov. 7, 2019 as we off Fri. Nov. 8 so she set it up; The group discussed Funset Boulevard nights. The companies only allow these nights on Sun-Thurs, so previously Erin tried to find dates in which we had early release or were off the next day. It was noted that this is not a necessity and not limit when these nights can be set up.
  • Sock Hop: Erin Lenhardt booked rooms/DJ for Feb. 7, 2020.
  • Flower Fundraising: To discuss at a later date (to see if needed for funds)

Principal’s Report

  • We are off to a good start; 707 students to date
  • Great turnout for playground volunteers. Using volunteers saved us a lot of money
  • New playground rules are posted on the side of building with others to come; There are new murals inside and outside; There are new words on lobby wall (5th grade students to sign a letter each year)
  • Local Freedom family had a house fire recently; A fund-raiser to be coordinated
  • 1st grade parents will receive letter (and in newsletter) that Ms. Diedrick will be Vice Principal until Katie Schmeltzer returns from maternity leave; a substitute teacher to take Ms. Diedrick’s place until then
  • Possible author for additional “artist in residence” type program; A local author could come in and do special reading/writing session(s) for K-2, 4-5 grades; $500. More information to come.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Terri Romitti presented new form for showing report. She explained how it was broken down and where she got the information from
  • Beginning checkbook balance (09/16/19): $14,220.79
  • Projected income/expenses show that we have approx. $9,600 in spendable amount
  • No more paper recycling program; may need to do another fund-raiser in its place

Teacher Reimbursement Gifts/October Staff Meeting

  • Guidelines went out to teachers; Some teachers have submitted their reimbursements
  • PAC can do ice cream sundaes again this year; need volunteers around approx.. 3:15pm
  • Flexible Seating: Jakl purchased some stools and rocking chairs for her classroom; Erin sent a letter to 3rd and 4th grade teachers re: still have funds to spend for seating

Spirit Wear/Open House 

  • Terri Romitti shared a color flyer of various pieces that will be offered; a size chart is provided on the back; flyer to be sent home with students very soon; order due date TBD
  • Terri noted she could use help with order entry; multiple people to help would be ideal

Fall Student Appreciation

  • & Wed., Oct. 15 & 16
  • Loralee Olson-Arcand to coordinate (2018, 2016: Fruit Snacks; 2017: Cheez-It Cracker)

Cookie Dough Fundraiser 

  • Terri Romitti to coordinate again this year; She is working with rep re: other prize incentives to try and help boost sales (in addition to smaller prizes)
  • Sales to begin Nov. 1st and end Nov. 15th
  • Delivery is Thurs., Dec. 12; Terri will need help with entering orders and distribution
  • Pizza Party for top class sales
  • We hope to have teachers promote in their classrooms

Upcoming Items:

  • Student Directory: Erin Lenhardt has in the works; Elizabeth Rodewald will be helping compile it
  • Book Fair Help: The library would like help setting up the book fair on Oct. 14th & 15th (time TBD); Mrs. Lipsey suggested having a sign-up for help; Caroline Pelkin and Amanda Hedtke volunteered to help
  • Parent/Teacher Conference meals: Conferences are Oct 17 and 22- Amanda Hedtke to coordinate again. She is considering doing soup or chili and will set up a sign up sheet for volunteers. We discussed gift card and/or monetary donations vs parents bringing in food. It was suggested that we could use fund-raiser money to purchase meal items if needed.
  • Playground Toys: Erin Lenhardt has not been able to go through the sheds; She asked if they could be gone through in a morning before recesses. Caroline Pelkin offered to help. Mrs. Lipsey noted someone had donated toys.

In-Progress Items 

  • Plastic Recycling: in progress; bins are by elevator right upon entrance into lobby;
    ends April 17 (3 pm)

New Business/Teachers Requests

  • Assignment Books: It was asked if there could be a better process for sales; also classroom homework, i.e., some teachers don’t use the books as much for assignments as a lot is completed in class
  • Terri talked to Ms. Rudolph about possibly having a couple art sessions where parents can come in and participate. This would be to drive art in the community and to get families to socialize more, i.e., painting, etc. Any event would need to be after 6pm (daycare has until then). Would need to determine costs, supplies, etc.

If you have questions or comments, please email

Next meeting date:  Monday, October 21, 2019, 6:00 pm, Room 22, Art Room

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